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How to unlock the Sybarite achievement

  • Rey27Rey27238,237
    08 Oct 2013 20 Mar 2013 28 May 2015
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    Feel free to join my leader-board, The Road to Sybarite if you wish to receive a private message from me when I hear of any new ribbons.

    --------------------------------------------------------Original Solution--------------------------------------------------------
    Sorry, but this is NOT a solution that will get you the achievement today. In order to unlock the achievement, 30 event ribbons must be earned. Fortunately (sometimes), this does not mean you must play 30 different Special Event matches. Ribbons may change without a new event, and events may change without a new ribbon.

    These ribbons are earned in the playlist Special Event under the versus menu. Also, you can join a match late and still earn the ribbon, so long as you spawn at least once. You can check your progress by hovering over the War Supporter medal in Stats & Awards under the Medals tab. Here is a list of the first 30 "Special Events" that have awarded a new ribbon within Gears Judgement.


    1. Domination with Breechshots and Spot Gernades
    2. Free For All with Gnashers only
    3. TDM with Breechshot and Booshkas
    4. Triple Play Domination-Teams of 3 square off on 100 point Domination
    5. Gears of War Classic - Shotgun & Rifle loadout (TDM)
    6. Gears of War Classic - Shotgun and Rifle loadout (Dom)
    7. Torque Bow Tag
    8. Brothers to the End
    9. Boom Snipes
    10. One Shot. One Kill
    11. Domi - Gnasher
    12. Longshot, Breechshot, One-Shot
    13. Can you dig it?
    14. Can you dig it? --- (If you played the first b4 the update, it counts as another event)
    ^ Thank you I Ayron I for this discovery and for your help toast
    15. Markza & Snubs only!
    16. Markza & Snubs only! --- (counted again 4 days later because snubs were removed)
    ^ Thank you Da Mitch Man 90 for the find and we appreciate the help toast
    17. Explosive Free For All - All the pick ups are explosive
    18. Lightning Round Execution
    19. The Roof Is On Fire
    20. The Roof Is On Fire --- (counted again 6 days later)
    ^ Zedymieon77 found this one, thanks a whole lot toast
    21. Sawed Off FFA
    22. Shoot Out
    23. Torque Bow Tag
    24. Brothers To The End
    25. Brothers To The End --- ( counted again one week later)
    ^ Thank you Dani Is Legit for the find and the contribution
    26. Brothers To The End --- (a third time)
    OR (not both)
    Lightning Round Execution
    27. Lightning Round Execution (counts [again for some due to #26] one week later)
    28. One Shot, One Kill
    29. One Shot, One Kill
    30. Domi-Gnasher

    I listed 30 because that is the amount of ribbons needed to unlock the Onyx War Supporter medal and the Sybarite Achievement. In case you're wondering, 20 is required for Gold, 10 is enough for Silver, and 5 will get you Bronze.

    I am pretty sure that most of you guys will get this achievement last, which is why I am posting this here. I have a leader-board for only the best gun-blazers in the C.O.G. army. The leader-board is for those of us who have earned every achievement on all 4 Gears of War games and it's called, Seriously... a C.O.G.

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    Concetto18I can confirm what he is saying but i played with him and it doesnt count for me! He is my friend and he told me the event change! I have 1/30 cry
    Posted by Concetto18 on 14 May at 15:49
    FDA011In the recent winners there is Legend ESL, he started the game on 1/5/19. How did you unlock the achievement?
    Posted by FDA011 on 19 May at 13:38
    Concetto18Simple, they are cheaters hahahaha
    Posted by Concetto18 on 02 Jun at 17:18
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  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead530,499
    04 Oct 2013 23 Jul 2013 12 Jan 2016
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    Partly Discontinued
    Only people at 29 event ribbons and who do not already have the current ribbon can get this achievement. Unless the event ribbon is changed again, no one else will be able to get this achievement.
    Current Event and Ribbon:
    Ribbon 13: Explosive FFA - Thursday 23rd July 2015 (8:30am PST)

    Epic Games stopped supporting Judgment on 31st January 2014 (the 50th ribbon). From 2nd May 2014 until 23rd July 2015, the event and ribbon was being changed by Black Tusk, who were changing it every 2-4 weeks.

    To earn the Onyx War Supporter medal you need to collect 30 Special Event ribbons by playing in Gears events. You can join a Gears event from the Versus menu by selecting Special Event. The Special Event ribbon is awarded at the end of the match. You do not need to win, and you will still get a ribbon if you join a match part way through. You cannot earn the same Special Event ribbon twice by playing another match, instead you have to wait until the Special Event ribbon is changed. This is a manual process and so the time and day the ribbon is changed varies.

    For the first few months there was a new ribbon each week and it changed on a Friday or sometimes a Monday. Occasionally the ribbon was changed more than once in a week and it has been changed daily before. However it can now be much longer than a week before the ribbon is changed. A good indication that the ribbon has been changed is that the name of the special event will change, but they can change one without the other.

    There are around 60 unique ribbons (compared with 35 in Socialite in Gears of War 3) and they are now being recycled. What this means is you may not get a ribbon if you already got that ribbon the last time it was used a year or so ago.

    You can check your progress towards this achievement from the Stats & Awards menu, either by selecting Versus on the Summary page or by selecting the War Supporter medal on the Medals page. You need a total of 5 ribbons for Bronze (Socialite), 10 for Silver (Man About Town), 20 for Gold (Party Animal) and 30 for Onyx (Head to Rehab).

    Previous ribbons and the name of the event they were earned in

    Ribbon 40 - 60, 1 - 12: Longshot, Breechshot, One-Shot FFA
    Ribbon 18 - 39: Domi-Gnasher DOM
    Ribbon 4 - 17: The Roof Is On Fire TDM
    Ribbon 3: Explosive FFA
    Ribbon 2: Lightning Round EXE
    Ribbon 1: Longshot, Breechshot, One-shot FFA
    Ribbon 60: Boom Snipes TDM
    Ribbon 59: The Roof Is On Fire TDM
    Ribbon 59: Domi-Gnasher DOM
    Ribbon 59: Lightning Round EXE
    Ribbon 58: The Roof Is On Fire TDM
    Ribbon 57: Explosive FFA
    Ribbon 56: Brothers To The End TDM
    Ribbon 55: Lightning Round EXE
    Ribbon 54: The Roof Is On Fire TDM
    Ribbon 53: Longshot, Breechshot, One-shot FFA
    Ribbon 51, 52: Boom Snipes TDM
    Ribbon 51: Brothers To The End TDM
    Ribbon 50: Torque Bow Tag FFA
    Ribbon 49: Brothers To The End TDM
    Ribbon 48: Longshot, Breechshot, One-shot TDM
    Ribbon 42 - 47: One Shot, One Kill FFA
    Ribbon 30 - 41: Domi-Gnasher DOM
    Ribbon 28, 29: One Shot, One Kill FFA
    Ribbon 26, 27: Lightning Round EXE
    Ribbon 24, 25, 26: Brothers To The End TDM
    Ribbon 23: Torque Bow Tag FFA
    Ribbon 22: Shoot Out FFA
    Ribbon 21: Sawed Off FFA
    Ribbon 19, 20: The Roof is on Fire TDM
    Ribbon 18: Lightning Round EXE
    Ribbon 17: Explosive FFA
    Ribbon 15, 16: Markza and Snubs TDM
    Ribbon 13, 14: Can You Dig It? DOM
    Ribbon 12: Longshot, Breechshot, One-shot FFA
    Ribbon 11: Domi-Gnasher DOM
    Ribbon 10: One Shot, One Kill TDM
    Ribbon 9: Boom Snipes TDM
    Ribbon 8: Brothers to the End TDM
    Ribbon 7: Torque Bow Tag FFA
    Ribbon 6: Classic Loadout DOM
    Ribbon 5: Classic Loadout TDM
    Ribbon 4: Triple Play DOM
    Ribbon 3: Breechshot and Booshkas TDM
    Ribbon 2: Gnasher and Frag Grenades FFA
    Ribbon 1: Breechshot and Spot Grenades DOM

    You can only earn a Special Event ribbon once. For example if you got Ribbon 26 in Brothers To The End TDM you cannot earn it again in Lightning Round EXE.
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    Burburnator88If course the last few guys that got it were offline such as UNDEADSHADOW15 who was just yesterday of all things. Can't these last three that just unlocked it offline get reset already please...
    Posted by Burburnator88 on 18 Dec 16 at 07:35
    Psychotic JonFor those who are willing to pressure "The Coalition" into getting this achievement fixed simply follow this link and leave a comment on the forum:
    Posted by Psychotic Jon on 29 Dec 16 at 19:52
    JohnnyBR1Unhappily there are no good news, guys. Recently I asked in The Coalition twitter if they could fix the achievement Sybarite in Gears of War Judgment, and they answered me as follows: "While we would love to rectify this achievement, we cannot provide support for Legacy games including Gears of War Judgment. Legacy titles require an Xbox 360 testing environment that no longer exists at the studio and would take extensive time to set up, which would take away time from the development of Gears 5 and support of Gears 4."

    I ask for you to send messages in the Forum and on twitter official developer to continue pressing the same.
    Posted by JohnnyBR1 on 29 Mar 19 at 13:21
  • Eien RinneganEien Rinnegan863,587
    18 Feb 2016 19 Feb 2016
    18 4 33
    Ok Guys, for this achievement you need to participate in 30 Special Events.

    Right now there is 1 everlasting event so unless you have 29/30 you CANNOT get the achievement. There is no prediction on when this is getting fixed and there is no response from the Developers ("The Coalition") on the subject.

    I strongly advise everybody to visit the pages below and comment/share, so we can have their attention on the subject! (Developers Twitter) (Developers Facebook) (Boss's Twitter) (Official Event Forum)

    Let's do this guys!!
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    Reksio GdyniaI posted request on their facebook please support me. Maybe one day they will help us. :)
    Posted by Reksio Gdynia on 24 Mar at 13:38
    Ax7 BEAST

    I started a petition to get it fixed, if anyone wants to sign it. If we keep at it, they will fix it.
    Posted by Ax7 BEAST on 08 Apr at 21:15
    Bridge188Cheating, obviously? I get bored of reporting them all.
    Posted by Bridge188 on 24 May at 12:10
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