Vehicular Manslaughter achievement in Defiance

Vehicular Manslaughter

Kill 25 players by running them over

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How to unlock the Vehicular Manslaughter achievement

  • Fuzzmeister JFuzzmeister J816,739
    06 Apr 2013 07 Apr 2013 24 Sep 2014
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    UPDATE: With this game becoming more broken each update, this achievement is very hard to pull off with the ATVs in normal gameplay. Your best bet is to find a friend in Shadow War and boost the achievement.

    This of course has to be done in some form of PVP in the game because you have to roadkill 25 human players for this achievement. Either playing Capture in competitive matchmaking or queuing up for for a Shadow War needs to be done because they are the only modes with vehicles.

    Personally I found Shadow War the fastest way to acquire this achievement. Spawn at a point that's close to an enemy team capture point. Press UP on the D-pad (just in case, you don't know for some reason) and drive around until you flatten 25 other players. I got about 3-5 road kills per match sometimes because Shadow War seems to end fairly quick. Just keep at it and capture points along the way for another achievement (50 captures).

    Hitting someone at full speed while boosting should be enough to kill someone, but there have been several times I got most but not all of an enemies health down. It's safe to drive around the corner before turning around and going for another ram because you are pretty exposed while on the Quad and you can be killed pretty quickly. Try for surprise kills such as boosting into someone running toward a capture point or giving a sniper a 4-wheeled rectal exam (wouldn't you normally be the one with the scope? /rimshot).

    It will take several matches (unless you are really good or lucky) to get the 25 kills, but the achievement does not seem to take very long at all and can be a good bit of fun flying through a base and getting a double splatter!

    There is another vehicle in matchmaking called the Cerberus. It spawns at your base in Capture and Hold matches and in Shadow War. It is a large 3-seater truck and it's size makes good people pancakes if you can catch it when it spawns. There are not many of them during matches so grab it as soon as everything starts to get your hands on it. (Thanks to Felix Pie for pointing that out)

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    The Metal SergeIts practically impossible to do these now, however if you and your boosting friend has a detonator with fire or radiation on it, you can shoot yourself and burn or irradiet yourself till near death and then you friend should hit you and get the kill. Otherwise it's practically impossible, your regeneration it's to fast even at low EGO, even if you take your shield off. So, I hope it helps.
    Posted by The Metal Serge on 29 Jun 15 at 18:04
    EnbukanSquirrelI did get this a little while ago (using my method on my comment above). The problem was my boosting partner had a purple shrill grenade, so when his health was low, i would hit him, but the last damage he took was from his own grenade. I got credit for the kill onscreen by vehicle, but it did not count towards the 25.
    My (basic/white) shrill grenade would never kill me, but would bring me down low enough to where one to 2 hits would kill me. I would have to drop it as soon as he cleared the jump on Freightyard. "Burn" damage would be done by the time he got to me.
    ATV and Cerberus both work for the kills (achievement unlock for an ATV), though you can only "track" run over kills on the Cerberus (under the driving pursuits).

    It will still take time to do, and "teammates" killing your boosting partner before you gets frustrating...

    I hope this helps anyone else struggling.
    Posted by EnbukanSquirrel on 03 Jul 15 at 22:33
    ValorousWookieeI still need help with it......
    Posted by ValorousWookiee on 04 Sep 15 at 15:27
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  • NonfaithNonfaith602,490
    12 Apr 2013 09 May 2013 07 May 2014
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    Dude! Where's My Cerberus? (DLC-5 UPDATE!!!)

    DLC-5 has changed Defiance completely and unfortunately that applied to MP as well. Everyone's shields got a big boost in strength and they also got armor on top of that. This means that is is hard as hell to kill someone by ramming them with a vehicle. There are some things you can do to make it easier:

    - Unlock and fully upgrade the "Hell of Wheels" perk.
    - Max out vehicle skill.
    - Use the Cerberus.
    - Cerberus is in Shadow War or Freight Yard (Easy to find in Freight Yard)
    External image

    One of the downsides to the Cerberus is that it takes damage every time you hit someone with it. This damage can be fixed by exiting the vehicle and then quickly re-entering it.

    Now, even having done all of this, it is still going to be REALLY hard to kill people with their souped up perks and gear. This means that you are going to have to boost this with friends. Boosting this game is hit and miss because you'll never be guaranteed to get a game lobby to yourself. With the game going free-to-play mid July 2014 I would imagine it is only going to get harder.

    If you do mange to get into a decent boosting situation. You are going to want to knock the other players armor and shields off before you run them over. This will almost guarantee a kill when you hit them while boosting the engine. Bio weapons knock off armor pretty fast if you want to use those.

    How do we get into the same match if we aren't in a group? Glad you asked.

    To get into the same match you will both have to be on the same sever. Just "friend" the other player and then "go to" them in the menu. Once you do that you will be on the same server. Then you can both search for Freight Yard and end up in the same game.
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    Mobius EvalonIn one of the recent updates, players are able to simply remove their shield from the slot and not have one equipped. Without doing that, it is impossible to kill someone by running them over any more.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 24 Jul 14 at 20:48
    AlcaJoeIt is almost impossible to get this cheevo. We made a 2nd account ego 20 and nothing equipped. Boosting in this charachter makes nearly no damage... not to mention how impossible it is to get to the target without loosing your cerberus a billion times or trying to get rid of these turrent junkies... without a full session of ppl working together this cheevo gets the most fckd up award...
    Posted by AlcaJoe on 26 May 15 at 17:51
    shammy1975done this today with boosting partner...matchmaking shadow up with partner at an area near the spawn of the person getting killed, kinda out the way of all the fighting..person getting killed shoots himself with a weapon that reduces his shield the final killing blow has to be with other person hitting him with vehicle..we did this easily in just over a hour..i had 12 kills then 13 kills with time to spare...just msg your partner a rough co-ordinate of where you on a big flat area from A
    Posted by shammy1975 on 27 Jan 16 at 23:17
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