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01 Apr 15
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Reach the top of the World.

17 April 2015 - 5 guides

Achievement Guide for Icarus

  • QuadrahandsQuadrahands332,802
    03 Apr 2013 05 Apr 2013
    35 0 1
    Easiest way and can be done from the start. All you'll need is around 300 blocks of your choice (dirt, stone, wood etc). Have your material selected, hold down RT and hold down on your right thumbstick, tap 'A' repeatedly. If you have followed these steps correctly when you jump you will be building directly underneath yourself so when you land you will be higher. I used approximately 280 stone blocks, but did start from on top of my house.

    This method took me around 3mins, it requires no precision or crafting.

    The achievement will pop when you hit the top of the screen. Congratulations on your new 10G!
  • DaeryoonDaeryoon413,493
    23 Oct 2013 15 Aug 2014 04 Sep 2014
    7 0 0
    Touching the top of the world requires you to build up to the top horizontal edge of the world (the opposite of Rock Bottom achievement). For beginning players, you will need to build up using blocks or platforms. The best way to do this is to create a Hellevator close to your home base and build an upper part reaching into the sky. You can use the materials you remove making the Hellevator to build the upper portion if you are early on the game.

    1. A fast pickaxe is recommended since this will require a lot of digging.
    2. Make a hole leading straight down, at least two blocks wide (I recommend five because you can add walls later and line it with material to keep enemies out).
    3. Place platforms across at intervals to prevent falling damage, or bring some buckets of water and drop them at the bottom to make a little safe landing area.
    4. Add some light sources.
    5. You can make branches out to the sides (and add doors if you want) to access underground areas for mining ore or exploring.
    6. A Hellevator prevents you from being hit by making a wall on either side of you. This allows you to go up and down without being hassled by enemies.

    This is also useful for going for
    Terraria (Xbox 360)Rock BottomThe Rock Bottom achievement in Terraria (Xbox 360) worth 15 pointsReach the bottom of the World.

    Terraria (Xbox 360)To Hell and BackThe To Hell and Back achievement in Terraria (Xbox 360) worth 37 pointsTravel from the surface to The Underworld and back without dying.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • LSDintensityLSDintensity123,919
    04 Apr 2013 04 Apr 2013
    7 2 1
    There is a WAY easier and FASTER solution as to the other mentioned. It only takes a few seconds and requires no work. Although this one you'll probably get later as it will take some luck. This won't require the wings either. Just simply wait until you loot a Gravitation Potion from a chest, now use a mirror to get back to the surface (if you have one). Once there, drink the Gravitation Potion and hold up on the joystick, your character will go straight up until you hit the ceiling of the world. Achievement unlocked in a matter of seconds. No wasting time building platforms getting there :). Happy hunting.
  • QuickMythrilQuickMythril732,099
    28 Mar 2013 28 Mar 2013 22 Sep 2014
    5 0 1
    for this achievement you have to reach the top of the map and bump your head on the edge of the screen. i chopped a bunch of trees and made wood platforms, then went to the tallest area nearby and placed a platform on the ground. start building up from the side, then when you cannot reach any higher, jump on the bottom platform and aim as far as you can above you. (press right stick to change to cursor mode.) just hold in cn_RT and keep alternating between jumping and pressing cn_down to fall through the top few platforms since you cannot place one directly where you are standing. once you get a nice rhythm going it should go fast. it only took me about 200 platforms to reach the top on a small world. (i was told in the comments that it takes about 800 on a large map.) you will know you are getting close when you are level with the sun or moon. then the screen will stop scrolling upward and gravity appears to lessen. hit your head and BAM, you got it. don't fall!
  • DelmaruDelmaru163,483
    27 Mar 2013 27 Mar 2013
    4 3 4
    Just build upwards from your highest point. I used Wood and wood platforms and built straight up. As soon as you touch as high as you can go, the achievement will unlock.
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