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How to unlock the Legend of Defiance achievement

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    08 Apr 2013 11 May 2013
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    Defiance's Achievements come in 8 different types, Campaign, Pursuits, Ego, Co-op, Arkfalls, PvP, Reputation and misc

    Campaign- 7/50 - 105g / 1000g
    Campaign is the main missions, that are mainly press and hold 'x' on various items, with a boss fight thrown in every once and a while. I personally did only campaign missions, and beat the 5 acts in about 3 days, under 350 ego rating. Smgs/Assault rifles for quest rewards are often good against the A.I, and dying doesn't really have a huge penalty.
    The hardest part for me was the final boss=
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Completing the campaign will unlock:
    DefianceHoly Shtako!The Holy Shtako! achievement in Defiance worth 15 pointsComplete the tutorial

    DefianceSkruggin' Ark CoreThe Skruggin' Ark Core achievement in Defiance worth 20 pointsComplete Act 1

    DefianceWrong HandsThe Wrong Hands achievement in Defiance worth 24 pointsComplete Act 2

    DefianceThat Hagisi LiedThe That Hagisi Lied achievement in Defiance worth 27 pointsComplete Act 3

    DefianceEveryone Will DieThe Everyone Will Die achievement in Defiance worth 30 pointsComplete Act 4

    DefianceMonolithic LandmarkThe Monolithic Landmark achievement in Defiance worth 24 pointsCross the Golden Gate Bridge

    DefianceWho…  Are You?The Who… Are You? achievement in Defiance worth 35 pointsComplete Act 5

    Pursuits- 5/50 - 75g / 1000g
    Pursuits are challenges, that have multiple little goals to complete, chances are you've completed a few pursuits by the end of the game, I found that the enemy type pursuits were the easiest (kill every type of mutant, complete a minor mutant arkfall etc.), followed by the racing ones, which by doing them all, will unlock a black dodge challenger!. After doing these, pick a handful from each of the exploration tabs (most locations will be discovered through the campaign) and a few which require silver medals or completing easy side missions, and you will have your 20!
    This will unlock:
    DefianceIndividual PursuitThe Individual Pursuit achievement in Defiance worth 18 pointsComplete your first pursuit in the Bay Area

    DefianceHot PursuitThe Hot Pursuit achievement in Defiance worth 21 pointsComplete 5 pursuits in the Bay Area

    DefiancePursuit of HappinessThe Pursuit of Happiness achievement in Defiance worth 24 pointsComplete 10 pursuits in the Bay Area

    DefianceHigh Speed PursuitThe High Speed Pursuit achievement in Defiance worth 27 pointsComplete 15 pursuits in the Bay Area

    DefiancePursuit of ExcellenceThe Pursuit of Excellence achievement in Defiance worth 31 pointsComplete 20 pursuits in the Bay Area

    Ego- 7/50 - 190g / 1000g
    Ego is the experience section of defiance, which goes up to (I believe) 4000, but thankfully, you only need 2500 to 100% this section. Every few level ups, you will get a ego unlock, which can be spent on, honestly, worthless perks, that do stuff like increase your damage output when higher than a enemy by 1% at midday on tuesdays. Anyway, level 2500 will require buttloads of XP to unlock. I've searched the darkest corners of the internet, and haven't found a decent method, but don't get down just yet, this is the worst achievement of the game - So Far, my advice would be to do this after everything else, then do side missions. If you don't get the achievements for unlocking 50 perks, or fully upgrading 25 by 2500, just respec.
    Completing the 'EGO' section will unlock:
    DefianceBit of an EGOThe Bit of an EGO achievement in Defiance worth 11 pointsEarn your first perk

    DefianceStroking Your EGOThe Stroking Your EGO achievement in Defiance worth 19 pointsCompletely upgrade a perk

    DefiancePowerful EGOThe Powerful EGO achievement in Defiance worth 26 pointsCompletely upgrade an EGO Power

    DefianceAbundance of EgoThe Abundance of Ego achievement in Defiance worth 130 pointsEarn 50 perks

    DefianceEGO ManiacThe EGO Maniac achievement in Defiance worth 97 pointsCompletely upgrade 25 perks

    DefianceEGOTisticalThe EGOTistical achievement in Defiance worth 36 pointsReach EGO Rating 500

    DefianceEGOcentric ArkhunterThe EGOcentric Arkhunter achievement in Defiance worth 289 pointsReach EGO Rating 2500

    Arkfalls- 3/50 - 35g / 1000g
    Arkfalls are displayed on the map as red pillar things (kind of like markers of dead space)
    Minor Arkfalls are these single icons on the map, whereas Major Arkfalls are these icons in a huge red circle, completing all in a circle will uncover the boss enemy. My advice is to stay away from San Francisco Arkfalls as there aren't many players there thanks to the huge robot monolith guy. I just stand around occasionally shooting people in the butt, and it will it still count as completing. Minor arkfalls inside the major arkfalls do not count towards a minor arkfall. This will unlock:
    DefianceArkhuntingThe Arkhunting achievement in Defiance worth 12 pointsComplete your first minor arkfall

    DefianceArkhunting PartyThe Arkhunting Party achievement in Defiance worth 13 pointsComplete your first major Arkfall in the Bay Area

    DefianceArkhunting SafariThe Arkhunting Safari achievement in Defiance worth 28 pointsComplete 10 major Arkfalls in the Bay Area

    Co-op- 7/50 - 90g / 1000g
    There are 7 co-op missions that unlock at certain points on your journey to ego rating 2500. They are all just run n gun, hold 'x' on some stuff, and kill the boss. They each range from 30 minutes-1 hour. Note. 'Explosions 101' co-op map is currently buggy (1st boss not triggering, achievement not unlocking), I wouldn't waste my time with it until a patch.
    DefianceSuper ExcitedThe Super Excited achievement in Defiance worth 32 pointsComplete the Scrapworks Salvage co-op map

    DefianceNot Bad at AllThe Not Bad at All achievement in Defiance worth 36 pointsComplete the Commandeer Cronkhite co-op map

    DefianceCall Me PsychoThe Call Me Psycho achievement in Defiance worth 32 pointsComplete the Island of Lost Soldiers co-op map

    DefianceSave Your GanchisThe Save Your Ganchis achievement in Defiance worth 30 pointsComplete the Explosions 101 co-op map

    DefianceBroom ClosetThe Broom Closet achievement in Defiance worth 30 pointsComplete the Soleptor Excavation co-op map

    DefianceOverdosingThe Overdosing achievement in Defiance worth 27 pointsComplete the Liberate the Lost co-op map

    DefianceHa! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!The Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! achievement in Defiance worth 33 pointsComplete the Motherlode co-op map

    PvP- 7/50 - 105g / 1000g
    PvP is currently dominated by people wearing cloaks, with insta-kill sawn off shotguns (did someone say gears of war?). You should pick a sniper as your primary/secondary weapon and go for headshots straight away. Start on competitive maps (Waterfront, Observatory, Freight Yard - currently taken off for fixing unknown stuff) and work on wins. After winning on the matches you need to jump into a shadow war. Shadow wars will take a while to start as they require 100+ people, so do some side missions or pursuits while waiting. Once in you should run from 2 different points, back on forth, so you keep capturing them, for the 50 captures. Keep in mind you should stay in your vehicle for road kills. At the end of a shadow war, you can press 'y' to rematch which will put you back into matchmaking.
    DefianceStargazerThe Stargazer achievement in Defiance worth 65 pointsWin 10 matches in Observatory

    DefianceUpper EchelonThe Upper Echelon achievement in Defiance worth 51 pointsKill 100 players

    DefianceWharfieThe Wharfie achievement in Defiance worth 62 pointsWin 10 matches in Waterfront

    DefianceFreight MagnateThe Freight Magnate achievement in Defiance worth 82 pointsWin 10 matches in Freight Yard

    DefianceChasing ShadowsThe Chasing Shadows achievement in Defiance worth 80 pointsCapture 50 points in Shadow War

    DefianceVehicular ManslaughterThe Vehicular Manslaughter achievement in Defiance worth 76 pointsKill 25 players by running them over

    DefianceBrain SurgeonThe Brain Surgeon achievement in Defiance worth 75 pointsKill 50 players with headshots

    Reputation- 7/50 -
    Reputation will probably be you last achievement, the only way to earn Rep is through contracts, which are unlocked at ego rating 175, and are displayed in the same area as pursuits. Faction Rep is also a currency, spent at that factions fast travel area, spending it will decrease your reputation with that faction. It is now confirmed the achievement unlocks at 600 rep.

    -Daily contracts are worth 10 points

    -Weekly contracts are worth 50 points

    Rank 0 - Unknown - 0 Rep
    Rank 1 - Familiar - 100 Rep
    Rank 2 - Regular - 300 Rep
    Rank 3 - Trusted - 600 Rep


    This site contains all current contracts at this moment in time, with a location as well.

    Note. Paradise rep is not needed for any achievements.
    DefiancePrivate BoothThe Private Booth achievement in Defiance worth 25 pointsComplete a daily contract for Soleptor Enterprises

    DefianceExecutive Wash RoomThe Executive Wash Room achievement in Defiance worth 26 pointsComplete a daily contract for Von Bach Industries

    DefianceSecure ChannelThe Secure Channel achievement in Defiance worth 44 pointsComplete a daily contract for Echelon

    DefianceKey to ParadiseThe Key to Paradise achievement in Defiance worth 58 pointsIncrease reputation with Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises, Top Notch Toolworks and Echelon

    DefianceWidely RegardedThe Widely Regarded achievement in Defiance worth 192 pointsGet max reputation with Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises, Top Notch Toolworks and Echelon

    DefianceSeven Days a WeekThe Seven Days a Week achievement in Defiance worth 31 pointsComplete 4 weekly contracts

    DefianceOffice in BackThe Office in Back achievement in Defiance worth 24 pointsComplete a daily contract for Top Notch Toolworks

    Misc- 7/50 - 210g / 1000g
    Misc achievements don't fit anywhere else:
    DefianceGood CardioThe Good Cardio achievement in Defiance worth 57 pointsSwim a total of 1 kilometer

    Swim a lot, swimming isn't need for anything in the game, so find a lake somewhere and swim around while everyone watches you like you're a idiot. For some reason you can't swim in ocean water for long, as your character will have a seizure and drown.
    DefianceYeeeeeeehaaaaawww!The Yeeeeeeehaaaaawww! achievement in Defiance worth 46 pointsJump a total of 5 kilometers with vehicles

    easily unlocked by driving around, San Francisco has some huge jumps so if you don't get it before, you'll definitely get it there.
    DefianceA Friend in NeedThe A Friend in Need achievement in Defiance worth 6 pointsRevive another player outside the tutorial

    Hold 'X' on a fellow ark hunter in doggy style position. If you haven't gotten this achievement after all of the above, in a mmo, you don't deserve it.
    DefianceWait For It…The Wait For It… achievement in Defiance worth 101 pointsEquip your first legendary weapon

    Legendary weapons are orange, similar to borderlands 2. Your best chance is in a lockbox. after getting all arkfall cheevos, you should have a lot of arkfall scrap to buy keycodes with. Cross your fingers.
    DefianceShoot to SkillThe Shoot to Skill achievement in Defiance worth 198 pointsMax out one weapon skill

    The max weapon skill is 20, this is weapon type, not individual weapon, but remember, weapons will run out of juice after a while, and no longer contribute towards the weapon type skill, so remember to switch.
    DefianceCalculated KillerThe Calculated Killer achievement in Defiance worth 69 pointsKill 10,000 enemies

    Kill stuff. easy.

    Yippee!, you have 930'ed defiance! and unlocked the final 70g as well :DDDD
    DefianceLegend of DefianceThe Legend of Defiance achievement in Defiance worth 544 pointsComplete all other achievements

    But don't get rid of it yet, when a mmo releases, dlc soon follows, cross your fingers for more reputation achievements!!!!

    If you vote this solution negatively, please explain why, the game is only a week old, so the best methods are hard to write about. I have only written my experience, I will continue to update the guide with better methods and such as they become uncovered.

    P.S Thank you for explaining why you voted negatively.

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    Esphyrian 01Got this when EGOcentric Arkunter popped (since it was my last achievement). Did not own any DLC at the time.
    Posted by Esphyrian 01 on 07 Jun 14 at 21:47
    Leo AscendentYou can actually beat the game without crossing the bridge. I died somewhere and got respawned in San Francisco, only drive across it because I was aware of the achievement, otherwise I could have fast traveled.
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 28 Dec 14 at 16:51
    Danny Dubs 86Some of your comments are a bit outdated with updates and DLC releases, but this is still one of the best guides I've seen on the site. Thanks a bunch!

    (two big changes - 2500 ego is pretty easy to obtain by completing pursuits from Season 2 and DLC, and weapons still add to weapon levels even after you have mastered them)
    Posted by Danny Dubs 86 on 13 May 15 at 19:46
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  • Burburnator88Burburnator88This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    25 Aug 2013 18 Jun 2014
    8 0 3
    The key to this achievement is not to think that it will come quickly but to do everything that the game has to offer to make the most of grinding out the achievements without tiring you out too much. I did it this way and will break it down for you:

    -Do the story and all the side missions

    -Work on getting your weapon to level 20 by resetting the weapon mastery or using a weapin and maxing out its mastery bar. Also work on driving a certain distance and the same with swimming for the achievements early on.

    -Try to get a legendary weapon out of the lockboxes using keycodes from arkfalls and other activities to net you an achievement or trade with someone for it.

    -Work on getting your 20 pursuits done (there are way more than 20) and do arkfalls until you get all three achievements that are tied to arkfalls.

    -Do co-op until you have them all unlocked with your ego being 500 and the quests pertaining to them being unlocked done so you can get through all the co-op. Have a buddy join you and do pursuits as well to gain levels at the same time.

    -There are several achievements pertaining to do contracts for certain factions. Focus on the daily contracts that net you 10 rep points and the weekly that net you 50 rep. You will get an achievement for getting 100 rep for each faction and 600 rep for getting the trusted status in all the factions except Paradise.

    -Play multiplayer and try to go for headshots with whatever weapon makes you comfortable. I sometimes just ran around with a quick repeator and for the heck of it and scored some fun headshots so make it entertaining and play with others to net you some of the multiplayer achievement and gradually you will win on the three maps and score other miscellaneous achievements as well.

    -Play shadow war for your 50 points for captures, 25 vehicle slaughters and you headshots if need be and anything else pertaining to shadow war or multiplayer that doesn't involve competitive multiplayer.

    When you are working on your 25 perks and 50 perks, you don't have to have to wait to have 25 perks fully leveled. You can gain enough points to level 14 perks to level three then respec again to do it a second time and the achievement will unlock. It remembers that you fully upgraded the previous time luckily. Otherwise, you can just gain over 80 points and do it the old fashion way until you get the achievement.

    -Finish the game and if you have done everything above as well as pursuits and all the other things that the game has to offer like arkfalls, seiges, races, rampages, hotshots and such, you will be at least a high enough level to say you have experienced most that Defiance has to offer. I never used xp boosts and I got to 2500 using the above strategies. A lot of levels come out of playing multiplayer, arkfalls, story and pursuits. If you focus on those after doing the stuff above, the 2500 ego is yours and you will have mastered Defiance and net your 1000 GS. If I've missed anything, let me know. I have 1000 GS in this so I can help out to make any strategy a little clearer if need be.

    EDIT: I've heard from several people that with the dlcs being added to the game, some people are unlocking this achievement only after finishing all the dlc in this game. If that is the case, know that it will be a grind but as long as you can get the original 1000 and it doesn't pop, this should fix it. I don't think Trion has any plans to patch this either so just wanted to give everyone that is going to attempt this a heads up.
    Showing all 3 comments.
    Smoke Pr0Very well done guide. This helped a ton from the very beginning!!
    Posted by Smoke Pr0 on 03 May 14 at 01:38
    olde fortran 77For the record, I've unlocked this achievement, and have none of the DLC.

    One DLC achievement popped for me even though I don't have the DLC, though.
    Posted by olde fortran 77 on 21 Oct 14 at 14:17
    Dadmixthanks for the heads up as to why it maybe buggy
    Posted by Dadmix on 13 Apr 19 at 18:34
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