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Freight Magnate achievement in Defiance

Freight Magnate

Win 10 matches in Freight Yard

Freight Magnate0
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How to unlock the Freight Magnate achievement

  • MADDL007MADDL007
    25 May 2013 12 Apr 2013 28 May 2013
    With the latest patch 1.020 the Freight Yard map is now back and working.

    This map can be played by going to Competitive Maps and selecting Freight Yard. This will put you into a Capture and Hold match which is a 16 v 16 multiplayer match that consists of 3 capture points. The game is over once a team gets 9000 points. Points are accumulated every few seconds based on the number of capture points your team has. It's 20 points per capture point that your team controls. Make sure your #1 focus is on controlling or capturing points, even if you are in a vehicle.

    Gathering wins on this map can be difficult as each game is won and lost based on the sum of all a team's parts. What I mean is if you have people that decide to go AFK for example you will be at a disadvantage. My biggest suggestion is to just keep with it and you will eventually get on a good team and get some wins.

    That being said here is the strategy that I use in these matches:

    Loadout- Overcharge ability (Cloak should work nicely too), Detonator (manual detonator if possible) and Shotgun.

    Time to camp! Pick a capture point and hold it the entire game. My suggestion is to try and do this at point B as I've found with personal experience that whichever team can consistantly hold B will normally win the match. Once you spawn in you will want to head straight for capture point B.

    To capture a point you just have to stand in the vacinity of the flag to turn it blue (red means it's controlled by the other team). Once you do that my suggestion is to climb the ladders to the top of the center building that overlooks the capture point. Empty your detonator clip onto the flag but do not reload (manually detonate) them yet. Instead switch to your shotgun and wait on the top-most level of the building. Then you'll want to scan the areas coming from the other capture points. Typically you can focus on the capture point that is controlled by the enemy as they will usually choose to spawn there. Use the high location as your advantage. Once an enemy or a vehicle comes to the capture point you'll want to switch to your detonator and reload causing the grenades to detonate and likely kill the attacker(s). If needed you could switch back to your shotgun, drop down to them and finish them off. Rinse repeat (back to the top of the building, empty manual detonator clip onto flag, wait).

    If you don't have a detonator that's fine, my suggestion would be a Assault Rifle/Infector/Sniper instead. Again pair that weapon with your favorite shotgun.

    I've been able to hold B with 1 to 2 other people (sometimes by myself) with this strategy which allows the rest of the team to capture and hold the other points. It's important to continue to pressure when they take over a point. It's bound to happen. But normally if you can continue to spawn and try to wipe out the enemy team around B it should allow enough time for your teammates to make their way over and support you.

    Good luck.
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    MADDL007Going AFK in the starting area works also. When you get into a game choose to spawn in the starting area. Then just set the controller down and wait for the game to win...hopefully in a win. You will earn the appropriate credit. This is for people that get frustrated by PvP and prefer to try and get it will the least amount of effort possible.
    Posted by MADDL007 On 18 Jun 13 at 12:29
    KaveDwellerThis achievement can glitch and not unlock. It happened to me, and they acknowledged that this is a known problem when I reported it.

    Right now, all they can do is ask you to submit a bug report from within the game. They do not know what the problem is and have not fixed my situation yet.

    I thought I should add this information in case others experience this.
    Posted by KaveDweller On 03 Dec 13 at 13:35
    Solario32Its so hard to even get a game to pop :( Are people still working on this one? Is it still bugged since Kave's post on 12/3/13?
    Posted by Solario32 On 20 Dec 13 at 19:54
    Solario32To answer my own question, I unlocked this on 12/31/13. So it isnt bugged anymore. it is hard to get games though...I strongly recommend going for this one when the weekly Echelon contract deals with Capture and Hold maps.
    Posted by Solario32 On 02 Jan 14 at 17:45
    MotorexGTR32It is nearly impossible to get the match going by having 12v12 or 16v16 for capture and hold match since it is not popular or maybe not enough online players. Most of them play on deathmatch or shadow war.
    Posted by MotorexGTR32 On 16 Jan 14 at 06:07
    olde fortran 77Personally, I recommend the opposite strategy compared to the solution offered. Don't try to hold a point you've captured. Head for a point that has just been captured, as I've found that players rarely stay to defend them. I suspect that players have found that neutralizing and capturing gives more points than killing attackers so, except for a few griefers, everybody just captures and runs to the next capture. My weapons are completely ineffective against the people who have been playing for a long time, so either I can defend and die, or capture and run away. And someone's suggestion of "spawn, put your controller down, and hope to win" works also.

    I'm ego 2600, and I can't even wear down the shields of some of these players. I was shooting a guy, who kindly ran over to the vehicles, hopped on one, and let me blow up vehicle after vehicle ("destroy vehicles" is one of the pursuits) because his side was going to win no matter what, and I was NEVER going to kill him.
    Posted by olde fortran 77 On 22 Sep 14 at 14:08
    FirstParasiteGot to agree with olde Fortran, the difference between good and new players makes player v player virtually pointless! I'm EGO 1250, and my weapons and shields are useless.....sigh..
    Posted by FirstParasite On 24 Mar 15 at 20:52
    16v16???? What's the minimum to start a match? The population can't be that good anymore. This stuff should be boostable.
    Posted on 16 Dec 15 at 14:51
    VCS 2600 AtariTeams switch up after each match. You can control this a little by joining groups in game and then join matchmaking. Also the minimum to start a match is 6.
    Posted by VCS 2600 Atari On 19 Jan 18 at 22:46
    RondundDo you mean the minimum to start a match is 6v6 or 3v3?
    Posted by Rondund On 12 Dec 18 at 16:49
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