Vergil's Downfall

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Vergil's Downfall

You're not worthy as my opponent achievement in DmC Devil May Cry

You're not worthy as my opponent

Complete Vergil's downfall on Hell and Hell difficulty

You're not worthy as my opponent+0.3
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How to unlock the You're not worthy as my opponent achievement

  • Seraphim17Seraphim17798,070
    04 Mar 2013 05 Mar 2013
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    The hardest part about this achievement is the boss fight with Hollow Vergil. Here is a link to a video showing a few effective ways to fight him. The run isn't the cleanest, but it get's the job done.

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    AlfaAndTheOmegaI personally found that atomic bomb (charge RT+B until sword glows) worked great against him especially when you activate DT cause you get "two" of them. It took 3 of them for the first stage, 2 for the second stage and 2 for the third stage and he is done. Dodging all his attacks was a different story. lol. great guide and love all your videos on YT!
    Posted by AlfaAndTheOmega on 19 Mar 13 at 13:13
    ZippyAdamReally helpful solution, thumbs up.
    Posted by ZippyAdam on 23 Dec 14 at 01:58
    MuppeT May CrySo after 47 tries I got it, thanks to the technic you showed I could kill him :D
    Posted by MuppeT May Cry on 03 Jan 15 at 07:14
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  • KoldsnedKoldsned1,041,642
    03 Mar 2013 03 Mar 2013 03 Mar 2013
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    Hell & Hell isn't too tough. It's much easier if you first complete VMD mode and unlock Super Vigil to get Infinite DT and with it you can walk through most enemy encounters. The sticking point though is mission 5. It's a tough boss battle with no checkpoints. So here's a few hints:

    Stage 1
    Start the battle by activating DT and see what move the boss does first. What you want is him to appear above you and slam down. Any other attack and it's best to just dodge with RB as much as you can. When he does this attack, dodge out of the way and the dodge straight back at him and wail on him. You should get 1.5 combos in before he blocks and tries to attack again. Do this twice. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL 3 ORBS!

    Stage 2
    Now you'll have to hope your dodging skills are good. He will start by surrounding you with swords. Stand still. They will try to fake you out once then fly inwards. Press RB just after they fake you. This will happen 4 times. Then he will start dropping swords on you. Keep moving and RB out of the way. This will happen 5/6 times. Then back to the surrounding swords until he eventually comes back.

    Stage 3
    He will be more aggressive but just dodge any attack until he comes towards the ground then attack him. Make sure you have activated DT. Two or three combos should put him into the next stage.

    Stage 4
    Now hope you still have most of your lives. He will repeat stage 2 but with a random pattern, quicker faking and drops. It can be tough but eventually you'll know what attack he's going to do when. If he catches you he can stagger you and your lives will vanish in an instant.

    Stage 5
    Back to just attacking. One or two more combos should finish him off. This is easy so if you have at least an orb you could afford to be a bit risky.

    It's all in the reactions but other than that the rest of the mode is a breeze!

    Good Luck!
  • CodeMonkeysGuyCodeMonkeysGuy476,947
    25 May 2016 25 May 2016 25 May 2016
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    Here's the combo that'll get you the win on Hollow Vergil, no matter the phase or the difficulty mode. Practice this a bit in training mode to get a feel for it. The initial move does have some i-frames (one of the few moves that do, along with Atomic and Perfect Slice). Don't be afraid to walk up to Vergil and charge. He wins if you let him play. Don't let him play.

    Charge LT + B* -----> Y Y -----> LT + Y -----> RT + B -----> RT + B, then run back to Hollow Vergil and repeat.

    * This must be SOLAR FLARE, NOT Rising Star. The timing for this move is, when charging, right when your sword would go to flash signaling you're charged is when you want to release, not after. Try out Rising Star... charge it until you see your sword glow, then try and pull off a Solar Flare. You'll see the difference in the moves. The timing is tight but it'll juggle Hollow Vergil if it hits no matter what he's doing, and the range is crazy far.

    Got this technique from a no-damage video after struggling a bit. They use different strategies between rounds sometimes but this combo seems the most consistent.
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    you know you do the first move right when there's flames. and not blue shit

    Thank you! :)
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 22 Jul 16 at 04:57
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