Ophthalmologist achievement in Terraria (Xbox 360)


Defeat The Twins.

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How to unlock the Ophthalmologist achievement

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    The Twins (Retinazer and Spasmatism) are the Hard mode version of the Eye of Cthulu. They are giant mechanical eyes that are linked together (although they can separate to fight in different areas). They can be summoned anywhere by using a Mechanical Eye.

    NOTE: The Mechanical Bosses can only be summoned after dusk (7:30PM) and they must be destroyed before dawn (4:30 AM). It is also wise to spend the time making an Arena as a place to fight the Hard Mode Bosses, especially if you going after them solo. You will also want to utilize potions and buffs, such as Ironskin, regeneration, Thorns, etc. to make the battle easier on you.

    RECIPE - make at an Orichalum/Mythril anvil
    7 Souls of Light
    3 Lens
    5 Copper Bars
    5 Iron Bars

    1. Focus on destroying one of the eyes and try to keep the other above half health.
    2. A weapon that shoots or has long range is ideal since they attack from a distance. Vampire Knives are your best option, or a rapid firing gun.
    3. Wear sturdy armor (Turtle preferred) since Retinazer shoots lasers and Spasmatism shoots a cursed flamethrower, so you will get hit a lot. Also might be wise to wear a Cobalt/Ahnk Shield.

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    Shaolin LinkKind of a late comment since the game has been out a while but I'm looking for help to fight the bosses or a kind individual willing to help drop powerful items or powerful crafting materials. Please message Shaolin Link on 360.
    Posted by Shaolin Link on 08 Jul 15 at 13:41
    atryeu1Pretty late comment but for people still looking at these guides best that I can remember you can't get Vampire Knives or Turtle Armor and certainly not an Ahnk Shield before fighting The Twins... unless somebody gives them to you of course or you got them on another character/world in which case you would know how to beat this boss and wouldn't need a guide anyway.... You can't get all the required items for obtaining any of those items until after the 3 mechanical bosses are defeated as well as the next boss (Plantera). Cobalt Shield can be before ever going into Hard mode however if your lucky enough to find one.
    Posted by atryeu1 on 22 Feb 21 at 04:12
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    This may seem very difficult, next to impossible, when you first reach Hardmode and summon The Twins, but don't fret! There's a very, very easy method to doing it.

    You need to start out by preparing by getting a few choice items. Here's what I use to kill this boss in just a couple of minutes and with no fear of death:

    - Megashark
    - Greater Healing Potion (5 or so)
    - Band of Regeneration (+4 defense)
    - Philosopher's Stone (+4 defense)
    - Cross Necklace (+4 defense)
    - Ironskin Potion (1 per fight)
    - Thorns Potion (1 per fight)
    - 150 Hellstone Ore (or so, up to you how much of it you want to grind)
    - Crystal Bullets (500 per fight)

    Anything else really doesn't matter, not even armor, thanks to the method I'll be going into below. You will want at least Adamantite armor though, of course, and it will help if you give all of your accessories +4 defense ("Warding"), for an additional 20 defense. You can get the Philsopher's Stone and Cross Necklace from the Mimic enemy, found deep in the caverns. If you can't be bothered to grind the Mimic for both, try for the Cross Necklace first as the strategy doesn't work without it.

    Crystal Bullets are made by buying Musket Balls from the Arms Dealer and combining them with Crystal Shards, which are plentiful in the Underground Hallow (white parts on your map).

    Keep in mind that you can buy multiple Musket Balls by holding RT! That confused me thoroughly until I figured it out.

    You can reforge items with help from the Goblin Tinkerer, with the goal of making your weapons "Godly" or "Legendary" and to give you accessories +4 defense ("Warding") each, but it can get incredibly expensive. The are only two reasonable methods for getting that much money, the first of which is to build a "bird engine" and hook it up to goldfish or gel generators - you can google those concepts if you prefer to do it "legit." The other method involves abusing a glitch (which might have been patched when you're reading this in the future) involving an Ice Rod and a Gold Chest.

    You can get the Ice Rod from the Wizard NPC, who you have to find somewhere in the world after entering Hardmode, and use it to put two ice blocks in mid-air somewhere in your village. Quickly put a gold chest on the ice, and stuff some useless junk in the chest (like a mushroom or something), then let the ice melt, save your game and leave the world. When you come back, the ice will be gone and the chest will be floating. If you smack at it with a hammer, it will still be there while you get 4 Gold Chests in your inventory. Just hold down RT until you've filled your inventory. A 75% full inventory will yield about a platinum and a half (i.e. 150 gold) and it'll only take a few minutes to fill if you rubberband RT.

    So now that you have infinite money, use it to reforge all your items until they're the best they can be. I haven't been able to find a comprehensive list of the best buffs for each weapon, though, and unfortunately not every weapon/item has all buffs. Experiment and waste some money; you have enough!

    What we'll be doing is building a Hellstone skybridge and abusing the Cross Necklace to basically exclude the boss from hurting you, and only taking (very little) damage from the Hellstone. This, of course, means you can't be wearing the Obsidian Skull or Obsidian Horseshoe.

    Just build a tower straight up into the sky - it doesn't have to be very high but my skybridge is about halfway to space. Build a bridge extending from this tower, made out of Hellstone. I put down about 150-200 Hellstone and created a bridge that was about 3 screens long (on my TV).

    With Cross Necklace equipped, you can't be pummeled with damage, which means that if you keep standing on the Hellstone, you'll keep taking 1-3 damage instead of taking 40-100 damage from the boss attacks. The combination of Cross Necklace and Hellstone means that you're effectively stopping the boss from being able to hurt you at all; you can stand in his face and not take damage as long as you're doing it on Hellstone with the Cross equipped.

    Once you've built your Hellstone skybridge and collected the mentioned items, you'll be ready to take on the boss with ease. Activate the summoning item and just walk back and forth on your Hellstone, avoiding jumps as much as you can, while pummeling the boss with your best melee weapon if its close, and the Megashark and Crystal Bullets if its far away.

    Here's a video example, it uses Skeletron but the same strategy applies to The Twins:
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    SbN SpacefishNot sure if I'm doing something wrong or if this has just been patched: Even at 63 defense and all the health regeneration I can get I still take massive damage from the hellstone.
    Posted by SbN Spacefish on 18 Apr 15 at 14:24
    Shaolin LinkKind of a late comment since the game has been out a while but I'm looking for help to fight the bosses or a kind individual willing to help drop powerful items or powerful crafting materials. Please message Shaolin Link on 360.
    Posted by Shaolin Link on 08 Jul 15 at 13:42
  • cyb182cyb182263,988
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    The Twins are the Hard mode version of the Eye of Cthulhu, and are summoned with the Mechanical Eye at night. They MUST be defeated by morning. Mechanical Eye can be made from 3 lens, 5 copper bars, 5 iron bars, and 7 Souls of Light. To defeat them you will definitely need at least Adamantite Armor, some sort of powerful ranged weapon (Megashark or Adamantite Repeater works), and definitely the Spectre Boots to dodge their attacks. It is best to focus all attacks on one of the two because after half their health is gone, they will transform just like the Eye of Cthulhu does, and you do not want to fight them when they are both transformed. If you are having trouble, just wait and get prepared with better armor or weapons, and remember to stock up on potions and other accessory buffs to help during the fight.
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    gammatron9000Not exactly sure wtf happened exactly, but here's how it went for me:

    I noticed that when you summon the twins on top of your spawn point, they stick around after you respawn.
    Did that, got killed the first time, one twin vanished... just Spazmatism remained. He killed me MANY TIMES. My house was nothing but tombstones.
    Eventually i killed spaz and the achievement popped.
    Only had to kill one of them. Very strange but it worked.
    Posted by gammatron9000 on 22 Apr 13 at 03:45
    Channel 8 NewsThis is a good guide, but you used the word "defiantly" where you meant "definitely." Twice.
    Posted by Channel 8 News on 30 Apr 13 at 17:39
    Shaolin LinkKind of a late comment since the game has been out a while but I'm looking for help to fight the bosses or a kind individual willing to help drop powerful items or powerful crafting materials. Please message Shaolin Link on 360.
    Posted by Shaolin Link on 08 Jul 15 at 13:43
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