Adera (Win 8)

Adera (Win 8)

Episode 4: Tower of Visions

3.672,5221,370 (54%)0-1 h

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Master Cartographer

Find all landmarks through the observatory telescope in under two minutes.

Master Cartographer+0.2
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Achievement Guide for Master Cartographer

  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity499,200
    03 Aug 2014 03 Aug 2014 30 Aug 2014
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    The game guides you through this achievement, but sometimes worrying about time can cause confusion, and to avoid playing this all the way again because of that, I have made a quick and fast video guide showing you how to do it, and where to move the telescope.

    Take note that you might not get the achievement on your first run through anyways, as this achievement is glitchy. I completed the entire episode, and this was the only achievement left. So I shut down my Adera app, opened it again a few minutes later, went to episode 4, started a new game, and quickly got to this part. And then on my first attempt after doing that, I got this achievement, as is displayed in the video.

    x jjaldana 2 x had trouble using a video guide, so for those of you that do not like videos, he provided a really nice image as well.

    External image
  • planting42planting421,406,244
    08 Jul 2013 08 Jul 2013 08 Jul 2013
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    6 spots in total you need to look at. Sometimes clicking on the place it wants you to look at helps. Be sure to change the focus if it isn't accepting that you've seen a spot. If you're sure you did it within 2 minutes in your first playthrough, try quitting entirely and starting a new game as this apparently won't unlock for some unless you complete one playthrough and then close the app - relaunch and play to the spot required on a new game (similar issue to the issue with the achievement for aligning the planets).

    1) All the way to the top and center of the screen - zoom in all the way on a black stack of rocks.

    2) Go southeast looking for a orangeish colored rock fairly close to the bottom of the screen and a little to the right of center, zoom back out nearly all the way to bring it into focus.

    3) Follow the red trees northeast nearly all the way to the top right corner (zoom nearly all the way in) and you will see an bird (Quezacotl) outline of brown against a grey background.

    4) Its twin is nearly all the way in the bottom left corner (zoom all the way out) and you see it in a clearing.

    5) This one gave me the most issue for some reason... it wants the green cliffside all the way to the top (zoom all the way in) not too far to the left of #1... but the ridge behind it.

    6) This is the city looking place just southwest of #5. Zoom out a bit to bring it into focus.
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