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Master of Jiang-Shi

Complete the first tier of the award "Laid to Rest".

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How to unlock the Master of Jiang-Shi achievement

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    Darkstalkers ResurrectionMaster of Jiang-ShiThe Master of Jiang-Shi achievement in Darkstalkers Resurrection worth 56 pointsComplete the first tier of the award "Laid to Rest".

    This achievement requires you to master all 5 Chapters of Hisen Ko's challenges in Night Warriors. Hit BACK-button if you're playing Darkstalkers 3 at the main menu to switch games. Challenges are found by selecting Single Player > Challenges from the main menu. Hsien Ko has one pretty annoying challenge which is her Chapter 4 challenge all the rest are fairly easy. There is a slight trick with getting a dizzy that will make her Chapter 4 easier though.

    Chapter 1: 10 Hit Pendulum
    If you watch the demo closely you want to position yourself close to Hsien-Ho but leave a small space between you and her in the corner then input Toward, Down, Toward + X . With enough tries and set-up you'll get 10+ hits.

    Chapter 2: Lots of Jabs
    Annoying combo, but you may be able to use her Fierce Anki Hou(Down, Toward + RB) special move to make this easier. Sasquatch is a wide character though so you have to try to time 6 jabs in succession then link the 6th one into Standing Fierce. Practice Practice. This can be done in the corner as well but the center seems to work better. Get VERY close to Sasquatch and input the combo. Takes timing and patience because sometimes the jabs will push Sasquatch out of reach. Just keep positioning yourself as close as you can then do the trial. Don't forget to link the last Jab into Fierce. You can mash the jabs out or even use a Turbo controller for it but it may make it harder to link Fierce but it is feasible.

    An even easier method is to try and throw out a Fierce Anki Hou and then jab Sasquatch and hope the item will dizzy him once it hits him from above. This will allow you to continue the combo by throwing another Anki Hou then jab him until you get the full combo.

    Chapter 3: Tenrai Ha Combo
    Easier than you think. Look at the input for Tenrai Ha under Command List in the pause menu. It's done by pressing: A, RT, Y, Y, Up. So basically most of the combo will come out naturally so long as you do the first two inputs while crouching. Once the crouching Roundhouse connects quickly input Y,Y, Up and it will cancel into Tenrai Ha. Follow up with an ES Pursuit attack by pressing Up + LT and that will wrap up this pretty easy combo.

    Chapter 4: Item Toss Rejump
    This is her hardest combo and one of the trickier ones in the game, but there is an exploit to make it easier. The way Fierce Anki Hou works is you'll input Down, Toward + RB and she will throw out random items. If she ever throws out a brown boulder, green plant, gold star, or a hammer then it will automatically put Anakaris in a dizzy, allowing you to finish the rest of the combo. This is similar to Anakaris' Chapter 5 Challenge. Once you see one of the aforementioned items leave her hand quickly jump and do an air-dash Fierce before the item hits Anakaris and you wont have to worry about doing the full combo in one go. You do not have to worry about learning the timing Air-Dash Fierce anymore and can now focus on the rest of the combo instead. You just have to finish the combo before Anakaris snaps out of his Dizzy or it will reset.

    So you only need to practice 2 parts of this combo: The Towards Jumping Short into Jump Jab and Jump Fierce as well as the Standing Jab, Strong, Crouch forward, Fierce. Practice these separately. The link when you do Toward Jumping Short into Jumping Jab is really quick, which gives you time to hit Jump Fierce on your way down.

    Once you land the rest of the combo is easy but has to come out very fast so link them together immediately after pressing each once and don't forget to crouch when pressing Forward(B) then link it into Standing Fierce. Once you have the combo down in sections do the full thing until you hit all links. Using the Dizzy trick helps makes this much easier and shaves off the first 2 annoying parts.

    Chapter 5: Two Projectiles, One Gong
    Can't believe this is her 5th Chapter usually these are the toughest but this one is almost easier than #1. No real strict timing here. Just throw out Fierce Anki Hou until it stuns Anakaris then press Away, Down, Away + LB and then do Down, Toward + X to clear the trial.
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    Jakez123 Hsien-Ko can also throw a gold star/shuriken which can also stun the enemy.
    Posted by Jakez123 on 09 Aug 14 at 01:51
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