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Angel's Soul

Atrium Complex: Finish level in under 7:00 (Solo Campaign)

Angel's Soul0
17 November 2019 - 3 guides

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  • HWNDarksideHWNDarkside861,148
    09 Jul 2013 10 Jul 2013 11 Jul 2013
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    A few tips to get this under 7 minutes:

    it's all down to the speed of your kills so play on Daydream and use the following:

    Gold tarot - Time Bonus (extra 10 seconds), Rage (x4 damage) & either Speed or Iron Will
    Silver tarot - Mercy (3x Gold use) & Replenish (Double ammo)

    Use once in the 2nd courtyard, then in the main hall, and in the final room.

    Shotgun is great with x4 damage but abusing the Soul Catcher can be just as, if not more, effective. Hold LT to start sucking souls and then fire with RT, then straight back on to LT and fire again. Do it right and you can rapid fire rather than suffer the slow reload speed. I also found the alt fire on Painkiller particularly useful in close quarters.

    Learn the spawn points and choke points - in the 2nd courtyard the enemies spawn in a room that opens with 4 barrels in - stand in this room and 80% of the enemies will come to you.

    You need to be UNDER 7 minutes - twice I hit 7.00 dead and no achievement.

    EDIT - Dexterity (2x reload) could be used in place of Speed or Iron Will to speed up kills.
  • FirstParasiteFirstParasite297,059
    26 Jul 2014 26 Jul 2014 29 Jul 2014
    5 2 2
    I've just managed to do this, mainly because of a new tarot card that you get with the Demonic Vacation dlc, the 666 ammo tarot card. My cards used were dexterity, double time bonus, rage, mercy, and 666 ammo. This new card gives you loads of ammo, saving you wasting time picking up more! One useful thing I have discovered is that if you go back to the previous checkpoint, the clock reverts to the time you were at when the checkpoint started. This means you can try to do each section as quickly as poss, and if one bit goes too slowly, try the last checkpoint and see if you can do it quicker! The achievement will still pop even if you did this, so give it a try! If you are unclear about anything please comment rather than downvote. I hope this helps!!
  • NaberiosNaberios850,162
    23 Aug 2014 08 Apr 2019
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    NOTE: I had posted this in the comments of HWNDarkside's guide after I had trouble using it's set up to get the achievement, but as a lot of folks don't scan the comments until a guide either did an amazing job helping them or there's something that's frustrating them I figured I'd post it on it's own so folks have it as an option right off the the bat. I should've done it a long time ago. Sorry about that.

    I struggled using this "loadout", so I experimented a bit.

    I used the following:
    Gold cards:
    Rage (4x Damage)
    Double Time Bonus (Gold cards last 20 seconds longer)
    Time Bonus (Gold Cards last 10 seconds longer)

    Silver Cards:
    666 Ammo (all weapons start at 666 ammo)
    Mercy (Use Gold cards 3x per level)

    My strategy was set on using the shotgun almost exclusively. The key was the additional time at 4x damage and the use of grenades. My "B" button is mapped to the grenade launcher (stake gun secondary fire), I don't know how to remap these but it was already like that thankfully. Anyway, I still waited to use my gold cards for the 3 areas mentioned (2nd courtyard, the main hall, and final room). Once I got to those areas I would take out the initial bit of enemies and once there started to be more of a group attack going on, I would hit the "X" button to activate the gold card and go to town. Regardless of whether I was in gold card mode or not I would mix in the grenades to help speed up the kills. This was particularly effective once it got to where 2 or more enemies were side by side. The key there is to actually hit the enemy with the grenade so it explodes right away.

    Once I got to the last room I had a little more trouble because of the guys that slow you down and drain your health with that green cloud. My solution was to constantly be moving in one direction around the room. I circled the room in a counter-clockwise manner taking out what I could. Once there were 3 or so enemies that I missed, I'd turn around and go backwards and try to get a grenade hit in. With 4x damage on, it would take out the whole group as they bunched together chasing me.

    I didn't write down my exact times for each checkpoint, but I'll try to provide an idea of where you should be at some of them. With this method I finished the level in 6:35. Which I think is pretty decent.

    These are all rough times:
    1st checkpoint: 0:35
    2nd checkpoint: 1:09
    3rd checkpoint: 1:47
    4th checkpoint: 3:35
    5th checkpoint: 5:40ish

    I hope that helps out.
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