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Complete the first tier of the award "The Queen of Seduction".

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How to unlock the Soulful achievement

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    This is for completing all of Lilith's tutorials in Darkstalkers 3. To avoid confusion whenever I say forward I mean the kick not the direction. If I am referring to the direction I will say toward. Also if you need any of the terminology below explained to you or you are still stuck on a combo after reading the guide, simply leave a comment and I check TA daily so you shouldn't have to wait too long for an answer.

    Chapter 1

    Part 1
    A basic chain combo, simply input the commands quickly one after the other.

    Part 2
    A jumping normal followed by a chain combo, although when you watch the A.I do it they will cross up the opponent with the jump kick, you don't actually have to, just get the opponent against the wall and do the combo.

    Chapter 2

    Part 1
    Basic, just time your standing fierce so that it hits the opponent.

    Part 2
    This is a little fiddly, it requires you to input an awkward command after 2 crouching normals. The 2 normals are easy to land, just input them one after the other. Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge there is no way to buffer the final command. If you try to whiff 2 jabs then press D+F short fierce, you will simply cancel a short into Luminous Illusion. Ultimately this means you will have to input the commands fairly quick one after the other. I'd suggest mapping short and fierce to adjacent face buttons so that you can slide your thumb/finger across them. So the combo will go crouching short, crouching fierce, immediately followed by 2 jabs, toward, short, fierce. Try to think of it as one big move instead of 3 separate moves. And just remember that although to an extent speed of execution is required, precision matters more, make sure it doesn't suffer when trying to rapidly input commands.

    Chapter 3

    Part 1
    Perform a high jump, easiest way to do it is a QCF ending in UF

    Part 2
    This requires you to TK a projectile. Input a QCF ending in UF then press a punch button as you leave the ground. You cannot just jump and then do the move, it has to be TK'd.

    Chapter 4

    Part 1
    You have to time it so that you hit the A.I out of their move with the Shining Blade. Alternatively you can trap them in a corner and do a crouching jab cancelled into a Shining Blade.

    Part 2
    Time it so that you start blocking as the A.I attacks, once you've started to block the attack, input the command for the Shining Blade.

    Chapter 5

    Part 1
    Once you know what you're doing this is not that difficult. Make sure the A.I is in a corner before starting. Now to help you with the first bit because I know a lot of people hate cancelling a crouching normal into a DP motion. Hold toward and input strong+forward to go into Mindless Mimic Doll, then once the animation finishes release toward and quickly press down+forward followed by QCF jab. Doing this should help you get the Shining Blade to come out more consistently. When you land do the jab version of Soul Flash, if timed properly the A.I will get hit with 2 projectiles. Once the second projectile hits, let the A.I fall for a bit before doing another jab Soul Flash. Now the key to landing the Splendor Love at the end is to input the command once your mimic's projectile comes out, do not wait for it to hit the opponent, so once you have visual confirmation that your mimic has released her projectile, then input the command for Splendor Love. Providing your timing of the Soul Flash was correct, then if you do what I said the Splendor love should connect without Issue. If at any point you screw up you don't have to wait for your mimic to disappear, you can manually get rid of her by pressing strong+forward.

    Part 2
    This isn't too bad either but the fact you must do it 5 times is going to cause a few people problems. Start with the opponent in the center of the screen. Press fierce+roundhouse to summon your mimic, then do an obscene amount of crouching jabs, they need do be pressed quickly but in rhythm, if you have a turbo controller it will rinse through the jabs. Once you've done the last crouching jab release down and press roundhouse, you will then need to cancel the roundhouse into Luminous Illusion. This should be easier to do than it was in chapter 2 because you have more time in a standing roundhouse than you do in a crouching fierce. So just remember that after doing the long series of jabs think of the standing roundhouse to Luminous Illusion as one quick fluid move. As ever if you screw up you can get rid of your mimic by pressing fierce+roundhouse, instead of waiting for her to disappear.
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    Arcane Insanity Take a break my friend, speed and precision often suffer when efforts become protracted. I almost hate myself for what I am about to say, either your execution is suffering when inputting button presses rapidly, or you simply are not being quick enough, in either case, if you have done Morrigan's, it's only logical that with persistence you will get it eventually. I have seen some of your completions, so you more than most understand that to persist through frustration and despair, will only strengthen your ability.
    Posted by Arcane Insanity on 30 Jul 13 at 16:28
    x iTz CaRn4gE x Anyone wanna or willing to do these trials for me? and any other char as well lol? can re-pay the favor in a diff game or w.e :P
    Posted by x iTz CaRn4gE x on 02 Sep 13 at 03:03
    FEAR EPIDEMIC Do people consider tutorials harder than challenges? I might. I don't really know yet. I started the trials out with her 5th. I'm on the second part right now and it's so annoying. cry
    Posted by FEAR EPIDEMIC on 21 Apr 16 at 08:02
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