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Look mom, I made it!

Complete the game on Insane

Look mom, I made it!0
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Achievement Guide for Look mom, I made it!

  • CounterInsurgntCounterInsurgnt421,113
    18 May 2013 19 May 2013 19 Apr 2015
    101 8 46

    ......OK guys so below is the way I did this with very little trouble and glitch/bug achievement free.

    First beat the game on easy.
    Now when you are done select NEW GAME
    you will NOT lose anything!
    And this should help keep the bugs away by starting new game as opposed to chapter select!

    once a new game is started make sure you select INSANE

    Now as a primary weapon select the M1 and take explosive ammo!!

    Secondary, take the AMR 50...NO BOLT ACTION, give it explosive rounds!!! this is a MUST!

    Now do not play with a human! use the AI.
    (You can use a human player too but it may get frustrating)

    the AI is a tank on insane and will hardly ever fall.

    When you encounter brutes or during any "boss" fight....(helicopter, huge Mexican, destroyer vehicle).... use the sniper with explosive rounds! This thing will drop anything !!

    Sometimes you need to activate your overkill though! for all boss fights listed above, use at least one overkill.....yours, or Ai or both and use the sniper. For the Mexican you can simply overkill, shoot him about 5 times and he's dead. For the chopper take cover in the corner near the shipping container, activate overkill and fire.

    Now for part one of the final battle you need to kill elites..what I did was run around the BOTTOM square and use cover, snapping my scope to auto aim kill the elites as they appeared in view...also press down on d pad when you see the grenade, sometimes the AI can kill two or three elites with one grenade!

    For part two you need to kill at least three brutes and some more elites. For the brutes.... two should come out of the bottom doors, and one on the top floor. USE THE SNIPER RIFLE on the brutes.

    Make sure you save your overkill!
    hopefully your AI partner will have his too and not activate it like a dumbass :-)

    for the final part of the battle....overkill then run out shoot the front of the destroyer truck WITH THE SNIPER RIFLE, try to get near it when you do the damage because the turret will always be active. then get ready to run to plant c4....but try to use the AI overkill and save yours in the beginning because most times the AI will go down as you run to plant, so if he does go down, activate overkill....revive and plant the c4!

    overall this should take you about 6-8 hours total. And its not really hard at all if you use the AI.

    Also, I watched all of the ending cut scenes, I would suggest doing so also to avoid any achievement glitches.


    good luck and feel free to ask ANY questions.
  • Silverwolf9092Silverwolf9092385,008
    03 Apr 2013 01 Apr 2013
    29 5 13
    This is not a guide just a heads up if you have gone through the game with a co-op partner and go through again for this make sure both of you select Insane in the difficulty as I just went through the game on insane but my friend was only on medium as we did not realise this happy gaming smile
  • GGS DetonationGGS Detonation75,830 75,830 GamerScore
    01 Apr 2013 01 Apr 2013 02 Apr 2013
    26 8 11
    Little Buggy but possible.
    You need to have all chapters complete on insane. If thats done, and you unlocked the horse mask and the inmate gear and didnt get the achievement, then load checkpoint 49 again on easy or any difficulty you want and kill the elites brutes and El Diabolo.

    Chapter complete 100g earned.
  • Lord BaneJLord BaneJ252,312
    02 Jul 2015 03 Jul 2015
    7 2 0
    Additional info for those who got the glitches
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    during the final boss fight like me. I encountered this thrice in a row ...

    I read somewhere about the custom mask glitch and went to delete it (even though I'm not wearing it during the fight). Prior planting the C4, Bravo happened to be down and I activated overkill to revive him before proceeding to plant it . Manage to get the achievement this time!
  • StylishChaos 32StylishChaos 3288,810
    03 Aug 2016 03 Aug 2016 09 Aug 2016
    5 0 0
    After beating the game straight through on insane and not getting the achievement here is what I found to be the problem (glitch).

    When you are at the main menu, select MISSIONS, SOLO, SELECT MISSION and select the first one (NEW BLOOD). Each mission has a certain number of chapters (e.g. 01, 02). To the right of each chapter you will see your STATISTICS. Make sure your BEST PAYDAY lists the difficulty as INSANE! Go through every mission and chapter making sure this is the case. I had a few spread throughout that were listed as something different other than insane. Even if you do not earn as much cash on insane difficulty, it will override your BEST PAYDAY score from the previous difficulty. Sure enough when I completed my final chapter that said something other than insane for BEST PAYDAY DIFFICULTY it unlocked the last mask and outfit. I tested what someone else said about not having to beat the game on insane difficulty after doing it once already and that is true. I beat it on easy this time and the achievement popped up.
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