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Lion Heart

Complete all Campaign Chapters on Insane difficulty

Lion Heart+0.1
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Achievement Guide for Lion Heart

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    Before you can start the campaign on Insane difficulty you must first complete the campaign on any other difficulty. Even if you join a co-op game where the host has already unlocked Insane, you will only be able to select up to Hardcore.

    The biggest difference between Insane and Hardcore is if your Crimson Omen meter turns fully red you will not be downed, but will be killed and have to reload the last checkpoint. A single boomshot, frag grenade, torque bow bolt, Reaver rocket, or how could I forget mortar, is enough to kill you. Don't let Tickers or Lambent Wretches get too close. An advantage of doing this solo is that the rest of your team cannot be killed, only downed.

    If you are having trouble completing the campaign on Insane, then either:
    1. Sign in a second controller and start the campaign with you on Insane and the second controller on Casual. At the start of each section move your character to somewhere safe and complete the section using the second controller.
    2. Start a co-op campaign with one or more friends, with you on Insane and them on Casual and hang back and let them do most of the work. If there are four of you, you might consider a 2 Insane + 2 Casual, dropping to 1 Insane + 3 Casual on any section you find very tough. After every Chapter (or Section) you can swap around and repeat the Chapter (or Section) to make sure everyone gets the achievement. Each Chapter will take about 2 hours, so everyone in the group should be able to complete one chapter on Insane in a 4 hour session.

    Here is a list of all 42 Sections that you need to complete in any order. I have marked the most difficult sections in bold and if you are doing this co-op I suggest doing those sections with only 1 person on Insane and the rest on Casual.

    Chapter I - The Museum of Military Glory
    Section 1 - Old Town
    Section 2 - Riverwalk District
    Section 3 - Museum Gardens
    Section 4 - Great Hall
    Section 5 - Kashkur Wing
    Section 6 - East Wing
    Section 7 - Archives
    Section 8 - Vaults

    Chapter II - Halvo Bay Military Academy
    Section 1 - Enfield Bridge
    Section 2 - Courtyard
    Section 3 - R&D Labs
    Section 4 - Monroe Commons
    Section 5 - Atrium
    Section 6 - Crash Site

    Chapter III - Seahorse Hills
    Section 1 - Amador Park
    Section 2 - Magadha Villa
    Section 3 - Soleno Villa
    Section 4 - Windward Way
    Section 5 - Risea Estate
    Section 6 - Guest Bungalows
    Section 7 - Elliott's Mansion

    Chapter IV - Onyx Point
    Section 1 - Fortress
    Section 2 - Container Terminal
    Section 3 - Motor Pool
    Section 4 - The Cliffs
    Section 5 - Central Base
    Section 6 - Central Control
    Section 7 - Beach

    Chapter V - Downtown Halvo Bay
    Section 1 - Wharf District
    Section 2 - Parade Grounds
    Section 3 - Upper State Street
    Section 4 - State Street Rooftops
    Section 5 - First Avenue Rooftops
    Section 6 - Museum Square Rooftops
    Section 7 - Overlook

    Chapter VI - The Courthouse
    Section 1 - Grand Courtroom
    Section 2 - Halls of Judgment
    Section 3 - Terrace
    Section 4 - North Entrance
    Section 5 - Main Entrance
    Section 6 - Great Staircase
    Section 7 - Plaza for the Tyran Dead

    If you accept all the Declassified Missions while you are doing this it will make it harder but you will also get
    Gears of War: JudgmentSeriously JudgmentalThe Seriously Judgmental achievement in Gears of War: Judgment worth 261 pointsComplete all Declassified Missions on Insane difficulty
    You can also try and get 3 onyx stars at the same time to get
    Gears of War: JudgmentSuperstarThe Superstar achievement in Gears of War: Judgment worth 186 pointsAttain all Stars on Insane Difficulty
    If you are doing this with a second controller on Casual or co-op with other players on Casual you will only get bronze stars.
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