Corruptible achievement in Terraria (Xbox 360)


Corrupt most of the World.

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How to unlock the Corruptible achievement

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    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I will assume you are going for this after completing all other achievements and have exceptional gear and all NPCs. See my other solutions for hints on crafting stations, getting NPCs, slaying bosses, etc. I will also assume you know how to duplicate (if not see below).

    The achievement requires you cover 50% of the world in Hallow/Corrupt blocks. Mud, Snow, Ash, Open Sky, etc. cannot be turned Hallow/Corrupt. The only blocks that can be Hallow/Corrupt are Dirt, Stone, Ice, and Sand! The Hallow and Corruption spread on their own in Hard Mode. Corruption moves slightly faster. This is the fastest and most efficient way to get this achievement.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    1. Start a new Small world if you do not have one or be prepared to terraform your current world. Grab some friends to help or be prepared to spend many hours working on this.
    2. Build a housing structure in the sky close to the initial spawn area. I suggest using bricks and make the outer walls two bricks thick. Kill any boss to get the Dryad to move in. You will need her to check on your progress.
    3. From this, build a Hellevator and a Skyvator. This is easiest by duplicating Dynamite or using Rocket IV from a Rocket Launcher to blow out a path straight down.
    4. Fall down the Hellevator and kill The Wall of Flesh to unlock Hard Mode. (Optional)Then kill a Mechanical boss to get the Steampunker to spawn so you can buy clentaminators and solution.
    5. Get a clentaminator and lots of solution (Purple for Corruption and Blue for Hallow).
    6. Drop down the Hellevator and spray to the left.
    7. Drop down the Hellevator and spray to the right.
    8a. Make other shafts using the same method as the Hellevator and repeat 6 & 7 to spread the Hallow/Corruption all over under the ground. Check with the Dryad when you are finished to see how much percentage the world is Corrupt/Hallow
    8b. You can dig across horizontally from the Hellevator and spray up and down, but this takes much longer.
    NOTE: At this point, you can idle boost and let the Hallow/Corruption spread as far as it can reach, but bear in mind that Corruption cannot spread to Hallow or Crimson and Hallow cannot spread to Corruption or Crimson. It is also unlikely that enough will spread across the ground to get the world to 50%.
    9. Go up to the top of the world using your Skyvator and build a brick bridge across the world. Build a similar one out from the housing structure.
    10. Duplicate Pearlsand for Hallow or Ebonsand for Corruption and fill lots of chests.
    11. Drop sand from the bridge to fill in the area between the bridge across the top of the world and the lower bridge you built. Keep in mind that NPCs cannot live in the Corruption, so for Corrupting, you will want to place the sand far enough away from the building to not affect them. Pearlsand can be placed right next to or all around your NPC structure. Sand is recommended because it falls when there is nothing under it and you can hold down cn_RT to place it continuously.
    MNRussell said:
    Try to purchase if possible the Brick Layer accessory from the Travelling Salesman. It doubles the speed at which you drop sand.
    12. Continue checking in with the Dryad until you get to 50% Corruption/Hallow.
    This is the fastest and most efficient way to get this achievement.

    If you have any notes, let me know and I will add them with credit before you vote negatively.

    ***Same as XB1 version***

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    All the TigersHallow/Corruption cannot spread into Snow blocks, but it can spread into Ice blocks. Hallow will turn regular Ice into Pink Ice, and Corruption will turn regular Ice into Purple Ice.
    Posted by All the Tigers on 09 Jun 16 at 07:42
    Posted by Manulels on 01 Mar 21 at 02:56
    Combi l Cimaplace elevators every 120 blocks away, the clentaminator has a reach of 120
    Posted by Combi l Cima on 16 Mar 21 at 01:25
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    This can be a very difficult achievement to get but with the 1.2 update being released it is much simpler to get than before. This guide uses a lot of money but not as much time as others.


    First you must get to hardmode which can be a challenge for some players. If you don't know how to get to hardmode or are struggling to do so follow this guide by Sh0ck nld:
    Terraria (Xbox 360)Challenge AcceptedThe Challenge Accepted achievement in Terraria (Xbox 360) worth 18 pointsUnlock Hard Mode.


    Next you must get a steampunker npc to move in. To do this you must beat one of the mechanical bosses. I would advise the Destroyer as he is the easiest to beat in my opinion. You will need some decent gear though so once you have progressed through hardmode enough to have adamantite armor you can probably do it. Just build an arena made from wooden platforms, get a weapon that can pierce enemies such as the nimbus rod (drops from angry nimbus during rain) and get a few potions (Iron skin, regeneration etc.)

    Once you have defeated a mechanical boss build a home in any biome and wait for a steampunker to spawn there. Once the steampunker has arrived in the house buy a clentaminator for 2 platinum coins (super expensive!) then wait for a blood moon or solar eclipse and buy lots of purple solution (25 silver a piece)


    Now create a new small sized world with corruption (not crimson) or use an existing one. Get that world into hardmode if it is not already. This is so corruption can spread rapidly. Now use the clentaminator to spray corruption over everything in the world this includes the whole overworld and as many caves as possible. If you do not get the achievement just afk and wait for the corruption to spread. The achievement will pop once you get 1% over 50%.
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    ShaneZiggityYou can message Kasady82 on Xbox 360 and he'll get you the achievement within 5 minutes. He helped me with several achievements and was very friendly.
    Posted by ShaneZiggity on 10 Jan 15 at 03:36
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    Best Way / All-You-Need Solution:
    I did this and the infection achievement recently and since many solutions, here and on other sites, were helpfull,
    i thought about bringing just the relevant information together to a simple "All-You-Need"-Solution.

    My Guide will work with every Patch-Version of Terraria and uses no bugs.
    Tested with Version 1.2.3:

    This achievement will be quite time consuming, even if you know what is the best way.
    This achievement will probably take about 10 - 15 hours
    (10 hours if a friend can help you)

    If you have a friend who has a > 50% Hollowed / Infected World, you can enter the world to get the achievement.
    You'll get the achievements as soon as the percentage of his world has changed again. (World needs to have > 50% after percentage change)


    1. Clentaminator + About 2500 Purple Solution
    - Create a new world, go into Hardmode, defeat one boss in Hardmode
    - This will make Steampunker appear as NPC for your house
    - Wait for Blood Moon or Black Sun Event. Then Steampunker will sell Purple Solution
    (IMPORTANT: The World needs to have an infected area. If the world has a crimson area, the Steampunker will sell only Red Solution, which will spread crimson.
    - Now Steampunker will sell Clentaminator for 2 platin and Purple Solution for 20 Silver

    2. About 6-7 Inventorys full of 999-sand-blocks
    - Create a new Big World and search for the desert
    - Mine a deep hole in the desert, before you reach normal dirt blocks stop digging the hole.
    - Now just mine all the sand blocks that are in front of you.
    Just stand in your hole and hold RT while in "Non-Detailed" Cursor Mode.
    This Way the sand blocks from above will fall down to you. This is the fastest way of mining sand blocks.

    Guide-Explanation (Short Version):

    STEP 1:
    Build a house in the sky for NPCs
    (You want Dryde available to tell you the hollow/infection percentage)
    (House in the Sky, because then the infection won't make your house useless as home for NPCs)

    STEP 2:
    Dig straight holes from the surface to hell all over the map so that you can see the whole underground
    (No hidden / black places when pressing BACK)
    Jump in each hole once and use Clentaminator to shoot Purple Solution over the whole underground.
    If you have done that you'll have about 35% infected / hollowed.

    STEP 3:
    Go into Hardmode by defeating the Wall of Flesh.
    (This makes the infected / hollowed blocks spread to the blocks next to them)

    STEP 4:
    Build up a way in the heaven.
    Drop as many sandblocks as possible from this heaven-way until you reach the 51% percentage goal.
    (Get help from a friend to do this in a decent time)
    (Do my "Rubber-Band" 2-local-players advice to do this in a decent time)


    THE AMAZING "Rubber-Band" 2-local-players ADVICE :D

    If you don't have a friend that plays terraria you can also use this little trick i used to speed the sand blocks dropping up.

    Create a second gamerprofile (No Gold-Membership required)
    Create a Terraria Character for this profile.
    By pressing START on the second Gamepad, your second gamer profile can enter your world.
    If you don't tick the "Online" option when opening the world, your second profile doesn't need XBL Gold. XBL Silver is totally fine.

    Now make a "Stopping" Wall at the beginning and at the end of the heaven-way.
    Build a small house with a bed at the right beginning of the heaven-way.
    This will be your spawn point for player 1 & 2
    Now place a teleporter at the beginning and at the end of the heaven-way.
    Place a red platform on the teleporter at the end, to active the teleporters.
    Connect the two teleporters with cables. Now you can use them.

    Give the same amount of sandblocks to player two, as player one has.
    Take a rubber band to fix the left stick pointing always to the left. (For both gamepads)

    Start running to the left (automatically done by rubber band) and point with the cursor in "Detailed" Mode 1 block below the heaven-way.
    Now lay the controller on the table, so that RT is pressed by the weight of the controller.

    That way your character will always run to the left (because of rubber band) and throw sand blocks all over the world.
    As soon as a 999-sand-block item has been dropped completely, take the controller, switch to the next 999-sandblock-item
    and lay the controller back on it's RT-Trigger.

    EDIT: Gamer Bambadan has commented that it is possible to make the switching to a new 999-block item automatically by dropping a few 999-block items along the heaven-way. That way your character will pick them up automatically if necessary and fills up the slot in your inventory, that just run out of blocks. This will make it a lot easier to handle. Thanks to Bambadan.

    Repeat this trick for player two.

    The teleporters will always place the players at the right side (beginning) when the end is reached.

    This way you have the building speed of two characters with just one console/terraria game.
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    BambadanBeen using the rubber band technique but have modified it slightly. If you drop piles of blocks along your runway before hand and then completely fill your inventory the active square will keep getting topped up eliminating any need to switch over. Placing dart traps above head also helps kill any flying enemies.
    Posted by Bambadan on 01 Nov 14 at 21:08
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