Look mom, I made it! achievement in Army of TWO: The Devil's Cartel

Look mom, I made it!

Complete the game on Insane

Look mom, I made it!+0.6
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements are met or not at all.

How to unlock the Look mom, I made it! achievement

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    ......OK guys so below is the way I did this with very little trouble and glitch/bug achievement free.

    First beat the game on easy.
    Now when you are done select NEW GAME
    you will NOT lose anything!
    And this should help keep the bugs away by starting new game as opposed to chapter select!

    once a new game is started make sure you select INSANE

    Now as a primary weapon select the M1 and take explosive ammo!!

    Secondary, take the AMR 50...NO BOLT ACTION, give it explosive rounds!!! this is a MUST!

    Now do not play with a human! use the AI.
    (You can use a human player too but it may get frustrating)

    the AI is a tank on insane and will hardly ever fall.

    When you encounter brutes or during any "boss" fight....(helicopter, huge Mexican, destroyer vehicle).... use the sniper with explosive rounds! This thing will drop anything !!

    Sometimes you need to activate your overkill though! for all boss fights listed above, use at least one overkill.....yours, or Ai or both and use the sniper. For the Mexican you can simply overkill, shoot him about 5 times and he's dead. For the chopper take cover in the corner near the shipping container, activate overkill and fire.

    Now for part one of the final battle you need to kill elites..what I did was run around the BOTTOM square and use cover, snapping my scope to auto aim kill the elites as they appeared in view...also press down on d pad when you see the grenade, sometimes the AI can kill two or three elites with one grenade!

    For part two you need to kill at least three brutes and some more elites. For the brutes.... two should come out of the bottom doors, and one on the top floor. USE THE SNIPER RIFLE on the brutes.

    Make sure you save your overkill!
    hopefully your AI partner will have his too and not activate it like a dumbass :-)

    for the final part of the battle....overkill then run out shoot the front of the destroyer truck WITH THE SNIPER RIFLE, try to get near it when you do the damage because the turret will always be active. then get ready to run to plant c4....but try to use the AI overkill and save yours in the beginning because most times the AI will go down as you run to plant, so if he does go down, activate overkill....revive and plant the c4!

    overall this should take you about 6-8 hours total. And its not really hard at all if you use the AI.

    Also, I watched all of the ending cut scenes, I would suggest doing so also to avoid any achievement glitches.


    good luck and feel free to ask ANY questions.

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    AradorThe AI is a dumbass, moron doesn't know the meaning of cover
    Posted by Arador on 22 Aug 19 at 05:13
    AradorYou need to take the part out where you say that the AI will hardly ever fall because he's a fucking idiot who doesn't know how to stay in cover
    Posted by Arador on 24 Aug 19 at 08:49
    HQAZEAgree with "Arador" ai guy is dumb asfshock.. Lol
    Posted by HQAZE on 18 Mar 20 at 04:58
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  • Silverwolf9092Silverwolf9092398,759
    03 Apr 2013 01 Apr 2013
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    This is not a guide just a heads up if you have gone through the game with a co-op partner and go through again for this make sure both of you select Insane in the difficulty as I just went through the game on insane but my friend was only on medium as we did not realise this happy gaming smile
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    iMaginaryyyeah beating the game on medium (possibly any difficulty) will unlock insane
    Posted by iMaginaryy on 03 May 15 at 07:29
    marknocturnalReally pissed off, just finished on insane, watched end credits, and nothing (played entire game solo). Replayed final mission, no luck. I go to mission select and it shows every chapter after 16 either easy or medium, which is wrong because I couldn't have unlocked insane if I didn't complete the game on medium. How do you change difficulty anyway? In the pause menu there is no option to change difficulty. I'm just about done with this game.
    Posted by marknocturnal on 10 May 15 at 16:12
    z 4assed monkeymarknocturnal, you select difficulty by hitting cn_back from a mission's menu -- not the mission select page, but the Mission page where you can Go To Mission, or the Armory. It shows cn_back=Difficulty in a key at the bottom of the screen, how do you not see that?

    You say you couldn't have unlocked Insane without completing it on Medium. That is incorrect; Insane unlocks upon your first campaign completion no matter what difficulty you played your first time through.
    Posted by z 4assed monkey on 18 May 15 at 12:24
  • GGS DetonationGGS Detonation76,000 76,000 GamerScore
    01 Apr 2013 01 Apr 2013 02 Apr 2013
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    Little Buggy but possible.
    You need to have all chapters complete on insane. If thats done, and you unlocked the horse mask and the inmate gear and didnt get the achievement, then load checkpoint 49 again on easy or any difficulty you want and kill the elites brutes and El Diabolo.

    Chapter complete 100g earned.
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    Tupper29Mine glitched saying Bravo had died. Second time the internet died and my rifle decided to continuously fire until the end of the whole final cut scene. Could even hear it firing when watching Salem in his prison cell. But I got the achievement, so thats fine. Cheers for the heads up on the glitches. :)
    Posted by Tupper29 on 03 Jul 13 at 23:42
    IgnoringFostersperhaps something that should be added if you do this coop online make sure you both set your difficulty to insane or itll count as the lowest difficulty on ur chapters
    Posted by IgnoringFosters on 05 Jul 13 at 22:13
    R00ney1988Additional Info:

    Just got bugged yesterday while completing the game on insane. As it says here, we (offline partner and me) didn't get the achievement at the end of chapter 49. No Achievement after completing on insane. Redid on Easy, still no achievement.


    When you select a Chapter, on the right side it tells you, on which difficulty the level was finished. After we checked this, there was only 1 Mission which was saying "Normal". We selected the Chapter (42nd) and did it on Insane... No extras unlocked ... Level still saying that it was completed on "Normal"...

    This issue was solved by loading Chapter 41 and we played until the end of chapter 42. In summary screen it said, that there were new items unlocked. YES finally... All we had do now was to complete again the final chapter. We did it on easy and after the Cutscenes we got the Achievement.... Hope this helps
    Posted by R00ney1988 on 16 Jul 13 at 13:47
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