The Tyranny of King Washington: The Betrayal

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The Tyranny of King Washington: The Betrayal

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The New Tea Party

Reach 100% synchronization in Boston.

The New Tea Party0
19 November 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for The New Tea Party

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    ***Note: It is possible to split your constraints on to multiple playthroughs. This means if you miss one objective, you can replay the mission for that objective alone without having to gather the other objectives all over again. Just check the DNA to replay/see which missions you are missing objectives in. **Credit to this goes to: I NuII I
    Thanks for this information as this should save people a lot of time and frustration!

    Mission 1:
    *Kill 3 guards undetected.
    For this one, you can either choose to go cloaked and hide in hay carts to whistle and kill the guards; or you can walk around in cloak mode to kill them. (Bare handed choke holds count towards "killing"). I found this mission to either be poorly designed, or just a pain in the butt.

    My route: "I went down the stairs in cloaked mode (Y button), and immediately killed the first guard by the hay cart (x button). Then i immediately walked into the hay cart to hide myself. Then whistled and the guard that jumped over the wall will walk a bit closer to the cart so you can kill. Then press Y and go down the next set of stairs and take a right. Immediately go into the hay cart and whistle for the guard. Kill him and then press Y again to kill the other guard. Then turn around and head left and jump into another hay cart. Press Y to go cloaked and kill both guards at once, and then go back into the hay cart you were just in. Two guards should walk up to the "dead" bodies. Whistle and kill the next guard and immediately press Y as you will be "detected" if you don't (Or you can kill both in cloaked mode again, personal choice at this point). Then kill the remaining guards while cloaked on the bottom floor. Then you can kill the last 2 guards any way you like." Mission complete!

    Mission 2:
    *Save all the eggs.
    Stand right in front of the nest with the eggs (this is just in case you miss a combo, you can still try to kill the animals just before they take the egg. Will help you not to have to restart. (Sometimes they can still steal the egg while you are killing it) The animal attack combinations: B-Y, B-A, B-X These are in random orders and are different for everyone. There are only 3 waves of animals you have to defend from.

    *Chain 3 eagle flights, twice.
    Basically you have to keep pressing Y while flying, to fly to another spot without actually landing on the objects you're flying to. **Note: (You must get one before this point or you will miss the objective) One place you can do this there will be 3 tree looking pillars in a row. Just contantly fly to the first to the third.**

    *Avoid All Obstacles:
    This one is a little tricky, but try to follow the spirit bird as much as possible. The flying controls are also inverted like a normal flying game would be (Up is to go down, down is to go up. Right and left stay the same). To me this is another poorly made part, as the controls feel a bit sluggish which will cause unnecessary crashes. Just keep restarting the checkpoint if you run into anything.

    Mission 3:
    *Kill all guards while remaining undetected.
    *Perform 3 eagle assassinations in the warehouse.
    Immediately stand next to the hay cart's right wheel on your left. Let the guard see you for a split second and immediately run to the left behind the cart's other wheel to obstruct his view. Now jump into the cart. If you are not anonymous and it forces you out try again. Once you get it right, the guard should be walking towards you with a white arrow above his head. Assassinate him as he walks up to the side of the cart. Now wait till one of the guards circling the center appears. Hold down Y and wait for the flying symbol to appear above him. Then release Y and you should fly over and assassinate him. Now fly into the hay cart, (not walk into), on your left. You should see another guard and another hay cart. As the guard in the back is walking up the stairs, hold down Y and assassinate the closest guard next to the cart. Then jump into the cart next to you on your left. Fly assassinate the guy on the stairs. Then fly up to the top floor balcony ahead of you. Climb the boxes in the corner above the last guard, and free run to the wooden post above him. Now drop assassinate him. You should unlock both objectives!

    *Use eagle assassination to Kill Ben Franklin.
    Use the flying ability to get onto the roof (as well as using it to chase him down). Chase him down until you feel you are comfortable to hold down Y and assassinate him.

    Mission 4:
    *No objectives, just complete.

    Mission 5:
    *Capture 2 of the opponent's pieces.
    This one is pretty straight forward. Just move a piece from the center in to get him to move in closer. Then start taking peices. You may need to lure in his piece again, but there is only a limited time to gather the 2 pieces, so don't worry about losing 2 or 3. Try to move quickly as to get an extra move in that may make or break you on restarting the checkpoint.

    *Kill both sentinels within the time limit 0:21.
    The timer doesn't start until you kill the first guard. Go to the target on your left, by climbing up the side of the boat (or by flying, you'll need your eagle power out for this one anyways.) Once you kill him, immediately climb onto the corner of the boat you're on facing towards the next guard on the other boat. Then jump and keep pressing Y until you fly over part of the way (may have to look at different angles until you find the object you can fly to). Then press it again to fly to the pillar above the guard to the right. Now immediately assassinate him and you will pass this objective.

    Mission 6:
    *Steal the horse undetected.
    Use the cloak ability from the wolf and sneak up to the left wall if you're looking directly at the entrance. Then use your eagle ability to fly up to the wall and then immediately hold the RB button to switch back to the wolf ability. Now activate your cloak and run to the left and you'll see some stairs on your right. The horse you need to steal is right there. Once you get onto the horse without being detected on your way there, this objective will be complete. After that you are okay to be seen by the guards.

    Mission 7:
    *Use 3 contextual attacks during the bar fight.
    All you have to do for this is counter near an object like the tables or the barrel in the corner. *("The bar counts as well as throwing chairs." -Credit to MCoreBE for verifying this, thanks!)* The objects have to be "highlighted" for the counter to throw them into the object. Do this 3 times and the objective will be done.

    *Remain undetected during the investigation.
    This one was rather tricky for me. Stay close to the left side and use your eagle ability to fly from tree to tree and than onto the fort wall. Then jump down to the left and stay by the water edge. There should be some bushes for you to hide in. Change your power to the wolf's cloak. Jump out and swim directly across the river. Now activate your stealth and move towards the investigation area with cloak activated. Once inside the bushes immediately switch to your "raw meat" in the RB selection menu. Throw some down to attract the guard dogs, instead of them finding you and alerting the guards. You may have to use the cloak ability to move to the bushes away from the investigation zone (still on the left side). Then try to get close to the guard dog to kill it so it won't keep interrupting you while you search. You may have to play around with it a bit, but once you get him out of the way, the rest is pretty easy. Just stay cloaked and move from bush to bush while analyzing clues. Then make your way with the cloak over to the guy you need to talk with, and you should gain this objective. (You can literally just swim across the river and climb up to talk to him. This will save you some time and/or trouble.)

    Mission 8:
    *Remain undetected while stealing the uniform.
    Follow the guy until around the 4:01 min mark. (Best way to follow is flying on the roofs. You can then eagle "assassinate" him.) He should go into this small corner of the street not watched by other guards. Now pickup his body and run back to the objective point as fast as you can. You should be right behind 2 guards, but they do not turn around so don't run by them or slack too far behind or other patrols will see you.

    *Alexandros86 has created a way that may be easier for this to be done for some people, so I've added it with credit to him:
    "After several tries, i've discovered an easy way to achieve it:
    1) At very beginning of the mission, there is your target in front of you going right, crossing his path with another soldier.
    2) Turn on wolf power and go straight to to stun the target BEFORE he turns the first corner.
    3) Switch to hidden blad and kill the soldier who is coming to see what appened
    4) Turn off wolf power to regain some life
    5) Turn on the wolf power again to silent kill the two guards coming from right near the stunned target
    6) Kill the other two guards coming from left, near the body of the other soldier
    7) Turn off the wolf power, get the stunned target on your shoulder and take him to Franklin." - Thanks again for this alternate method.*

    *Use an animal power to kill a guard menacing Franklin.
    *Remain undetected while protecting Franklin.
    Fly on the roofs above Franklin and keep watch. There will be a guard directly in front of Franklin that will be curious about his outfit. Once he lights up with a red blip you can eagle assassinate him to knock out objective 1 of 2. Now fly onto the building more towards the left, but keep flying a bit to avoid the guard on top detecting you (or kill him). When the 2 guards below start interrogating Franklin, drop down behind that building and hide in the bushes. Once the guards come around activate your LB button for the wolf pack attack. Then follow franklin to the destination and you should complete objective 2 of 2.

    Mission 9:
    *Save all crew members.
    This one is all about fighting. Kill the two snipers first, and then call in your wolf pack to take out some of the crowd fighting your men. Then fight them all and kill them to avoid them attacking your crew as they will focus on you. Constantly use your fly ability to kill the snipers and use your wolf pack to attack those on the ground. Try to keep your counter combos going to kill them faster. You can also shoot explosive barrels nearby with your pistol if you're more comfortable with that. The ground units can fight well, it's the snipers that will take out your crew members, so make sure they're your main targets to kill.

    *Kill Putnam while using an animal power.
    Eagle assassinate him. You should get this easily.

    That's all your mission constraints! Now for your side missions.

    *Note: Again there are the same side missions with the convoys and starving civilians. All of these respawn in the same points and you can easily desynchronize in some parts to respawn them again if you wish to knock these out right away.

    **Note: Treasure Chests are not needed in this one either.

    All side missions:

    Treasure Chests: (not needed.)

    Attack Convoy: Directly in the middle of the map, if you head to the right side of the map, you'll run into a convoy spawn. Attack the convoy and rescue the prisoners. Once you have completed that, run into a few guards and let them kill you. You'll respawn nearby with another attack the convoy message. Repeat until all 4 convoy rescues are completed. (Note: There is also a starving citizen here if you wish to do this at the same time.)

    Help the Hungry: On the right hand side near the fort, you can keep going back and forth between 2 or 3 of them until you have fed 5 total. Very simple.

    Rescue Civilians: On the left hand side near the lake (about the middle, but not in the lake) there is a spot where you can do these rescues. You may die or leave the area and come back to complete these. 4 needed.

    Wolf Rescue: There is a wolf rescue mission at the lake on the left hand side of the map. It's at the bottom of what looks like a peninsula. There are guards nearby to kill you after so you can redo the wolf rescue until you have them completed. (only 2 needed)
    **These do not appear in nighttime conditions. Best to finish the sequences and then run to this area after you reload the game, or come back during day conditions. - Alcapwn6969**

    Memory Artifact:
    When you first get thrown into the city in mission 4, you should see the first one right next to the mission icon marked as "!". The icon for these memories looks like 3 pieces of broken glass. It's up on the roof.

    Second is next to the lowest left treasure chest, just north of the "park" looking area of the map. (The lake on the left hand side is a good marker, it's to the right and a little south from the bottom right of that lake.)

    Third is up in the top of the map. Just a little below the middle of the top squarish section of the map.

    *****Hope this has helped those who needed it, as well as those who just needed help finding something. If there is anything missing or out of place please let me know immediately so I can fix it. You will be credited if there is any extra helpful info you add to the comments section below. I thank you for taking the time to check out my guide and I look forward to creating more in the future!*****
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    Here I present you video solutions for 100% synchronizations with story missions and side quests that are required for 100% completing this episode.

    Tip for side missions: You can do it, then desynchronize and return to the same spot and redo it once more, it will count towards the overall number.

    - Mission 1: Prison Break
    - Mission 2: Sky World Journey
    - Mission 3: Dive Bomb
    - Mission 5: Return to Sender
    - Mission 6: Man of Mettle
    - Mission 7: Pieces of Motion
    - Mission 8: Aquila Unchained
    - Mission 9: Escape to New York

    - Lucid Memories
    - Attack Convoy
    - Wolf Rescue
    - Rescue Civilian
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