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Complete the game on Master Ninja difficulty.

Master Ninja mode is unlocked once you beat the game on Normal or Hard difficulty.

The Story completion achievements DO NOT STACK, I played Master Ninja after beating Normal and upon beating the game I only got the achievement for beating Master Ninja.

Make sure you collected all 50 Golden Scarabs on your Normal or Hard playthrough, as having them all will give you access to all the available Ninja Skills from the start of any game mode. If you downloaded the NG3RE demo, you can farm Karma points on that and then Import your stuff when you start a Master Ninja Run

Buy all the regular Skills, but save the last 3 health bonuses primarily for Day 8, as the final 3 boss fights can wipe out your health very quickly. Using Health Upgrades completely refills you health gauge and extends it.

Make sure you take advantage of the Meditation technique whenever you can. After every fight encounter, you will regain some life back, and if you hold off from using Ninpo, you can use the Meditation technique to recover the parts of your health meter that you typically don't get back until you reach a Falcon save point. This is a very important technique to use, so try to save your Ninpo.

Try to save Falcon Save Points for times when you're transitioning to a different area of level, many fights the bird will appear, but if you don't use the save point immediately, you can usually knock off 2 or 3 more fight sequences. The falcon will hover above the usual save spot until all enemies are defeated, so you can backtrack to them in some cases

For weapons, I used the Katana for most ninja fights, going for delimbs and Steel On Bone techniques. From Day 4 and on I primarily went with Lunar at Level 3 and Wind Blade Ninpo at Level 3. Lunar does not have the ability to do Steel On Bone, but it's very fast, has great range and is probably the best pure crowd control weapon in the game. The trade off for Lunar is that it builds Ninpo at a very fast rate, so you can use the Meditation technique heavily.
XXYY delimbs most enemies very quickly, and they can always be Obliterated for finishes, and it can stop enemies from doing Red Hand Rage attacks, aside from some of the larger grab-happy enemies. Lunar's UT is pretty powerful, and you can always follow it up with an Obliteration technique, so if you're really feeling pressure, put some distance between you an the enemies and charge it up. Fastest way to kill Mages and bigger fiends. Lunar doesn't have quick time finishers on bosses either, for example on a Spider Tank, it'll just bash the leg off. You may want to change weapons on some of the larger scale bosses to take advantage of QTE invincibilty.

All bosses you''re gonna want to make sure you can do the Furious Wind technique, which you do while blocking an attack and flicking the Analog in any direction you want to go. You'll see a blue flash as Ryu dashes away if done correctly, and take no damage(also works for projectiles!), but with many bosses, you can bait them into doing an attack string by Furious Winding the first attack and then dashing left and right until their attack string finishes. Cicada Surge(While blocking an attack, press A, requires Ninpo) is another technique you can use, as it teleports Ryu behind his enemies. You won't get many opportunities to use Meditation in boss fights, so if you build Ninpo up, use it anyway, Ninpo doesn't damage bosses but it will still give you health back on hit. Be mindful of Boss Checkpoints, as many of them have them, and will refill your recoverable life.

Boss Fights:
If you buy the True Inferno ninpo and fire it off on the Spider Tank, it will blow the armor off of all four his legs at once, so you can run up and cut them off one after the other.
If you don't have True Inferno, Pick the Katana and start slide jumping around the SpiderTank, using XXX or running XX to hack at the armor on his legs. Make sure you're ready to slide/jump dodge anytime you hear a fast beeping sound, which signals that the Tank is firing a rocket, which is about the only thing that it can hurt you with. The trick here is to hack the armor off of all four legs before you hack the leg itself off. Once you hack any leg off, the Tank will start doing his electricity area attack, which complicates things. If you take off the armor on all 4 legs, he doesn't do this attack at all, so you can hack all 4 legs in quick succession. If you trigger the Quick Time Event where you start to cut the leg off, don't push any buttons when the QTE animation starts, and Ryu will be knocked out of the QTE(doesn't take damage) and you can keep chasing the armored legs.

Day 2 Helicopter bits....
These can be annoying. First Helicopter is solo, so you can slide jump around and hold LB and instant fire with arrows until the Copter disappears. The second Helicopter fight starts with four enemies, the helicopter appears after you kill two of them, but two will appear keeping the group at four. Run up to the little wall close to the helicopter, the enemies will group up there, but if you have the Footstool Jump(called Wind Path in this one), you can line up two or three of the enemies at once and Footstool Jump across the enemies heads, leaving them stunned for a moment so you can take a shot or two at the helicopter. Footstool Jumping the enemies will also make the Helicopter fire it's missiles at Ryu as he's airborne, so most will harmlessly impact towards the back of the fight area, far above Ryu's head.

The third Helicopter sequence happens after the final Falcon Save point for Stage two, You'll have two rocket ninjas and two jetpack ninjas shortly before, then Bird Flip up to the next fight. Follow the same method as above, run right up to the edge of the platform(you can't fall) and footstool jump the enemies until two or three are in line right at the edge. Go back and forth, jumping them then landing and firing shots. You're near a save point with easy enemies in between, so try to finish this fight with as much health as possible. I'm on Ultimate so I can't remember if there's 2 copters on Master, but if you have a full ninpo gauge and the Inferno ninpo, you can one shot the copter if you target it. You won't be able to use ninpo on the boss or have time to mediatate, so if your health is in good shape, fire at will. When you kill all the enemies, you Kunai Climb up the wall and the boss battle begins, and you'll want as much health as possible.

Day 2 Boss....
Fairly straight forward, target the missile pods with LB and shoot 'em with your bow. Camera gets really shifty on this fight, so pay attention to the audio cues. Facing the Boss, hang to the left and right sides of the stage, in the middle of the area.. If the engines go into a high pitched whine and he zooms in low, you can either slide under it or slide jump at the sides and it'll miss you. If it drops bombs, you'll see visual cues on the ground, so make sure you're not anywhere near them, as their explosion radius is a bit wider than the orange circles actually show. The blue laser array has an audio cue as well, once you hear it slide jump to the opposite side of the area and they should miss. Just remember that every laser array ends with the Boss firing rockets at you, so be ready to dodge them everytime.

On the final platform, jetpack rocket ninjas will appear to make things more annoying. When you start the final bit facing the Boss, they'll constantly appear at the same corner, so dodge the Boss' stuff and try to take them out as quickly as possible, If you get them fast enough, you can target the Boss missile pods in between their spawns for a shot or two. Once you have the Boss down to 1/5 health, the last QTE will trigger and he's dead.

Regent of the Mask....
is pretty free to Eclipse Scythe spam. Make sure you upgrade the Scythe to level 2, as this gives a move where you jump, and then do a 360 motion+Y on landing. Ryu will spin the Scythe in two circles, and the Regent will typically run straight into it. Just keep your distance, and do the spin, hit Y until Ryu does an overhead slash with the Scythe then dash away and repeat.

This method^ also works on the Day 4 boss, the mutated Scientist, as the 360+Y will autocorrect into a Steel On Bone to hack her arms off, and on the Fiend Ryu mirror matches you'll have later in the game.

The Dinosaur on Day 3......sigh. This fight sucks. The dinosaur can kill you in one hit, so what you want to do is keep Slide/Jumping(Use the blocking Slide, jump at end of it) all over the place to keep your distance. The dinosaur will run around like the terribly designed boss that he is, eventually running into the wall and flopping to the ground. Start running towards him when you see his head duck down, and make sure you jump over the shockwave of smoke that comes out when he lands, as it can hit you. While you can slash anywhere on it's body, go for the head. Once you have his health down 1/3, hit Y on his head when you go in, as it will randomly trigger a Obliteration technique(Ryu will jump onto his head and stab into it), taking the Dino to Stage 2, where his body turns silver and becomes fully armored.
Once that happens, keep dodging him with the Slide maneuver, but DON'T JUMP at the end. If you stay grounded, the Armored Dino will still do his usual pattern and run into the wall. If you keep doing Slide/Jump, he will endlessly run around the stage never falling over. Do this for both sequences of the Armored Dino. Just slide and he'll fall over, DON'T JUMP when he's armored, remember this!

Day 7 Boss Gauntlet.....
You'll fight the 2 SpiderTanks together first. Be aware of the fight area's boundries, as it's easy to get trapped here. The area is huge rectangle with blue running lights on the ground. What you'll want to do is use Ryu's Bow and Arrow to shoot the armor off the Spidertank legs, so again you'll want to Slide/Jump heavily as they're rotating, then quickly aim and fire by holding LB until the target icon pops up(should be near instant) then hit RT to fire. Try to take out the armor on all four tank legs before cutting them off, if you cut any legs off, the Tank will start doing it's area electricity attack, which is an added annoyance you don't want. Once the armor is off the legs, run and hack them off. If the tank is doing a power attack, you can save yourself from getting hurt by cutting the unarmored leg off, you won't take damage while doing so.
Try to do this sequence as perfectly as you can, I'm talking one hit or less, you don't want to finish this battle going into the next boss fight with low health bar(unless you have unused Health upgrades, but try to save them for Day 8, trust me)

The Multi-Stage Robot Boss>
The first form, the Metal Gear looking robot. Start Slide/Jumping to your right, as you'll want to take out the Flame thrower Arm first. When he fires the flame thrower, the boss will sweep that arm from Left to Right as you're facing him, so just run up and hack away while the flamethrower is going. Be careful you're not at the edge of the battle area. Once the armor is gone on the flame arm, the boss will stagger and plant his arm in the ground. Run up and hack it off. Next, move around to the other side, and keep your distance. The boss will punch the ground twice with that electric shockwave bubble, after the second run up and slash the arm until armor breaks and you can QTE it. His arms will be skinny, red and exposed when they're hackable.
You'll get a boss checkpoint after beating this form, so try to do it with as little damage as possible, as Second and Third form is one continuous battle

Second Form;
Flying Form. The fight will start off with him zooming towards you for a bombing run. Pay attention to how the camera shifts, as it's a recognizable zoom in when it goes into bombing mode. Just dodge to the left or right(depending on space), then start tagging him with the targeted bow and arrow shots. Hold LB, hit RT, no need to target, it will lock with LB. Keep dodging and shooting, once you have his health just above half, start closing the gap. Eventually he'll do a little laser light show, which is fairly easy to dodge, but if you're close enough you can get underneath him and stay there until the array is finished.

The Big Wheel....
Be very very very mindful of the stage boundaries, as the odd camera shifts can really screw you if wander too far to the sides. Dodge as quickly as you can, and hammer him with arrow shots. The camera is actually your worst enemy in this sequence. Once you have this form down to sliver of health, close the gap as quickly as possibly while he's transforming into the Laser Tank thingy. If he gets this laser show going, you're in trouble, but if you can get close enough while he's transforming, as soon as the laser shoot starts slide RIGHT UNDER THE MIDDLE OF HIM and you'll trigger a QTE that finishes the fight.

Mutated Cliff....?
This fight has two forms, with a checkpoint in the middle of it, so try to take as little damage as possible. I'd recommend the Katana. Once the fight starts, he'll start doing attack strings, so you have to stay kind of close to him, using the Furious Wind to escape his first attack, then sliding yourself into position to hit him during his short recovery. XXX is the safest combo, so use that and Slide away after the 3rd hit. What typically happens is once you start striking, he'll go for a Grab Move, where his hands glow red. You don't want to be there when that happens, so XXX is fairly safe and lets you dash away if you see the Red Hands. You'll want to stay within slide range, as you MUST Steel On Bone his Red Hand attack. So XXX, if he starts the Red Hand Grab while you're sliding away, slide right back to him and hit Y to Steel On Bone, as he has a bit of recovery after attempting the Red Hand Grab. Keep doing this until he goes airborne with wings, at which point shoot him with an arrow to start the next sequence.
Form 2 is pretty much the same method as form 1, except 4-5 enemies will appear. Simply start charging a UT as soon as the Form 2 fight to wipe out the little guys, then follow Form 1 strategy.

Canna's Final Form.....
Two parts to this boss battle. with a checkpoint in between. The aim is to fill your Ninpo meter up so you can launch the True Inferno ninpo, which will auto-equip as the boss fight begins. I prefer the Level 3 Kusarigama for the first part, as it's YYY attack has great range and you can OT enemies from range. Lunar works as well cuz it builds Ninpo quickly, but KSG is better for control, as you'll be dealing with enemies as well as random fireballs and arm slams from Canna.
As soon as the fight starts, run all the way forward to the left corner of the building, and stay there. The enemies will run to you, but you can knock them away cleanly with KSG YYY, and if they go into suicide mode, you'll get OTs on them everytime. Stay at the front left corner of the building, as the majority of Canna's fireballs will never come close to you, and you're out of range of her arm slam. If you have unused health bonuses, this a good place for them, as this fight is extremely aggravating because of camera shenanigans. Once your Ninpo meter is full, fire it off, and the final battle commences.....
Final form.....
Immediately switch to Lunar for this IMO. Stay at the left/front side of the building, but be wary that Canna will smash the corner off, so try to position yourself a few steps away from the left edge, but stay all the way to the front of the building, right next to her. The spot you want is right under her Slamming Arm, beneath her armpit. She will slam her hand down, you won't get hit, and be able to use Lunar's reach to just whack away at her arm. If the camera shifts to her sword arm, get ready to slide under it repeatedly, as she'll do it up to 6 times in a row. Keep beating her down until she has a sliver of health left, then Slide all the way to the smashed left corner, as she'll slam through the building with her arm when she's down to nothing. Might have to hit her in the face a few times, but it will trigger a QTE that finishes her, and the game.

Good Luck! Questions about any sequences just ask, I'll try to help you out.
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