A Knight in Shining Armors achievement in Terraria (Xbox 360)

A Knight in Shining Armors

Obtain every type of armor.

A Knight in Shining Armors+0.2
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How to unlock the A Knight in Shining Armors achievement

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    These are all armor on 360 version of Terraria and what do you need to craft them, you can craft them or have a friend gift it to you, both works. You only need the sets listed here, you dont need any of the vanity sets (txusedo, ninja, mario, zelda, doctor, bunny, etc).

    You can have them on chest or mannequins, the cheevo will pop a few seconds later you recieve the last piece of armor (mining shirt for me). If you have all this armor sets and the cheevo is not popping take your armors, drop them from your inventory and pick it back again, now the cheevo should normally pop (thanks jehcob and shadow enz for this bug solution) also MayhemMcEndree found that you can try to equip every armor/vanity in your vanity slot.

    LoneSt4r1836 has found that you can be in a different world from your gear, receive the final piece from a friend and have the achievement pop.

    EarthboundX has found and tested a really good tip: "As long as you make the piece it counts, you don't have to save to keep the armor for this ach." This way you can create an armor, exit, load again, and use the materials for another part or a totally different armor.


    -17/05/2018: Minor update regarding spectre armor set. Credits to Mia Archibald
    - 29/04/2014: Daryoon has made a list of the new items and sets of the update, you can check all of them at the end of this guide, i dont mix it with the older ones just in case any of you are following some kind of order listed here. More sets listed by Old Willy Pete.

    - 30/04/2014: Added Shroomite Sets by Old Willy Pete. Totally confirmed, you need all the new sets from v.1.2 update now for the cheevo to unlock, you can avoid the update playing offline and get the cheevo with only the old armor sets if you dont mind about the date stamp.

    - 04/05/2014: Added a glitch founded by gammatron9000 which can be be used to get all armors with 0 effort, is up to you if you want to use it or not, you can find it at the end of the guide.
    - 22/05/2014: Game updated, piggy bank glitch fixed, many random bugs fixed.
    - 25/05/2014: Update Warning about data lost founded by TheOnlyChilulu added under the v.1.2 update data.

    - 05/06/2014: Added a clarification about Palladium Sets, Cobalt sets and Mythril sets.
    - 06/06/2104: Tip to get the hard-mode ores you need, you can find it under "new hardmode armor".
    - 07/06/2014: Dropped armor updates, locations and enemies.
    - 14/06/2014: Tip to make things easier added to the intro.
    - 20/06/2014: Wood armor and wizard hat added.

    - 05/03/2015: Extractinator tip added plus some armors moved to "not needed" after double checking.
    - 22/03/2015: New armor set requirements, credits to Mannschaft570.

    - 07/06/2015: v.1.2.3 new armors
    23/07/2015: Older sets now unobtainables placed correctly in not needed section.


    Mining Armor:

    - Helmet: Purchase at merchant for 8 gold coins
    - Shirt and Pants: rare drop from undead (or vampire) miner (a very uncommon enemy) who can be found if you are lucky in the underground stone layer.
    Tip: Make a farming trap (check comments) so you can afk farm this parts.

    Copper Armor:
    - Crafted with 60 copper bars in the iron anvil.
    - 1 copper bar is crafted with 3 copper ore in the furnace.
    - 1 iron anvil can be purchased at the merchant for 50 silver coins.
    - 1 furnace is crafted with 20 stone blocks, 4 wood and 3 torches in the work bench.
    - 3 torches are crafted with 1 gel and 1 wood.
    - Gel is a normal drop from slimes.

    Iron Armor:
    - Crafted with 75 iron bars in the iron anvil.
    - 1 iron bar is crafted with 3 iron ore in the furnace.

    Silver Armor:
    - Crafted with 75 silver bars in the iron anvil.
    - 1 silver bar is crafted with 4 silver ore.

    Gold Armor:
    - Crafted with 90 gold bars in the iron anvil.
    - 1 gold bar is crafted with 4 gold ore.

    Meteor Armor:
    - Crafted with 75 meteorite bars in the iron anvil.
    - 1 meteorite bar is crafted with 4 meteorite ore.
    - Meteorite ore are not found at start in the world, you need to break 1 shadow orb in the corruption (you will need nightmare pickaxe or dinamyte), if youre lucky you will get a message in the night after you break it: "A meteor has fallen", now you can star searching all over the surface until you find your meteor biome. Caution: The meteor bioma deals damage over time if you walk over it, and you need to avoid all the meteor heads enemys who will spawn while you dig the meteor.

    Jungle Armor:
    - Crafted qith 1 of each gemstone, 32 jungle spores, 12 stingers and 2 vines in the work bench.
    - Gemstones are: amethyst, topaz, sapphire, emerald, ruby and diamond, and are found randomly all around the world.
    - Jungle spores: Found randomly in the underground jungle, appear as small, circular thorns that give off light.
    - Stingers: Dropped from hornets, big stinger and little stinger, which are found only in underground jungles.
    - Vines: Uncommon drop from man eaters wich are found in the underground jungle.

    Necro Armor:
    - Crafted with 150 bones and 135 cobwebs in the work bench.
    - Bones: Dropped by all Skeleton type monsters in the Dungeon.
    - Cobwebs: Normal block with a gray/white texture that slows the player, randomly found all over the map.

    Shadow Armor:
    - Crafted with 60 demonite bars and 45 shadow scales in the iron anvil.
    - 1 Demonite Bar is crafted with 4 demonite ore.
    - Shadow scales: 100% drop from Eater of Worlds. You can summon him by breaking 3 shadow orbs in the corruption or crafting (and using at night in the corruption) the worm food with 30 vile powder and 15 rotten chunks in the demon altar.

    Molten Armor:
    - Crated with 90 hellstone bars
    - 1 hellstone bar crafted with 4 hellstone and 1 obsidian.
    - Obsidian is a block created whenever Water touches Lava, you need nightmare pickaxe or better to be mined.
    - hellstone is found in the underworld and requires at least a nightmare pickaxe. Caution: when mined it will drop lava.


    From now on you need to be on hard mode, no one of the following armors can be crafted without materials from hard mode world.

    This materials are: cobalt, mythril, adamantite and souls.

    You need to break at least 3 demon altars to make cobalt, mythril and adamantite spawn in your world. To break a demon altar you need to be in hard mode and the pownhammer (which is 100% drop from wall of flesh who you need to defeat to enter hard mode).


    - soul of fright: Dropped by skeletron Prime (hard mode boss). Total you need x120.
    - soul of might: Dropped by The destroyer (hard mode boss). Total you need x120.
    - soul of sight: Dropped by The Twins (hard mode boss). Total you need x160.
    - soul of blight: Dropped from ocram, the new hard mode boss. Total you need x180.

    You DONT need the following souls for the armor sets:

    - soul of light: Dropped by enemies in the underground Hallow (new bioma from hard mode)
    - soul of night: Dropped by enemies in the underground Corruption.
    - soul of flight: Dropped by Wyverns (common hard mode enemy in the sky)

    The hard mode bosses have their own cheevo and their own guide in this same web, so search that guides if needed.

    Ok, now the armors, you will need to have all 3 helmets for every set:

    Cobalt armor:
    - Crafted with 65 cobalt bars in the iron anvil (with all 3 helmets).
    - 1 cobalt bar is crafted with 3 cobalt ore

    Mythril armor:
    - Crafted with 65 mythril bars in the mythril anvil (with all 3 helmets).
    - 1 mythril bar is crafted with 4 mythril ore
    - 1 mythril anvil is crafted with 10 mythril bars in the iron anvil.

    Adamantite armor:
    - Crafted with 78 adamantite bars in the mythril anvil (with all 3 helmets).
    - 1 Adamantite bar is crafted with 5 adamantite ores.

    Hallowed armor:
    - With 1.2 update looks like (i dont verified myself) are now hallow bars wich are needed to do this armor, you can check more info in the new sets list.

    And now the more powerful and expensives armor sets from the original game, this sets only have 1 helmet, unlike the previous hard-mode sets:

    Titan armor:
    - Crafted in the mythril or orichalcum anvil with: Cobalt armor (ranged set), Mythril armor (ranged set), Adamantite armor (ranged set), Hallowed armor (ranged set), 50 souls of blight, 30 souls sight.

    Dragon armor:
    - Craftet in the mythril or orichalcum anvil with: Cobalt armor (melee set), Mythril armor (melee set), Adamantite armor (melee set), Hallowed armor (melee set), 50 souls of blight, 30 souls might.

    Spectral armor:
    - Craftet in the mythril or orichalcum anvil with: Cobalt armor (magic set), Mythril armor (magic set), Adamantite armor (magic set), Hallowed armor (magic set), 50 souls of blight, 20 souls fright.


    WARNING!!!! If you have already updated your game DO NOT erase the update and launch the game offline by any means, this will completely erase all your data.

    All but gem robes listed by Daeryoon, all credits to him:

    Still need all the old ones for the achievement. However, there are now Hallow Bars to make Hallow Armor. You get them from killing bosses, as there is no Hallow Ore.

    Hizaemon pointed out that you can use the Extractinator to obtain the ores that don't naturally spawn in your world and don't want to create a new one.


    - Cactus Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from 75 Cactus at the Work Bench
    - Pumpkin Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from 75 Pumpkins (pumpkin seeds from Dryad) at the Work Bench
    - Ebonwood Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from 75 Ebonwood (Corrupt trees) at the Work Bench
    - Shadewood Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from 75 Shadewood (Crimson trees) at the Work Bench
    - Rick Mahogany Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from 75 Rich Mahogany Wood (Jungle Trees) at the Work Bench
    - Crimson Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from 60 Crimtane Bars (240 Crimtane Ores) and 45 Tissue Samples at the Lead/Iron Anvil
    - Tin Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from 60 Tin Bars (180 Tin Ores) at the Lead/Iron Anvil
    - Lead Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from 75 Lead Bars (225 Lead Ores) at the Lead/Iron Anvil
    - Tungsten Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from 75 Tungsten Bars (300 Tungsten Ores) at the Lead/Iron Anvil
    - Platinum Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from 90 Platinum Bars (360 Platinum Ores) at the Lead/Iron Anvil
    - Wood Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from 75 Woods at the Work Bench


    Credits for this gem robe list goes to Old Willy Pete.
    These are all made at the Loom. In total you need 120 silk to make 6 robes and 10 of each gemstone.

    - Diamond robe - 1 robe (20 silk) + 10 diamonds
    - Ruby Robe - 1 robe + 10 rubies
    - Emerald Robe - 1 robe + 10 emeralds
    - Sapphire Robe - 1 robe + 10 sapphires
    - Topaz Robe - 1 robe + 10 Topaz
    - Amethyst Robe - 1 robe + 10 Amethyst


    EarthboundX has found a trick to get the materials you need in the hard-mode world:

    Each hardmode ore is chosen at the moment you break the first three altars in the world. You can choose the ores you like by quitting your world without saving after smashing your first altars.
    You can place a bed near the altar so you appear near it every time you need, you will need a very basic suitable house to do so (chair, table, door).

    - Pearlwood Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from Pearlwood (Hallow trees)
    - Spooky Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from Spooky Wood (dropped by creatures during Pumpkin Event)
    - Turtle Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from Chlorophyte Bars and turtle shells
    - Spectre Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet: hood + mask) - made from chlorophyte bars and ectoplasm
    - Frost armor - made from hallowed bars and frost cores which are dropped by Ice Golems in a hardmode snow biome during a blizzard. This particular armor can be dropped by ice golem (rare drop)
    - Palladium Sets (Armor, Legs, 3 Helmets) - equivalent tier to Cobalt sets (you still need cobalt sets)
    - Orichalum Sets (Armor, Legs, 3 Helmets) - equivalent tier to Mythril sets (you still need mythril sets)
    - Titanium Sets (Armor, Legs, 3 Helmets) - equivalent tier to Adamantite sets (you still need adamantite sets)
    - Chlorophyte Sets (Armor, Legs, 3 Helmets) - made from chlorophyte bars (chlorophyte ore)
    - Shroomite Sets (Armor, Legs, 3 helmets) Made from Chlorophyte and glowing mushrooms - Thanks to Old Willy Pete for this one.

    NEW DROPPED ARMOR (from enemies)

    Drop location and enemy shared by bl4ck blooc

    - Wizard hat - Confirmed to be needed - dropped by "tim" (a caster skeleton found in the cavern)
    - Frost Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet)

    The followings are confirmed that are not needed for the cheevo:

    - Ancient Iron Helmet - dropped by skeletons underground.
    - Ancient Gold Helmet - dropped by skeletons underground.
    - Ancient Necro Helmet - dropped by angry bones in the dungeon.
    - Pink Eskimo Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - made from Eskimo Set with - Pink Thread
    - Ancient Shadow Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - chests around the corruption and rarely dropped by the Eater of souls.
    - Ancient Cobalt Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - dropped by hornets and man-eaters in underground jungle biome.
    - Tiki Set (Armor, Legs, Helmet) - sold by Witch Doctor after you get Pygmy Staff
    - Bettle armor

    NEW SETS/ITEMS v.1.2.3 UPDATE: None of the armors/vanity included in this update are required for the achievement, confirmed by several users.
    Also some of the older sets are now unobtainable so they are no longer needed for the achievement: Viking Set, Eskimo Set, Diving Helmet.

    You can use the Wiki to get more info about the update: http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Terraria_Wiki
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    KDolezCan someone confirm if the beetle armor is needed? I think I crafted everything and no pop. But I used the "craft - don't save but exit - reload and craft again" method.
    Posted by KDolez on 11 Oct 16 at 02:14
    ProfiliaMolten armor only requires 45 hellstone bars now. smile
    Posted by Profilia on 17 Oct 16 at 00:14
    GodLike499I already defeated Tim and sold the Wizard Hat, because I didn't want to equip it and didn't realize it was required for this achievement. Will Tim respawn, or will I need to play in a different world?
    Posted by GodLike499 on 29 Nov 16 at 01:41
    DrSchlepensteinTim respawns. He is just like any other enemy. I tend to find him in the areas closer toward hell, but not in hell.
    Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 29 Nov 16 at 02:13
    runemaxSets I have by now:
    - Wood;
    - Rich Mahogany;
    - Ebonwood;
    - Shadewood;
    - Pearlwood;
    - Cactus;
    - Pumpkin;
    - Necro;
    - Spooky;
    - Cooper;
    - Tin;
    - Lead;
    - Tungsten;
    - Silver;
    - Gold;
    - Platinum;
    - Jungle;
    - Meteor;
    - Shadow;
    - Crimson;
    - Molten;
    - Cobalt ( 3 hats );
    - Palladium ( 3 hats );
    - Mythril ( 3 hats );
    - Orichalcum ( 3 hats );
    - Adamantite ( 3 hats );
    - Titanium ( 3 hats );
    - Hallowed ( 3 hats );
    - Chlorophyte ( 3 hats );
    - Turtle;
    - Spectre;
    - Shroomite ( 3 hats );
    - Spectral;
    - Titan;
    - Dragon;
    - Mining;
    - Frost;
    - Wizard Hat;
    - Amethyst, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond Robes.

    What am I missing???
    Posted by runemax on 08 Jan 17 at 01:04
    DrSchlepenstein@runemax - from your list, I see that the one you are missing is IRON armor. And if you have that, the only other 3 that I have that you didn't list are Boreal Wood, Palm Wood, and Beetle Armor (has 2 different body pieces).

    Though its been said that Boreal and Palm Wood, aren't needed as they classify under the normal Wood armor, and someone else said Beetle wasn't needed either, but I had still crafted them prior to getting my achievement to pop, the last one I was missing was Frost armor, when it popped, as farming for the monster that drops Frost cores took me forever.
    Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 08 Jan 17 at 02:11
    My9inchBisonAnyone keen on helping me my storage deleted itself an really need help could someone just help me out
    Posted by My9inchBison on 03 Mar 18 at 04:17
    Unknown DoboAnyone who's having trouble getting the second group of hard mode ore armours. You can get ores and bars for metals not normally present in your world from fishing crates.
    Also crates don't set their contents until they are opened so if you fish up a load of crates in a normal world and then switch to your hard mode world to open them, you will receive the, better, hard mode loot.
    Potentially including ores you were missing.
    Posted by Unknown Dobo on 02 Mar 20 at 01:34
    PinkyNarf69@KDolez and others, I can confirm that the beetle armor is not needed for the achievement.
    Posted by PinkyNarf69 on 08 Jun 20 at 05:41
    Can I confirm that you don’t need the ancient cobalt and ancient shadow armors?
    Posted on 25 Aug 20 at 21:47
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