Vergil's Downfall

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Vergil's Downfall

I'll try it your way for once achievement in DmC Devil May Cry

I'll try it your way for once

Complete all missions in Vergil's downfall on the Nephilim difficulty with a SSS rank

I'll try it your way for once+0.3
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How to unlock the I'll try it your way for once achievement

  • ArcdeladArcdelad237,932
    11 Mar 2013 11 Mar 2013
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    This is actually quite a bit easier than the main game equivalent.

    Basically if you hold down X and bring up your swords then just go to town on the enemies, it's almost guaranteed you'll get a SSS so long as you move along briskly and have all the collectibles. Those spinning swords are kind of like an instant win button for this achievement.

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    djpatterson2011I just thought I'd clarify that unlike the main story and Super Dante, it is very easy to use Super Vergil and still get SSS scores. No need to play without infinite devil trigger swords - which I think is what you implied above. The only exception might be the fifth mission, but all of the others I just ran through in no time with Super Vergil on Nephilim and still got SSS easily, swords+doppelganger are OP.
    Posted by djpatterson2011 on 30 Jun 13 at 06:58
    PrettyColt21109Cheers mate, I just did the first 2 missions with super virgil, SSS real easy (very easy as the counter never breaks). Hopefully I can get the rest done this way and not have much trouble on Hollow Virgil (that guy is a douche)
    Posted by PrettyColt21109 on 13 Aug 16 at 12:01
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  • Gamer186Gamer186150,740
    09 Mar 2013 12 Mar 2013
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    The SSS scores are basically the same as in the main game. The more style points you get the higher and easier is your chance of getting an overall SSS rank on the mission. I uploaded a playlist on youtube that will show you my personal playthrough of the game (im aware of the fact that I might not be the best Vergil player but a visual guide is from my point of view always more helpful than a written one). The link can be found below.

    General tips and tricks:
    -) go for the collectibles first! without them you will not be able to unlock a SSS rank on any mission
    -) take your time: style points are more important than the time it takes you to finish a level (i often got SSS with only S on time but a load of style points)
    -) buy the abilites you feel comfortable with first
    -) use items if you struggle with the enemies. It is always better to use items than to risk dying since an items gives you -10.000 points but a death gives you -10%

    It is the best to save up your Devil Trigger for your Blistering sword moves (the move where you have to hold X). It gives enemies a harder time with hitting you and it pushes your style rank up like mad if you run into a group of enemies and mix some other combos in between.
    Another pretty useful move is the one where you have to hold down Y since it can also hit enemies that are a little bit away from you.
    Always press X when you have time since you can use all X moves during almost every combo and it will keep your rank up and makes enemies vulnerable for Vergil's teleport moves (RT+Y or LT+Y).
    If you should struggle with huge groups of enemies instead of the blistering sword move (hold X) Vergil's clone (press left and right thumb stick at the same time) might come in very handy since he copys all your attacks and he lets you attack enemies with delay and from different directions.

    I hope this helps everyone and feel free to tell me how I can improve my guide and my videos :)
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