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Level 10

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How to unlock the Level 10 achievement

  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity508,964
    20 Mar 2013 22 Mar 2013
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    1. VIP Pass - 1600 MSP
    2. Double XP - Match packs - 800 MSP for 200 Matches

    Work Force: 10 Gold accounts (you can have 10 people, or have 5 Xbox 360 consoles and plug in 2 controllers with a gold account each, or other variations).

    Go to: Versus > VIP > Domination > Ranked Match

    Have 2 people host 2 lobbies, and invite 4 people on each side. So by now you should have 10 people total that are split into two groups of 5.

    Then start searching in Ranked and in the search menu, you should try and get matched during the "Finding Matches" phase. So try and have a 3rd person do a countdown for the two hosts to search at the same time.

    In Domination, choose one ring, and have both teams stand across from each other but near the ring.

    To simplify things, team 1 is Blue, and team 2 is Red.

    Blue team will go into the ring and capture it for 200 points. Then they will immediately back out of the ring and the Red team will promptly go inside the ring and break it for 200 points and then they will stay inside the ring until it is completely red and they have netted 200 points for capturing it. Then the Red team will immediately back out of the ring, and the Blue team will move in the break the ring for 200 points, and then stay inside the ring until it is completely blue and they have netted 200 points for capturing it.

    Keep repeating that until the time runs out. Try to keep the score even, but people fall asleep, not a big deal. The win bonus is very small. But if you want to win, just alternate wins between the teams by a difference of 4 points (you get 20 minutes a ranked match, and in that time, no team will get over 100 points as long as everyone knows what they are doing, and it takes 250 points to end the game. So your team's win will be determined by the most points at the end of the 20 minutes).

    Just keep in mind that in ranked matches, you get returned to the main menu with your team when the match is over, but at least it is easier to match up since less people play it.

    Every now and then you might get trapped in a game with randoms, but that is rare, and if it just happens... either play the match, or leave and receive a penalty.

    You should get 50 levels every 2 hours max this way. I was personally getting 50 levels every 1 hour.

    Last Notes:

    Just stay calm if it takes a while to get matched up, because when you do get matched up it will be worth it and after that you will learn the trick to timing your searches to easily get matched up everytime.

    Practice the Domination boosting in Private first. It is similar to, but slightly different from, King of the Hill boosting in other Gears of War games.

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  • Murder of BirdsMurder of Birds84,411
    06 Aug 2013 19 Mar 2013 26 Mar 2013
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    This achievement is earned by reaching level 10 as your ranking status.

    For this achievement much for XP you're able to take advantage of any gametypes for earning XP towards your level 10 ranking.

    -Campaign with up to 4 friends
    -Online versus, or even private versus
    -Playing Overrun Mode will also earn you XP toward level 10.

    NOTE #1: If you managed to gain early access to the Gears of War: Judgment Demo and earned enough XP to reach level 10, your XP will transfer to whatever level you were. You'll then pop the achievement once the game is loaded up for this 10G achievement! (This was my case)

    NOTE #2: If you've purchased the VIP Season Pass you'll be able to earn permanent Double XP towards your level ups.

    Note #3: You can purchase Double XP ticket packs from the Marketplace. They are available in bundles of 10 matches for 80MSP, 50 matches for 320MSP, 100 matches for 560MSP, and 200 matches for 800MSP. And if you already own the VIP Pass you'll earn Quadruple XP!
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