Slimer achievement in Terraria (Xbox 360)


Kill every type of slime.

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How to unlock the Slimer achievement

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    Find and kill each of the following Slimes to pop the achievement. Some will appear only in certain areas, and some are only present in hard mode.

    SPECIAL NOTE from Daeryoon: You must kill each slime with a weapon from your hands. Using Bunny Cannons, dynamite, etc. or having a friend kill them in MP does not count!

    1 - Green Slime
    Common near surface.
    2 - Blue Slime
    Common near surface.
    3 - Red Slime
    Common near surface.
    4 - Purple Slime
    Common near surface.
    5 - Yellow Slime
    Common near surface.
    6 - Black Slime
    Found underground.
    7 - Mother Slime
    Found underground.
    8 - Baby Slime
    Found underground. Spawns from Mother Slimes.
    9 - Pinky
    Found anywhere; rare spawn rate.
    Suggested: Create new small worlds, search surface, and go to underground stone layer just before the underworld. Should assist in locating a pinky slime. (credit to Crimson Drifter & sonnyforple)
    **more info in comments
    10 - Jungle Slime
    Found in the jungle biome.
    11 - Lava Slime
    Found in the underworld.
    12 - Dungeon Slime
    Found in the dungeon.
    13 - King Slime
    Regular boss; summoned with Slime Crown; or rare spawn rate.
    14 - * Corrupt Slime * HM
    Found in the corruption.
    15 - * Slimeling *HM
    Found in the corruption. Spawns from Corrupt Slimes.
    16 - * Slimer *HM
    Found in the corruption.
    17 - * Toxic Sludge *HM
    Found underground.
    18 - * Illuminant Slime *HM
    Found in the hallowed area, or underground hallowed (CR: Dang3r Gaming)
    19 - * Shadow Slime *HM
    Found in Corruption. Looks similar to Corrupt Slime.

    [1.2 update: slimes 20-25 added: credit to Daeryoon]
    20 - Ice Slime
    Found in Frozen biome.
    21 - Frozen Spiked Slime
    Found in Frozen biome. More common underground.
    22. Spiked Jungle Slime
    Found in Jungle biome. More common in Underground Jungle biome.
    23. Umbrella Slime
    Common spawn during Rain Event.
    24. Rainbow Slime *HM
    Rare spawn in hallowed area during Rain Event. **more info in comments
    25. Crimslime *HM
    Found in Crimson biome.

    * HardMode only

    The above is based on the wikia list, which worked for me,
    with little tidbits added about where to find each slime.
    Leave any comments, and if you vote down for any reason let me know why!

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    Ms Dudettegreat guide. tyvm
    Is there a way to know which ones you already have? I cant figure out which one I need?
    Posted by Ms Dudette on 16 Mar 16 at 23:36
    iMaginaryyNo, not really that I know of. Need to keep track manually
    Posted by iMaginaryy on 17 Mar 16 at 00:09
    Ms DudetteI appreciate your respnse. figured since I couldnt find one. tho I do overlook or miss thngs. now I just have to pay attention to all the names when they die. ugh
    Posted by Ms Dudette on 17 Mar 16 at 00:33
    Homunculus FuryRainbow slime is the only one I have left..... have only seen pinky twice and luckily one for me and one for my friend.
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 03 Jun 16 at 21:01
    Vengeful VoidAfter 40 new worlds still no pinky...

    Edit: Got it in my 42nd world after I killed king slime and waited on the surface 10min.
    Posted by Vengeful Void on 29 Aug 18 at 11:52
    EthigyRegarding the Rainbow Slime, I just flattened an area of a Hallow biome and covered it with snow. Then drank a Battle Potion and ran back and forth while holding a Water Candle. Eventually one spawned.
    Posted by Ethigy on 19 Nov 18 at 07:11
    JulesFromSicilyHi, everyone!
    Since I only need this achievement and the other one called "Crafty", I set up a session for this weekend.

    If anyone - more skilled than I am and with a Hard Mode world - wants to join and help me with these last 2 achievements, it will be really appreciated and they will obviously receive good feedback! toast

    Thanks in advance for reading, take care and greetings from Italy! wave
    Posted by JulesFromSicily on 27 Aug 19 at 08:38
    MattiasAndersonWeird thing for me is that these are the ones I got left. Total play time for me in this game is about a few hours. 20 min into the game I believe I found a pinky a few years ago when i started the game.


    I just google this page but why is not the queen slime for example not on the list?

    EDIT: Just got the achievement! I had indeed already killed a pinky! So funny it took me about 20 min of playing this game for the very first time.

    The last slime I had to find and kill was the red one. It is near the surface but underground . I was so relieved when it unlocked.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 16 Feb 21 at 03:26
    SincereSeeker6For the pinky, the best strategy is to absolutely dig a hole into the ground in the forest biome and idle. I was worried that once you get too many in the hole, slimes will quit spawning, (Which might be the case, I don't know) but I got two pinkies almost immediately. Green slimes just spawned back to back to the left and the right. So even if you don't idle, the best way to get pinkies is to just sit in a hole in the forest biome and kill all the slimes.
    Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 20 Apr 21 at 00:09
    MoralCobra73I somehow randomly found three pinky’s.
    Posted by MoralCobra73 on 20 Feb at 12:09
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