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The Chosen King

Complete the first tier of the award "At the Bottom of the Sea".

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    Darkstalkers ResurrectionThe Chosen KingThe The Chosen King achievement in Darkstalkers Resurrection worth 69 pointsComplete the first tier of the award "At the Bottom of the Sea".

    This achievement requires you to complete all 5 Chapters of Rikuo's challenges in Night Warriors. Hit cn_start if you're playing Darkstalkers 3 at the main menu to switch games. Challenges are found by selecting Single Player > Challenges from the main menu. Rikuo is known for having the most difficult trials in the game that require you to Backdash and Frontdash cancel. His two trials that require this are his Chapter 2 and Chapter 5 challenges. However with practice, efficiency, and a small glitch in the game, you will master them.

    Chapter 1: Backdash Cancel
    Very simple Trial. This is where you'll learn how to backdash. Simply hit a standing forward then double tap away from Sasquatch to Backdash cancel away from him.

    Chapter 2: Frontdash Cancel
    This is the 2nd hardest challenge of all 5 Chapters. You will need to be very quick in canceling the normal forward attack into a dashing jab. Use what was taught to you in Chapter 1 to perform dash cancels, now you must input both a back and front dash then go into a dashing jab.

    The trick to getting this is buffering the first backlash. To do this, when you hit standing forward press Away + Standing Forward. From there, immediately input Back, Toward, Toward , X. The game will read the Away + Forward as the first part of the backdash and the the full combo will connect. This takes practice so keep applying the inputs until you finally get it. My solution:

    Away + Standing Forward, Away, Toward Toward(rapidly) then Jab

    There is also a glitch you can use. If you want, you can whiff(miss) the standing forward then do a Sonic Wave and it will count the first part of the combo. Now whiff another Standing Forward and input Backdash when you do it. It will count the combo even though it didn't connect. Quickly finish the combo by dashing forward and hitting jab. For more information on this glitch see Chapter 5 Challenge.

    Chapter 3: Jab Forward Link
    Another very easy Trial. Simply link his dashing jab into standing forward. Timing isn't too strict, but you'll have to do this twice in one Challenge for Chapter 5. Combo Solution:

    Toward, Toward + Jab then standing Standing Forward

    Chapter 4: Screw Shot Combo
    Pretty easy challenge but the Screw Shot must come out pretty fast. Luckily the buffer trick works here so do the challenge like so:

    Away + Standing Forward then quickly input Toward + Jab

    Chapter 5: Dash Cancel Loop
    The toughest trial in the game but fundamentally it's just Challenge 3 twice but with dash cancels in between. There is a small glitch to this trial that makes it slightly less difficult and it also works with other challenges. Apparently if you whiff the first air dash jab and then do an ES Sonic Wave(QCF + Left Bumper) it will actually count the air-dash jab! This will leave Anakaris disabled for around 2 seconds allowing you to finish the rest of the combo. Solution:

    Stand back a distance from Anakaris, then input Toward, Toward + Jab(make sure it misses) then input ES Sonic Wave to disable Anakaris. Then perform the rest of the combo from there:

    Away + Standing Forward, Away, Toward, Toward, Jab, Standing Forward.

    As mentioned in Chapter 2. You'll want to buffer the first part of the backdash by doing Away + Forward instead of just a plain Standing Forward. Then very rapidly input Away, Toward, Toward, then Jab, Forward. The rest will take some time to get down but at least the Sonic Wave glitch gives you an easier window to do the Challenge. I got this one in the corner but it can also be done in the center. You may be able to use this glitch for Challenge 2 along with other challenges as well.

    Note: If you're having trouble inputting the dash cancels fast enough, place your left and right thumb on the left and right d-pads then mash them interchangeably as fast as you can. Since you only need to do one dash backwards then 2 Toward with the aforementioned method, this shortcut should make this Challenge more feasible.
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    EVEN5TAR 117 i not to much in fighting games... So can u tell me what is a JAB? it's only the punch with X, or what it mean, it's the only thing i'm missing :/
    Posted by EVEN5TAR 117 on 07 Mar 15 at 00:50
    Zenn P You are correct. The lexicon is based on the Street Fighter series. I'll give you the complete outline.

    Light Punch, also known as Jab. The X button in the game’s default controls.
    Medium Punch, also known as Strong. The Y button in the game’s default controls.
    Heavy Punch, also known as Fierce.
    Light Kick, also known as Short. The A in the game’s default controls.
    Medium Kick, also known as Medium. The B button in the game’s default controls.
    Heavy Kick, also known as Roundhouse.
    Posted by Zenn P on 07 Mar 15 at 18:00
    Doopliss SWE I made a little video with pointers on how to do this relatively painlessly using pause buffering and a turbo controller. Even if you don't have urbo you can still use the pause buffer for the forward dash, as described in the video description:

    With this method I did it in about 30 minutes, the game is really finnicky about which frame you need to pause at for the back dash to cancel into forward dash properly.
    Posted by Doopliss SWE on 16 Aug 16 at 23:41
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