Scavenger Hunt achievement in BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360)

Scavenger Hunt

Complete the Main Campaign in 1999 mode without buying anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine.

Scavenger Hunt0
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How to unlock the Scavenger Hunt achievement

  • The NerevarineThe Nerevarine470,307
    28 Mar 2013 28 Mar 2013 07 Apr 2013
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    Spoiler free text solution, first video contains a very minor spoiler, second is the final battle!

    For this achievement, you are not allowed to buy anything from the "Dollar Bill" vending machine; don't worry about touching it or looking at it's contents, just don't purchase anything. Use the Gear upgrade or Vigor upgrade vending machines as much as you want.

    1999 Mode can be unlocked at the main menu by using the Konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a). In 1999 Mode, there is no navigation aid and you have to pay for deaths (100 Silver Eagles). Dying with no money kicks you to the menu, which is basically the same as restarting your checkpoint. If you've finished Brass Balls, then this should be a walk in the park. Playing through first on normal would definitely assist but is not necessary, and you could potentially accomplish all other achievements in this play-through by following the guide for "Infused with Greatness" or purchasing the Season Pass.
    BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360)Infused with GreatnessThe Infused with Greatness achievement in BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360) worth 67 pointsIn the Main Campaign, collect every Infusion upgrade in a single game.

    You can reload checkpoints after the game to get the counter achievements ("Kill N enemies with X"), as they're accumulative across play-throughs.

    In case you're curious: without a guide or cheating, I earned around $10,000 (less than a quarter of that spent on revives), and ended the game with an extra $1,000 and 15+ lockpicks in stow. Despite opening every lock I could find, I only found 77/80 of the voxophones and must have missed quite a few other secrets.

    My Strategy
    You're going to have limited resources in this mode, meaning you won't be able to buy much. I chose to mostly upgrade the common weapons (Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Carbine) Ammo and Damage, and I spent some money on the crucial Charge and Bucking Bronco Vigor upgrades and a single upgrade for the Shock Jockey and Undertow Vigors.

    My general strategy was pretty simple: take cover, be patient, and search high and low for supplies. I invested all upgrades into my shield or salts until they were full, and mostly used Vigor combos like shock-shoot to increase damage output on tough enemies. When I encountered a Handyman I would try to always be moving by shooting him a few times and then hopping on a rail to find a hiding spot to regenerate my shield, then rinse and repeat.

    For bosses like the ghost, I employed a melee strategy to conserve ammo using the Charge/Charge Aid Vigor coupled with some gear I found laying around: Burning Halo, Executioner, Overkill, and Brittle-Skinned. These are all just random melee perks I had, so if you don't have the exact same perks just pick some similar gear -- stacking melee gear will make your attacks brutal and help conserve ammo. I've attached a video of the fight for you to witness and recreate. After devising this tactic, I used this gear setup for the rest of the game to great effect... Being invincible with Charge Aid is insanely useful even in, or maybe especially in, large crowds. Add Bronco or Shock to the mix and you'll be unstoppable.

    Finding Gear
    Gear always appears in the same locations, but what the gear is is random (except for a few static pieces) so you will have to make do with what you find! If you find a gear location near a checkpoint, sometimes reloading the checkpoint will randomize the gear again. The specific equipment I mentioned is not necessary, I merely chose the melee perk gear I had to boost my damage output. When combined with Charge and Charge Aid, extra melee damage added to brief invulnerability will help you to cut down heavy hitting enemies with ease. If you don't have the exact equipment, just choose some melee-oriented gear (extra damage is key). Supposedly Burning Halo is always in the beginning behind the first Crow enemy.

    Choke Point Videos
    These videos contain me playing through the two choke points: the first is the fight with the ghost, in which I use a melee strategy to obliterate her; the second is the final battle sequence and contains some pretty heavy spoilers.

    A note aboute the final mission: I didn't think to do it, but you can set 'Return to Sender' traps in front of the blue generator thing to absorb bullets and prolong the life of the generator.

    Good luck!

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    Zaro KarosI guess I have to play the entire game again on 1999 mode
    Posted by Zaro Karos on 14 Dec 18 at 02:19
    Zaro KarosWell that didn't take as long as I thought it would have.
    Posted by Zaro Karos on 16 Dec 18 at 01:55
    WTG x RoCK STaRToo much repetitive work!!! (rips hair out)
    Posted by WTG x RoCK STaR on 01 Apr 20 at 19:26
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  • amenazamenor JFamenazamenor JF1,359,929
    02 Apr 2013 02 Apr 2013 02 Apr 2013
    97 2 27
    This is not a complete solution, but I think that I can offer a useful tip for those who, like me, are having trouble with the core defense at the end of the game. BEWARE, THERE COULD BE SOME SPOILERS:

    - If you can afford it, buy "return to sender for less" in the vending machine before the fight. If not, don't worry. It's not essential, but it's helpful.

    - When the fight starts, stick a bunch of Return To Sender traps (holding LT) on the front of the core like this crappy quality picture shows:

    External image

    - This will make the core almost invulnerable, therefore making the fight A LOT easier. This way, you can allow the enemies to focus their fire on the core, and you can destroy them from behind easily, or even use Songbird on them. Rockets do damage the core a little, so focus on RPG infantry and cannonner ships first.

    - Keep an eye on the core, and if the traps start to dissapear, throw some more. Also, if an enemy gets near the core the traps will explode, so be careful with that too.

    Hope this is of some help, and sorry if there's any grammar mistake, english is not my mother language. Also, if someone has a way to improve this solution, just comment ;)
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    YaIrishMick96Wow great tip, can't understand why 1 asshole had to downvote this warning
    Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 20 May 16 at 09:32
    Kung Fu RikiAwesome solution. But the link to the image is broken for me. Still getting my upvote!
    Posted by Kung Fu Riki on 19 Jun 17 at 23:29
    Armstrong x360aPhenomenal solution. I wasted an hour trying this the WT way until I read your solution. Then got it first try with <20% damage to the core. Thumbs up!

    PS. I did not have any upgrades on Return to Sender and still only needed to replace the traps once so don't fear if you have already started this and can't go back to change your load out.
    Posted by Armstrong x360a on 12 Jun 18 at 01:40
  • Strategy OneStrategy One682,001
    29 Mar 2013 28 Mar 2013 03 Feb 2015
    84 9 26
    Scavenger Hunt

    External image

    OK! so I just finished the game and I am not going to lie, once I found this amazing trick I had no problem. I finished the ending without even messing up! Don't worry I will share my awesome strategies!

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Beginning strategy:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Ending Tactics:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The ending


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    If anyone has questions, comments, see any typos, let me know! I am so happy to finish this so easily once I found this trick out.

    Have fun GL!
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    Strategy OneYes Mitch you can purchase from others, just as long as it doesn't say Dollar Bill on it.
    Posted by Strategy One on 07 May 13 at 03:02
    xWEEDMAN 89xFor the ghost fight I watched a awesome vid on youtube, use Devils kiss traps right where the video shows and you never have to shoot ect. very effective. I take no credit for finding this amazing trick :)
    Posted by xWEEDMAN 89x on 08 Jun 13 at 13:39
    WynnlossGreat guide. Just a small addition, the "moral" choices in this game actually have no effect on the game.

    You mentioned the couple in the beginning; if you don't throw the ball at them, they give you gear later. If you do throw the ball at them, Flambeau (Fink's man) gives it to you instead, praising your "savagery".
    Posted by Wynnloss on 22 Jul 13 at 03:07
  • fallouthirteenfallouthirteen659,389
    28 Mar 2013 28 Mar 2013
    31 1 3
    Just some comfirmation on some things. You definitely CAN use the vigor and weapon vending machines (so like the description says, only the "Dollar Bill" machines for consumables are off limits). Also, you can open up or possess the machines just fine as long as you never actually buy anything from the machines.

    As long as you carefully loot areas and swap weapons when appropriate, running out of supplies shouldn't really ever come up.
  • AnTrinaAnTrina344,815
    29 Mar 2013 30 Mar 2013 30 Mar 2013
    27 0 4
    If you can get it, the most useful gear is one which makes you briefly invincible when you jump on and off skylines or hooks. This means that in any battles with skylines or hooks you can just keep jumping on and off them so that you don't take any damage.

    I would just jump onto skylines or hooks and dive at enemies, melee a few times and jump back on before repeating it. The invincibility lasts long enough to do this.

    This makes the later battles much easier, particularly the final one, and means that you don't have to spend money on reviving. I combined it with gear which gives you health back for melee kills so the skylines essentially made me unstoppable.

    I managed to make it through the game without ever spending money on reviving. I would restart the checkpoint if ever I died so that I could save money for weapon upgrades. I found the damage ones best since it meant that I wouldn't use as much ammo.
  • That RichmanThat Richman270,427
    19 Apr 2015 09 May 2015 09 May 2015
    23 0 4

    So i myself really struggled with the lady comstock ghost battles especially the final one. So i just thought i would share this amazing guide i found. Please be aware that the traps for the final battle must be prepared before opening the final tear.I would also advise having alt least one upgrade for devils kiss but this is not necessary it just means you will need to lay slightly more traps. (all credit for the video go to the owner xol2000)
  • Juanchu77Juanchu771,435,368
    03 Apr 2013 03 Apr 2013
    24 2 0
    A quick note. There is a vending machine that Elizabeth can summon in the room where you fight Slate inside The Hall of Heroes. This vending machine sells a couple of pistol upgrades at 50% off but is labeled "Dollar Bill"; you can safely buy from this machine and the achievement will still pop up.
  • FGRevolverFGRevolver42,510
    11 Jul 2013 11 Jul 2013
    14 0 0
    The one two punch works wonders for conserving ammo. And taking out the ghost.

    Simply hit an enemy with a stun vigor (such as shock jockey, -it the cost the least salts) and while they are stunned you deal significantly more damage.
    Using shock jockey with the hand cannon I could take down enemies from a safe enough distance with one bullet. The shotgun or any aimed head-shot works perfectly as well.
    The blue vials containing salts often glow or stand out, making them fairly easy to find. Still I recommend upgrading salts quite a bit in order to restore more salts with each vial. Salts are much more valuable then they appear, Your shield and health prevent only so much damage on 1999, but a stun prevents ALL damage as long as you have salts. Keep that in mind when you make your decision.

    Keep salts high before fighting the larger enemies, and then just use shock jockey on them whenever the stun effect wears off. They will fall very fast.

    When fighting enemies armed with launchers, you can simply possess them. They deal lots of damage, have deep health bars, and kill themselves when the effect wears off, making them the best target in the game for possession.
    Possession is also useful when entering rooms with turrets, as turrets can take many resources to take down, even in 1v1. Luckily enemies can take take apart turrets with ease, while revealing their backs to you. If you can simply avoid a turret, you should do so.

    The charge upgrade (that grants invulnerability) is very useful if you don't already have a gear that grants invulnerability. The ability becomes great for mobility, evasion and can act as a bullet sponge.

    >Handy Men<
    Handy men are weak to fire and only stunned effectively by crows. They are slow making it easy to deal with them last if you move around effectively. I alternate between crows and a launcher. Launchers trigger the devils kiss effect, creating the flaming crow vigor combination, which keeps a handy man unable to fight back while his health drops rapidly.
    In the first (finkton) handyman fight you can glitch him to stop him from moving.
    The second fight (Factory) happens in an arena with a volley gun and full ammo for it near the arena's entrance, the arena also allows for some very fluid movement to evade him.
    The third (emporia) features numerous factions fighting each other and a turret you can pull through a tear, you can hide, and just let the fight play out on its own.
    The last handyman (hand of the prophet) can be run past with any invincibility proc (certain gears, or charge upgrade)

    >Ghost Fight<.
    Another use of the shock jockey one two punch technique, is it causes the enemies to have their heads explode. This is crucial during the ghost fight, as the ghost needs a person with a full body to resurrect them.
    In two of the three ghost fights the ghost just died after I decapitated enough enemies w/out me ever attacking the ghost so this seems to be a much easier strat then going for the actual boss. If the ghost doesn't die she is still very easy to fight 1v1 since she can only melee. So just keep a safe distance and pop in a bullet or two when you can. If you die decapitated enemies stay decapitated, and you'll get more salts.

    >hand of the prophet<
    This fight was very hard, ....until I realized how broken return to sender was. Just lay return to sender traps in front of the engine core, Either on the ground at the edge of the platform, or on the core itself, and then go about the fight however you want. Keep in mind the return to sender traps can wear off and explosions will cut right through them, so use the skylines to put pressure on launcher users whenever possible. Always prioritize zeppelins over motorized patriots. Killing a patriot before a removing all zeppelins just causes another pair of patriots to appear. Laying shock jockey traps on the platform in-front of the core can greatly slow the opposition as well, since they tend to just stand there and shoot in the same place. Sometimes an enemy will get stuck on something during this fight. -Dont agitate him- while he's stuck you'll have plenty of time to search around for resources, before killing him and triggering the next wave.

    That's all the advice I have, good luck, and happy hunting!
  • Seraphim17Seraphim17922,633
    01 Apr 2013 16 Apr 2013
    20 8 2
    Here is a link to a full guide on 1999 Mode under the Scavenger Hunt achievement restriction. It has full commentary and should help players of all skill levels overcome this challenge.

    Hope this helps.

    (if there is any problems with the link not working, please let me know. Youtube has a habit of breaking them when they change the UI)
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