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Callin' in the Big Guns

In Majestic DLC matchmaking, call in 3 ordnance drops during the same game.

Callin' in the Big Guns0
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Achievement Guide for Callin' in the Big Guns

  • Corruption 19Corruption 19445,168
    25 Feb 2013 25 Feb 2013 15 Mar 2013
    20 0 13
    All that needs to be done is call in 3 ordnance drops in one game, not as easy as it sounds, but I know how it works, first off you can only earn ordnance in infinity slayer or the new majestic free for all mode no other game type and they need to be in the majestic dlc. By default an ordnance drop requires 70 points and after each one is called in the next one increases by 30%, you can make this easier on your self by equipping the ordnance priority which gives you 40% bonus to all points earned, although some work is still required as you do need alot of points, hope this helps break it down for you. If you give this a negative leave a comment so I know what I did wrong.

    Also thanks to DragonFangDan for pointing out the team action sack gametype where you start the game with an ordnance already making this achievement much easier.
  • Claude SpunktonClaude Spunkton152,891
    13 Mar 2013 14 Mar 2013
    9 2 7
    This is made easier with the new Action Sack Playlist.

    Simply set up a game of Team Fiesta and this will pop after about a minute. You get ordnance drops very quickly in this game type. 20+ per game.
  • LegohaulicLegohaulic41,789
    14 Mar 2013 14 Mar 2013
    5 1 0
    This Achievement is quite simple to get, if you know the tips and tricks. A good sniper, rocketeer, or machinegunner can rack up kills easily if they watch the maps flow and player positions. Simply calling in the ordinance is all that is required, you DO NOT have to use the weapon/equipment/armor ability to get the achievement. A quick method is to join a boosting session and round robbin this until the party has earned it.
  • Carlillo92Carlillo92272,851
    26 Feb 2013 26 Feb 2013 26 Feb 2013
    5 1 0
    Create a loadout with the weapons, grenade, AA and tactical package of your choice. When choosing the support upgrade choose Ordnance Priority (unlocked in SP-26) and jump into a game in the DLC playlist. Play the best you can! (Make kills/assits to get ordnances)

    I recommend doing this in a team gametype. I did it in infinnity slayer but I think King of the Hill is way easier.
  • PaulDavey171PaulDavey171567,533
    22 Nov 2014 23 Nov 2014
    3 0 1
    Easiest way to get this achievement is in the rumble pit. This is FFA matches, look for infinity rumble pit match. Then have each player take it in turns, to get 3 drops. Once unlocked deploy each one, you don't have to pick them up, you should have around 150 points after unlocking 3 drops. Any mistakes please let me know so I can amend this.
  • GrandwickyGrandwicky403,393
    24 Jul 2014 24 Jul 2014
    3 0 0
    Team Fiesta is unfortunately at the time of writing not in the Team Action Sack playlist anymore. There is Fiesta Classic but that doesn't feature any ordinance drops.

    However I have found an alternative and that is to wait for a 'Lightning Flag' game on a Majestic Map which did take a while for to pop up for us but when we did we all got the achievement in no time!
  • V3RGLV3RGL35,290
    03 Mar 2013 03 Mar 2013
    5 2 0
    Similar to other comments add the Ordinance priority. Here's how I did it... add Promethian vison, add Expolsive radius and extra ammo to be more bad ass! Try to get more than 13 Kills in one match. Team match is much easier to do this achievement because of team work.

    If you want to try this without ordinance priority, I recommend the same loadout but have 20 or more kills in a match, try for the first strike and get double and multikills. Maybe use the shotgun or the pink mist.
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