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Auld Lang Syne

Complete the Main Campaign on 1999 mode.

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  • amenazamenor JFamenazamenor JF931,518
    02 Apr 2013 02 Apr 2013 02 Apr 2013
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    This is not a complete solution, but I think that I can offer a useful tip for those who, like me, are having trouble with the core defense at the end of the game. BEWARE, THERE COULD BE SOME SPOILERS:

    - If you can afford it, buy "return to sender for less" in the vending machine before the fight. If not, don't worry. It's not essential, but it's helpful.

    - When the fight starts, stick a bunch of Return To Sender traps (holding LT) on the front of the core like this crappy quality picture shows:

    External image

    - This will make the core almost invulnerable, therefore making the fight A LOT easier. This way, you can allow the enemies to focus their fire on the core, and you can destroy them from behind easily, or even use Songbird on them. Rockets do damage the core a little, so focus on RPG infantry and cannonner ships first.

    - Keep an eye on the core, and if the traps start to dissapear, throw some more. Also, if an enemy gets near the core the traps will explode, so be careful with that too.

    Hope this is of some help, and sorry if there's any grammar mistake, english is not my mother language. Also, if someone has a way to improve this solution, just comment ;)
  • Arc VampireArc Vampire252,312
    04 Apr 2013 04 Apr 2013
    41 3 12
    This is not a full solution, the ones already posted here are great, but more of a guide for the Handymen and Lady Comstock bosses. The gear pick-ups are random, so you may not have what is listed, but I would suggest using what works for you best as these are just my personal preference.

    >>Possible Spoilers<<


    Gear Loadout:
    Hat – Sheltered Life (brief invulnerability when picking up health) or Hill Runner’s Hat (shield break increases movement speed).
    Jacket – Shock Jacket (when struck 50% chance to shock for 2 seconds).
    Boots – Handyman Nemesis (increased Handyman damage by 50%).
    Pants – Head Master (increased critical hit damage by 50%)

    Murder of Crows


    Use the Murder of Crows vigor on the Handyman, which will cause him to pause for a couple of seconds and swat at them. While he is distracted, shoot him in the heart twice, then recast Murder of Crows and shoot twice again; evade and reload. Repeat this process, evading when necessary, until he is dead. If he gets close enough to melee attack you the Shock Jacket combined with Hill Runner’s Hat should allow you enough time to evade until your shield recharges.


    Gear Loadout:
    Hat – Sheltered Life (brief invulnerability when picking up health) or Hill Runner’s Hat (shield break increases movement speed).
    Jacket – Shock Jacket (when struck 50% chance to shock for 2 seconds).
    Boots – Tunnel Vision (aiming increases damage by 20%, hip firing decreases damage by 20%).
    Pants – Angry Stompers (when extremely low on health deal 2x damage).

    Shock Jockey

    Shotgun and Sniper Rifle

    When the battle begins, do not worry about Lady Comstock, instead focus on the resurrected dead. Cast Shock Jockey on them, and then shoot them with the sniper rifle. If you kill them while they are being electrocuted, Lady Comstock cannot resurrect them again. If Lady Comstock gets close to you just shoot her a few times with the shotgun, and she should retreat. Once all the resurrected dead are finished Lady Comstock will follow you around using an area of effect attack. Avoid this attack and shoot her when possible. Repeat the process until she is dead.

    There are three different encounters with each enemy in the game. If you use this strategy to fight them your task will be much easier. After several deaths, I employed these strategies and was able to defeat each boss without dying. Good Luck!
  • Seraphim17Seraphim17753,129
    01 Apr 2013 16 Apr 2013
    29 9 5
    Here is a link to a full guide on 1999 Mode under the Scavenger Hunt achievement restriction. It has full commentary and should help players of all skill levels overcome this challenge.

    Hope this helps.

    (if there is any problems with the link not working, please let me know. Youtube has a habit of breaking them when they change the UI)
  • scarfinoscarfino92,474
    30 Mar 2013 27 Mar 2013 04 Apr 2013
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    To unlock 1999 mode type in the infamous Konami Code at the beginning of the game (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A).

    Pressing A will unlock 1999 mode and you will begin.

    Some quick tips:
    - 1999 mode can be unlocked from the start
    - When you die, it costs ~75-100 silver eagles as your 'respawn toll'
    - Bosses respawn with full health bar
    - If you die and don't have enough silver eagles to cover the respawn toll, you are booted to the main menu and will continue at the beginning of the section you were currently on.
    - Aim assist disabled
    - Tougher enemies with improved accuracy and more health.
    - Harder resource management.
    - Unable to change difficulty.
    - Unable to access the map (up arrow).
    - Difficulty achievements stack. This is considered the hardest difficulty.

    My method for beating the final part of BioShock Infinite on 1999 mode.

    Vigors Used
    Possession and Murder of Crows

    Possession was upgraded with Possession Aid, which upgrades normal possession of robots into a possession of humans and robots. Possession of humans makes them assist you until it wears off; where they promptly start to kill themselves with whatever they are holding. Like bludgeoning themselves to death with a bat.

    Murder of Crows was not upgraded, I used it for setting traps to stun/weaken the enemies in large packs.

    Gear Used
    Hat - Sheltered Life: Grants brief invulnerability when gaining health from snacks and health kits.
    Shirt - Pyromaniac: When struck, 50% chance to burn nearby enemies. Victims take 400 damage over three seconds.
    Pants - Urgent Care: Decrease shield recharge delay by 1 second. Increase shield recharge rate by 2x.
    Boots - Overkill: Killing with excessive damage stuns nearby enemies.

    I have included a video to give a visual aid for those who are looking for how to complete the final stage in 1999 mode.
    06 Jun 2013 06 Jun 2013 06 Jun 2013
    14 4 3
    This is Not a Complete solution but just some Important Tips that can save you much Time and Money in your 1999 run. "Some Spoiler references"

    1. Not All fights are necessary - you can De-spawn enemies by leaving the area where possible.
    You Can even skip some fights altogether, Especially the Handymen.
    As I recall there are 4 Handymen you encounter.
    1st guy is in the Factory area - you can use the glitch and also get the Heartbreaker cheevo at the same time.
    2nd one is before you board the First Lady for the Second time No Work-around as yet. cry
    3rd Handyman is in the Bank Area. To avoid this fight completely, take the skyline to the second level building, where the RPG ammo tear is.
    Jump up on the base of the pillar overlooking the open area and then jump down and forward in the direction of the locked gate. You should land inside the gate and be able to move forward thus skipping that battle entirely. ( Do it, ...Do it naow !!! )
    4th guy is on Comstock's Airship - Last level, just before the final section. This one is simple. Have WinterShield on ( Invincibility after jumping from skylines ) and use the skyline to get to the exit at the opposite end of the room. When you land, head right, use Possession on the Rocket Launcher Turret and make a dash up the stairs and jump on the skyline at the top. and ...Bam !!! no more Handyman.
    ( Before doing this, make sure to get the weapons you will want to have with you for the last battle.)

    FYI, the 3rd level battle on the Airship can also be skipped. Just set 6 Shock Jockey traps total on both entrances to the stairway, which will all Chain together and prevent anyone rushing from you and wait for the line to clear. By the Time 2 Patriots appear you'll be long gone - so long suckers.

    General tips :
    Farm money and Gear, as it is Necessary for Vigor Upgrades and Damage boosts.
    Money is Very Scarce in 1999 mode so use it Only on what Upgrades you use most and Possess every machine you see, even the dollar bill one as it does not affect the cheevo.

    Upgrade the Sniper Rifle to its MAX as soon as you can & use Tunnel vision whenever you are far away. Its a beast on Lady Comstock everytime.
    The Fully Upgraded Shotgun is great for CQC situations and Patriots.
    Upgraded Shock Jockey kills everything, especially when you place a few of them nearby each other to create a chain trap.
    Upgraded Bucking Bronco gives you All the time you need to kill with your weapon of choice.
    I tried using the Undertow on the last level, to pull the Patriots to the top and stop them from spawning again but did not have the time, as this level keeps you really busy, even with the Return to Sender Traps set.
  • SuperDuperLiamSuperDuperLiam458,483
    12 Aug 2013 14 Aug 2013
    8 1 0
    Just a quick tip:

    I used Possession with possession aid for most of the human enemies in the game. It even possessess Rocket & Flak cannon users and afterwards they kill themselves. Upgrade this fully ASAP and you will be laughing through most fights as SALT is everywhere. Just possess enemies from afar (zoom in with the sniper if need be and hit LT) as it travels very far.

    This will make most fights easy.
  • Strategy OneStrategy One640,861
    29 Mar 2013 30 Mar 2013 03 Feb 2015
    13 7 2
    Auld Lang Syne

    External image

    OK! so I just finished the game and I am not going to lie, once I found this amazing trick I had no problem. I finished the ending without even messing up! Don't worry I will share my awesome strategies!

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Beginning strategy:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Ending Tactics:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The ending


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    If anyone has questions, comments, see any typos, let me know! I am so happy to finish this so easily once I found this trick out.

    Have fun GL!
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