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Poker Hands Chip Series

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How to unlock the Poker Hands Chip Series achievement

  • WJS OsirisWJS Osiris855,311
    22 May 2011 22 May 2011 01 Jun 2013
    17 1 21
    "do u feel lucky? well do ya punk?" cuase really thats what this achievement is all about. It could be as simple as getting the rest of the achievements, but then again it could be far more taxing and grindy then some of the notoriously bad achieves ex. seriously.. this was the case for me took me 50 000 hands to complete this achieve. most people have reported getting this around the 15 000 to 25 000 range... i welcome everyone to report how many hands it took you to get this, with this guide, or not, in the comments please and thanks. so i can give you all a better idea of what you might be in for.

    before i went for this achievement and after I completed all other achieves(i would suggest you also finish all others before going for this) I msged a bunch of people who have it to find the best and fastest way to get this achievement and searched a few other sites aswell...
    allmost everyone who msged back said they used the horse tourny to get this.(so all credit for this solution goes out to those who msged back cant recall their gamertags). for sure this is the fastest way to get alot of hands played VERY quick (around 500 to 1000 hands played per hour but around 100 will not count more on this later) another good thing about the horse tourny is allmost everyhand makes it to the rivercard..but despite what others may say, i pretty sure the individual game types played in the horse tourny do not yeld better ODDS of getting this achieve its just alot quicker more on that later...

    ok so if u choose the horse tourny method of going about this achieve what u will want to do is..

    step 1.. turn off all game related sound if u have'nt done so allready :) only takes about an hour before you want murder the dude who keeps coughing... play some music from your hard drive... much better

    step 2.. your settings in game options should be.. game speed-fast, allow comp skipping-yes, auto peek-yes,horse setting-every 5 hands (this setting is kind of a personal choice but i found 5 hands gave me a few less razz and stud hands).

    step 3.. tape your left stick to the call position and a little bit up and press the a button,over and over and over(or have a turbo). every once and a while check back to see if the game needs to be restarted(you will find you end up wining the tourny a whole bunch so if you do still need pro takedowns).. but heres the key what ever u do DO NOT look at the hands your playing.. find anything eles to occupy your attension. i had 2 tv's in my room and used my 13 inch tv to play the game, while watching tv on my normal tv, but read a book anything, thats not watching your cards. cuase if ur half as unlucky as i was, you will have a broken heart in no time. during the course of going 4 this achieve(that is to say the times i was watching) i got 20+ straight flushes 4 of them being king high. twice with the river being the 9 instead of the ace, 5 royal flushes played by comps against me, and 4 times i got the 5 cards i needed but was in the wrong game type to play them...

    ok so on to understanding the different game types played in the horse tourny..

    omaha- rules are very similar to texas holdem with only 2 differences
    1) you get 4 starting cards rather than 2.. great right... wrong
    2)you must play 2 cards from your starting hand and 3 from the board no exceptions.. this rule screwed me at least 3 times out of my royal having all 5 cards, but 4 on the board. or 3 in my hand.. so even if u get your royal on the board u would'nt be able to play it...
    if you still need 4 of a kind this game type gives them out like candy...

    razz- in razz the lowest hand wins the pot.. so if u get your royal this game type IT WILL NOT COUNT cuase you will be playing your low cards.. this game type is the reason 100 of your hands per hour will not count

    7 card stud- in seven card stud you recieve 3 starting cards after which there is a round of betting then 1 card at a time with a round of betting after each round till u get to 7...
    on one of the sites i read about this achieve they said 7 card stud yelds the best odds 4 getting a royal.. bunch of bs in my opinion by my logic there is far to good of a chance your opponant is holding 1 or more of the cards u need(at least playing in a full table and calling keeping a bunch of opponants in the hand)...

    If u ask me best odds in poker for a royal would be in head up texas hold em. but in this game the comps fold like crazy in heads up so even when you get suited face cards comps might just fold on you. making this method a non option.
    tonloc10520 believes another slower but good odd method would be playing limit tournys since alomst everyhand makes it to the river..

    so in summary what im saying here is, at this point u will have to decide does playing a ton of hands really quick with lesser odds and few hands not counting, give better odds in the end by speed alone? 400-800 h.p.h. (with the horse tourny) in relation to maybe 50-100hph(playing normal) thats a big gap so imo yes...

    if your name is Han Solo look away now cuase im about to c.3.p.o. ur ass... allthough im pretty sure this game gives out far better odds these numbers

    royal flush 1 in 649 740 (5 face cards 10 thru ace all of the same suite)

    straight flush 1 in 64 974 (any straight all the same suite aside from ace high)

    4 of a kind 1 in 4165

    as these r the only ones u will have trouble with ill spare u the others

    i hope this helped and GOOD LUCK you will need it for this 1
    please leave a comment if you are going to negitive vote or have a newer evan more shiny methods.. so i can fix the solution... i realize my spelling and grammer are shit but i try my best.. and the guide before this 1 was nothing but the odds so...
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    WJS Osirisnp.. sucks u had to go so far.. trust i feel ur pain
    Posted by WJS Osiris on 25 Oct 12 at 07:44
    kingrich06still nothing just passed 57k
    Posted by kingrich06 on 28 Oct 12 at 00:44
    WJS Osirisoh no... i know the grind really sucks but it will come.. pretty sure i watched the entire series of lost well doing this achieve :) highest reported i saw from said unspeakable website was around 80 000 - 90 000 if i remember right...
    Posted by WJS Osiris on 28 Oct 12 at 08:12
    TheBlackDragonXCurrently working on this, and thanks for the guide. Just wanted to say that those odds (the 1 in 649,739) is for 5 hand poker. Since the games involve picking 5 cards from 7 (mostly), the odds of hitting a royal flush improves to 1 in 30,939. This is the case for Hold'em and Stud variations anyway, Omaha may vary slightly. Another way to look at it is that in Texas Hold'em you have a 1 in 649,739 chance of flopping a royal flush, however you have a 1 in 30,939 of hitting a royal flush after the river.

    This will probably explain why people are playing around 15k-80k hands to get the royal flush. Obviously if you play H.O.R.S.E razz will not count so statistically you should have to play more than 30,939 hands before hitting the royal flush considering razz hands will be counted towards you hands played statistic.

    Anyway, thumbs up from me.
    Posted by TheBlackDragonX on 18 Nov 12 at 11:45
    Is he?
    Posted on 31 Jan 13 at 02:00
    allmightydragonNo he isn't missing anything, you will have to press up when you need to all in, or you could just have the thumb stick held down up and left which will do both. Once the game is over or you are out you will also need to restarst the game from the menu's as this can't seem to be done with any set up.

    Note - If you have the thumb stick held up & left, then be aware that this can then scroll through the menu and potentially put you in to other game modes.
    Posted by allmightydragon on 25 May 13 at 16:54
    WJS Osirispretty sure i had the stick taped to the call position and dont recall needing to change anything eles but maybe it was a little up and to the call position
    Posted by WJS Osiris on 01 Jun 13 at 04:52
    WJS Osiristhanks allmighty i added it... but the guide did say you need to restart the game every so often. so im not sure why you would down vote. dont get me twisted happy you left a comment on why you did but it seems becuase there is no easy way to get this achieve. my solution will be looked at negitively. is this not better than no guide?
    Posted by WJS Osiris on 01 Jun 13 at 05:16
    tasdurreWhat I've seen is that it's 10829-to-1 to make a royal in Omaha in any given hand, against 30k-to-1 for holdem (by the way, holdem and stud share the same odds to make a royal). The 20% of the hands that are useless in HORSE (Razz) is more than made up for by the improved chances to royal in Omaha. Also, if you're not turbo-ing, you can fold the hands where you know it's impossible to get the royal, saving time. (note: since you can fold hands that have no chance of a royal from the start, it gives the perception that its chances are worse than in holdem. however, the chances or 4 or 5 royal flush cards coming on the board in holdem are so remote that the extra chances you get when you get dealt two royal flush draws in Omaha more than make up for it). So the clear mathematical play is the HORSE tourney.
    Posted by tasdurre on 22 Aug 13 at 22:55
    SneezeSomeMilkAfter 7 years and 73.000 hands I finally got this today.
    Posted by SneezeSomeMilk on 02 Mar 18 at 18:33
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