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Aensland of Makai

Complete the first tier of the award "Sucked Dry".

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How to unlock the Aensland of Makai achievement

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    Darkstalkers ResurrectionAensland of MakaiThe Aensland of Makai achievement in Darkstalkers Resurrection worth 48 pointsComplete the first tier of the award "Sucked Dry".

    This achievement requires you to master all 5 Chapters of Morrigan's challenges in Night Warriors. Hit Back-button if you're playing Darkstalkers 3 at the main menu to switch games. Challenges are found by selecting Single Player > Challenges from the main menu. Morrigan's trials will give you tons of problems if you don't know how to input her Darkness Illusion quickly. I recommend you re-assign your buttons if you have trouble putting it in quickly since you will have to cancel into Dark Illusion a number of times for her later challenges. I will only provide guides to her Chapters 3, 4, and 5 trials as Chapter 1 and 2 are very simple.

    Chapter 3: Aerial Illusion
    I have two methods to getting this one. The main easier one is to simply jump up near Victor and input Darkness Illusion. If you look at the combo, you'll notice it has Jumping Short and Jab. You will naturally press these while inputting Darkness Illusion so don't worry about them. Just literally jump up and input the buttons for Darkness Illusion quickly and you should get this with luck.

    If you don't like that method then simply do a Jumping Short and Jumping Jab then right as you land do a Roundhouse. Now input the Darkness Illusion during the roundhouse animation. These are easier ways to do the combo without needing lightning fast inputs mid-air.

    Chapter 4: Darkness Illusion Combo
    Yes a short straightforward combo with only 3 moves, but you'll have to learn the timing here. I suggest you practice the Darkness Illusion input as fast as you can. You can always Pause, go to Help & Options then Controls to re-map Fierce to something like B so that you can slide your finger across A to B to do Darkness Illusion faster however I think the controls are fine as default for this but that's just me.

    When you link C.Short to C.Fierce you will notice that the attack animation for C.Fierce is pretty long giving you plenty of time to input Darkness Illusion with a cancel. Practice inputting Darkness Illusion first as fast as you can. Once you feel you have it down. Walk up to Demitri and do Down + A, Down + RB once your finger hits RB quickly input Darkness Illusion with X,X Toward, A, RB. Seriously it must be pretty fast but with enough persistence and speed of execution you'll get it with enough tries. But as mentioned yes, it should cancel out the animation of the crouching fierce once Dark Illusion finally comes out into combo.

    The link of C.Short to C.Fierce can be pressed fast like right after another and it will still come out so you have a decent window to pin put Darkness Illusion before the combo resets. But yes it is a cancel but it's all about getting a clean fast input of Darkness Illusion out. You can try re-mapping Fierce to B-button. It makes it easier and then the Trial would be done like this:

    Down + A, Down + B, (Darkness Illusion: X,X, Toward,A ,B)

    Chapter 5: Astral Vision Valkyrie Turn
    Surprisingly easy challenge. Don't forget the crouching jabs are 2-hits each so link the last one into a Roundhouse and be sure not to crouch. Some people struggle with the Roundhouse to Dark Illusion link so try this.

    Practice the last part by walking up to Bishamon and do a Standing Roundhouse(RT) Morrigan will do a flipping kick that has a pretty long attack animation. During this animation you need to be inputting Darkness Illusion quickly before the animation ends. So practice the link between this Roundhouse attack into Dark Illusion. Try to look at it as one move and input it like this:

    RT, X , X, Toward, A, RB

    Pretend RT is part of Darkness Illusion and input it all in one quick pace. Practice until you get it down then do the full combo.
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