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EGOcentric Arkhunter

Reach EGO Rating 2500

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  • NonfaithNonfaith424,826
    09 May 2013 07 May 2014
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    Easiest Way to get that EGO Up!!! (DLC-5 UPDATE!!!)

    Completing as many of the pursuits in the game as possible while slugging through the main storyline should easily get your EGO rating over 1500. Pursuits can be found in the upper right of your radial menu when you are in the menu screen. These are for doing things like:

    - finding audio recordings
    - killing so many enemies with certain weapons
    - completing story and side quests
    - and tons of other things that you will find

    Most of these will reward you with just a small amount of EGO points at a time. Somewhere in the 5 - 25 range mostly.

    Every time you level up your EGO you get about 10 points every time. An easy way to level up fast with DLC-5 is by engaging in any large world event:

    - Incursions
    - Major Arkfalls
    - Sieges

    *These will require DLC to be able to participate in.

    I level up at least one time on average every time I do one of these events. I am EGO rating 4500+ now and this still holds true.

    So chase the main story, do all the sidequests, and jump into these large world events every time you see them. You'll hit 2500 EGO in no time.
  • JasoX FINJasoX FIN651,946
    06 May 2013 06 May 2013 06 May 2013
    9 7 5
    Fastest way to gain Ego is pursuits. You can find them from hitting start then left trigger and selecting goals. Currently there are Season 1 pursuits as permanent pursuits and Episode pursuits as non permanent pursuits.

    Here’s an analysis of how many points you’ll get for finishing each section in Season 1. Season 1 contains 104 different pursuits.

    Mount Tam – 65 points
    Madera – 65 points
    Marin – 70 points
    Sausalito – 65 points
    San Francisco – 65 points
    Co-Op – 105 points
    Arkfalls – 60 points
    Enemy Groups – 30 points
    Competitive Multiplayer – 180 points
    EGO Evolution – 95 points
    Combat – 180 points
    Vehicles – 100 points
    Reputation – 80 points
    Goals – 40 points

    There are also Episode pursuits available.

    Also every time you level up a weapon you increase your EGO rating by 4, there are a total of 20 levels for weapons and 3 different vehicles. When you max out individual weapons exp it will not gain weapon type exp anymore, so change weapons when you max out individual exp.

    Assault Rifles
    Sub machine guns
    Light machine guns
    Combat shotguns
    Pump Shotguns
    Sawed-off shotguns
    Bolt action sniper rifles
    Semi-auto sniper rifles
    Rocket launchers

    And every time you level up a vehicle you increase your EGO rating by 4

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