16000 km / 10000 miles driven achievement in Ridge Racer 6

16000 km / 10000 miles driven

Congratulations! 10000 miles is equivalent to driving 2/5th of the way around Earth.

16000 km / 10000 miles driven+0.6
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How to unlock the 16000 km / 10000 miles driven achievement

  • Mystre0Mystre0412,700
    30 Mar 2010 31 Mar 2010 31 Mar 2010
    10 2 11
    For this achievement, you have to ride 16000km/10000 miles.

    The fast way to get this achievement is on Single Race on the track "Crossbay Tunnel".
    You can use "Angelus" with "unlimited nitrous".

    3 laps for 13,326 miles, time for this race is less than 3:20 (my best is 3:16.162)

    Note: all miles online and offline count.

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    Mr x RefHere are my best records for anyone who to be entertained:
    First Lap: 1:08.122 (234.75 mph)
    Second Lap: 1:03.482 (251.91 mph)
    Third Lap: 1:03.601 (251.44 mph)
    All three laps: 3:15.205 (246.03 mph)
    Posted by Mr x Ref on 07 Apr 18 at 15:35
    TruthfulSkate8Wow what a rude piece of shit 'a holy chainsaw' is and 'Fifas Funeral' as well.
    He was just asking a question how to unlock some things and you both make fun of him? I know this is years old, but that was immature as hell to read.
    and F you for having to brag about your ach.

    Mirror Courses: Finish Advanced Races 8-12, 16-19 and Basic Races 73-77, 106-108
    Pac-man: progress in the world xplorer to unlock the Pacman route, then win the duel against him.
    Posted by TruthfulSkate8 on 20 Apr 19 at 06:24
    darkling1542Let's make this a record comment chain lol. 3:14:157
    Posted by darkling1542 on 15 Feb at 20:48
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  • Brucey B CoolBrucey B Cool137,849
    23 Aug 2010 29 Sep 2010
    7 1 0
    This achievement states 16000km/10000miles driven but it only unlocks once you've passed 10000 miles so don't keep flicking back to see if you've passed 16000 km on the world explorer.

    A couple of things to note.

    1) Do every other achievement first.

    As daunting as this sounds, it's best to complete everything else as it all tallies towards your goal. This last achievement will take you an extremely long time if you decide to go straight for it without doing anything.

    2) Do not quit a single race.

    As annoying as it may be to finish a race when you know your going to lose, just restarting the race WILL NOT COUNT the miles you have just done. So if your pipped to the post by a computer or human player, complete the race anyway to count your distance.

    I finished everything with 6000+km still to beat because I restarted all the time for the other achievements. Look at my achievements and see the time difference between the last two achievements won..... I'll say no more.

    3) If you've done everything else.....

    ..... then your going to have to do single races on crossbay tunnel to cover the longest distance. Make sure you've got unlimited nitrous otherwise your just going to cause yourself more pain and set yourself a target eg. 10 races a day until you get the achievement.

    And bizarely enough, going the wrong way round the track does not count towards your distance traveled so don't even think about it!

    After a whole lot of pain, that's achievement unlocked!

    Good luck.
  • No 1 RichyNo 1 Richy323,241
    13 May 2007 03 Feb 2009
    6 4 2
    This is the 16,000km/10000 miles driven achievement. When I got this I had finished the game 100%, completed no-nitrous victories and had played about 200 games online, that just about covered the distance.
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    RatpoizenFor me, I was only a fraction towards this after finishing every other achievement? You didn't do the No Collisions ach?
    Posted by Ratpoizen on 11 Mar 18 at 23:33
    No 1 RichyI popped this before I finished no-crash victories, in fact I only unlocked no-crash victories many many years later on a tidy-up! I probably had about 50%-60% done though.

    I put this solution up because back then 9 years ago on TA it was just one of several "secret achievements" so I specifically said what this one related to and roughly how much of the game I'd completed to unlock it so that others have a rough idea. Looks like I had finished single player, no-nitrous, over 100 battles (but less than 200), and I'd guess arond 50% of no-crash.

    As this is the 2nd highest ratio in the game I suspect that would be the same for most; you're going to unlock this on the way to no-crash but after you've done the rest. Anyway kudos if you did managed to complete no-nitrous and no-crash quickly, they are particularly vile achievements!
    Posted by No 1 Richy on 12 Mar 18 at 00:13
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