Giant Boogie achievement in A World of Keflings

Giant Boogie

Perform each of the dance emotes

Giant Boogie0
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How to unlock the Giant Boogie achievement

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    Just do every mission that you get, and by the time you reach chapter 6, you'll get a mission that gives you an emote that looks like scissors. Once you have that one, you should have all of the dancing emotes. Now just click through your emotes til you get it!

    As a note (thanks to risseless), some people have reported losing all of their emotes, so you might want to use your emote as soon as you get it, so that if you lose them you still have the progress toward the achievement.
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    QuickMythrili got the scissors in chapter 7 which starts after you build the glass maker in the forest. it was making the glass eye for the witch that gave me that emote, which was my last one needed for this achievement.
    Posted by QuickMythril on 27 Mar 13 at 08:47
    stickinkyI lost my emotes too ..... I guess I'll have to start all over and do them as I get em ... Hope it works
    Posted by stickinky on 01 Apr 13 at 23:41
    MoxavianI just lost my emotes. Sigh. I was hoping someone was going to tell me "it's all good, do [x] and they'll be back." Ack.
    Posted by Moxavian on 12 Apr 13 at 20:32
    ReronI didn't get this in my first game. I started a new game and all my emotes from game 1 are still available (sorry to folks who lost all their emotes - I know I'm no help to you). As I do quests that unlock new emotes they are added to what I got in game 1. The achievement finally popped in chapter 5 when I got the cowboy boot in the top row. I don't know which are dance emotes but here's the list of what I had when it popped:
    row1: sheriff, cowboy boot & ring
    row2: stick man, question mark, hand, lips, shaking hands
    row3: dots with arrow, exclamation, heart, note, 4 arrows, dead face
    row4: pointing finger, fist, thumbs up, happy face, sad face
    row5: scissors, chicken, robot, scary face, dragon shoo, levitate
    row6: disco ball, flexed bicep, circling arrow, boombox
    If I had to guess I'd say these 8 must be dances, not sure about rest:
    boot, ring, note, scissors, chicken, robot, disco ball, boombox
    Posted by Reron on 17 May 13 at 21:20
    risselessUgh I just lost my emotes as well. If someone finds a way to get them back, please post it. I really don't want to have to play through this again for one achievement.
    Posted by risseless on 04 Mar 14 at 04:11
    risselessYou might want to add to th solution that this is buggy and recommend people do them as they get them.
    Posted by risseless on 04 Mar 14 at 04:12
    janiwesterlingGlitched on me as well. Replayed on another PC and made sure that on this playthrough I
    a) did NOT swap apps
    b) Saved often and only used my own saves when loading (didn't use auto-saves)

    My theory is, that the game does not a save when you switch apps and the OS bricks the app.
    Posted by janiwesterling on 03 Apr 15 at 10:38
    NalPleGoreThe autosave is buggy. And app crash often when it autosave.
    I loose also the emoticon.
    Posted by NalPleGore on 10 May 15 at 12:28
    BahaumautStill missing the ring emote (row 1, column 5). Had to start anew due to a dead tablet, then second playthrough missed it, and nearing the end of Chapter 6 with no luck (Did not uninstall/reinstall). The lock icon looks different, having two arrows next to one another, pointing in opposite directions. Not sure what that means. Hate to have to play through again, but I've no clue what I'm supposed to do to unlock it on Win8. Console version was apparently viral, but there's no MP on the computer.
    Posted by Bahaumaut on 28 Sep 15 at 03:52
    Fire Hawk DNope. I have all the emotes up to this point, all quests achievement. So, something's missing. Sounds like some "cowboy boot" emote?
    Posted by Fire Hawk D on 23 Jul 16 at 01:44
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