Ultimate achievement in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (Xbox 360)


Clear 3 Ultimate Ninja Trials.

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How to unlock the Ultimate achievement

  • ネメシスネメシス1,064,283
    04 May 2013 06 Jun 2013 27 Feb 2021
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    If you want this the easy way then you'll be using the scythe and just 1 move, 360Y. An insane amount of Iframes, the entire animation is safe and deals an equally insane amount of damage. The AI struggles to even block this, just be weary as theres quite a noticeable recovery time so be ready to dodge as soon as the animation is finished.

    Have one player use Momiji.
    She can make some of the trials soo much easier as when she revives, she does so with more health, also her meditation ability heals both players. This is the only thing you should be using her Ki for.
    Theres a very helpful glitch you can abuse that will give your partner infinite healing, if you focus on your partner with cn_RSc immediately after you start meditating you can give them full health no matter how little ki you have.

    With that said Momiji is incredibly powerful if used correctly and in certain situations capable of out damaging even the scythe, double jump X deals really good damage if you manage to land all the spins, this works against most bosses and can loop fiend Ryu vs his scythe or claw form.
    Her flying swallow is also the safest in the game, its possible to slowly chip most bosses to death with just this all whilst taking no damage if timed correctly.

    Some useful tricks to know:
    You can buffer block while attacking if you keep LT held after a slide while attacking, you will autoblock/counter if performed correctly. An example of this is below against Volf, I instant counter his own counter he does if he blocks enough of your attacks.
    When guard broken release and repress LT to reset your guard. This is how you will see me loop liz below and block Fiend Genshins full combos.

    The 3 easiest in my opinion are:

    Ultimate Trial 2

    By far the easiest UN trial, only real concern are the 2 regents in the last wave but with a partner you should be fine. The amount of red balls he throws is based on his remaining HP.
    Alchemists can be troublesome, if they manage to charge a shield then 360Y wont work, use a flying swallow to break it. If you manage to delimb one bait them into a SOB for a ton of ki just 2 is enough for a void ninpo.

    Ultimate Trial 4

    Try to kill both regents at the same time, if you feel comfortable fighting him as Momiji use XXYY for decent damage, there are better options but they involve negative edge moves and shuriken cancelling so il keep it simple.
    Vs blood magic either do running xx or double jump x but both require good timing.
    Vs Ryu always dash away from him after 360y this in most instances forces him into a walking loop where he wont try to attack you.
    Vs Genshin always do the forward Y version izuna drop followed by a 360Y, at 50% health he will always do a piercing void but if you jump then RT to shoot an arrow it cancels it.

    In the last wave the alma spawns once the last alchemist dies so try keep one alive until after both dokus are dead. You can also use this opportunity to heal, throw shurikens at final alchemist to keep him in block stun and heal glitch away.
    Momiji player can fight alma and with enough ninpo LT+B when she spawns is a guaranteed knockdown allowing for a quick kill with the XYAX loop.

    Ultimate Trial 6

    Ton of space to move around, only boss here thats a pain to fight is Liz. 360Y when shes about to attack and she dies in seconds but getting a feel for the timing is all on you.
    Volf can be bugged in the air if you scythe UT as he jumps, some may find this useful.
    In final wave Marbus will focus the host 99% of the time regardless of who is attacking him.

    Bare in mind that in order to obtain all the skills you need to beat 5 Ultimate trials for the Ryu headgear and armour.

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    DonietscheA mandatory upvote for the great solution and special thanks for helping out (me and my partner) with the dreadful last trial we were missing to get our 5 UT done.

    We were stuck on that for the longest time... I Doubt that we could have ever pulled it off w/o your knowledge of the game and how to tackle the last wave as a momiji/scythe ryu team.

    So infinite kudos to you!

    It goes w/o saying that this solution (and the approaches you suggest) is a must read for anyone who wants to get those pesky ultimate trials done. Generally speaking the tips and advices in this guide are fundamental for anyone who wants to learn how to be a reliable momiji user (and in that respect it already helped me a lot when I started using the character, a while ago).
    Posted by Donietsche on 15 Apr 20 at 23:13
    EurydaceAlright it's been 8 years since we played this together. Remind me. Can I solo 3 trials if I am good, or do you basically have to be god-like to do it?
    Posted by Eurydace on 13 Mar 21 at 17:07
    ネメシスUN2 is free
    UN3 is easy if you don't get caught in an izuna drop, some may find this easier with KG and UT/ninpo spam than the scythe.
    UN4 is also easy enough solo
    UN6 you can cheese a volf to be stuck in the air meaning you only have to deal with 1 volf and liz at a time.
    Those are my 4 recommended assuming MC hasn't nerfed these for solo play.
    Posted by ネメシス on 13 Mar 21 at 17:22
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    If you're coming here for the new ng3re, I dont know how much of this translates to that version. From what I understand, there is no coop, and it has been heavily nerfed, so you may well be able to clear those trials with ease using 360 scythe spam and good meditation/ninpo use. This guide only applies to the original ng3re.

    This is just to supplement momijis already great guide, there may be some slight overlap with his. I doubt many more people will play this version, but here's a few tips that he passed on to me and some general strats for those who may be struggling. You can get through these basically entirely on 360 scythe spam, but you're hoping for a really lucky break. Enemies have a way of timing devastating one hit ko attacks just as you come out of 360ys, or before you can launch another after a dash.

    Mainly I'd like to put out some advice on izunaing genshin with scythe, since you fight quite a few, and it's crucial you can handle him in a 1 on 1 near flawlessly. It's not quite as random as it seems, and if done properly, you will catch him nearly every time. When genshin first spawns, the first izuna should connect no problem. As hes getting up, do a 360y and hold block. Make sure it's a ground 360y and not an on landing one. Now, if he backflips away, dash backwards in case he lunges. Your guard usually doesnt come up in time to block it, and if it does, his lunge does chip damage. Either way, since he backflipped, the next izuna you try should connect. If he doesnt backflip, he'll usually try to combo you. Block the first hit, and dash away. If you got the block, the next izuna should connect. In any other circumstance, he will probably dodge the next attack, so instead just do a single x. Keep doing just a single x after his attacks until you actually see him recoil from one. The next izuna after should connect. Once he gets to half health, he will usually use void after an izuna. To cancel this, quickly jump and hit rt to use an arrow, otherwise just dodge it. The only other advice I have is if he keeps dodging and comboing, back away to kind of reset his attack pattern.
    There are better ways to fight him, but this was the safest method at my skill level. If you are using momiji or another weapon this method doesn't quite work the same. I prefer a quick xx to make him backflip after an izuna with momiji. Still have time to block his combo attempt if done right.

    Epigonos clones fire void at 25% health I believe. Anytime one is below that line when you resurrect a teammate, they will fire it again.

    Sword alchemists can be a pain, but you can handle them pretty safely in a 1 on 1. Use b to shuriken them. If they block, quickly follow up with 360y. As they recoil, shuriken again. They'll block, then 360y again. Can keep them in this stun loop until they die.

    Dont be shy about using your insta uts on the floating head/spider guys. The less time they're around, the better.

    The enemies always spawn in the same places, so once you learn where they are, you can be prepared in advance.

    Be a good partner. This game is pretty glitchy you should usually focus on your own enemies. In most cases, attacking the same enemy messes with their patterns and makes it alot more likely one of you will take damage. Also, dont be a dick and steal peoples delimbed enemies, especially those belonging to a momiji user. Particularly when they're trying to bait an enemy into a steel on bone attack. She needs as much ninpo as she can get to keep herself healed. To that effect, it's also helpful if the scythe user saves a few delimbs for momiji to steel on bone or OT if they're already full on ninpo.

    If you are using momiji to keep your partner healed, keep in mind you can't meditate at full health, so you must take at least a little bit of damage during the wave.

    These are far from the best strategies. Some players can solo most of these, where if it's your first time, you will probably struggle to pass most of these in coop. This is just to give you some ideas. I haven't done all of these, but I've come close on alot of them.

    This can be done multiple ways. I've seen it done with 2 momiji users, I did it with 2 scythes, so I'll give a rundown on that. Can bring void or inferno, but I brought inferno for this one.

    Wave 1: assorted enemies.
    Scythe spam away. If you get your ninpo full, you can save the last couple archers for your buddy to help them fill up. If one player is momiji, you can take this opportunity to keep one stunned with shurikens and heal up.

    Wave 2: genshin with some archers and claw ninjas.
    Have one player take down genshin while the other focuses on enemies. Genshin player be mindful of advancing claw ninjas. Get space from genshin and scythespin them, or lure them to the other player and resume genshin attacks when safe.

    Wave 3: 5 genshin, 3 fiend genshin.
    It starts with 2 genshins. When the second one dies, fiend genshin and another genshin will come in. When 4 genshins die, the last 2 fiend genshins come in. Here's how we chose to deal with this: each player takes a genshin at the start. One keeps theirs just barely alive, while the 2nd kills theirs. The 3rd genshin will spawn. Get 3rd genshin to low health, then both players kill their genshins at the same time. Fiend genshin and genshins 4 and 5 spawn. At this point, if you're low on health, hit those 3 with inferno to fill up, then murder the fiend with scythe spins. Once thats done, each player takes a normal genshin, and finish them at the same time. The final 2 fiend genshins spawn. Scythe spin for the win.

    When you face 2 genshins and 1 fiend genshin, you could also have 1 player watch the 2 genshins while 1 kills the fiend, but watching 2 genshins can be tough if you let them sync up.
    If you use momiji, her double jump x, or xyax works pretty well on fiend genshin. Keep in mind if you press ax for the first jump it actually jumps towards an enemy.

    Basically a gimme. There's harder challenges in the masters. 2 scythes and a little luck will make short work of this, including the regents at the end. Just try not to let alchemists put up their shields, and dont be shy about flying swallowing them if they do.

    Wave of 3 ryus, followed by a wave of 2 ryus and 1 epigonos, with the final wave being 2 ryus and an epigonos, followed by 3 epigonos. Lucky scythe spin will do it. Bring void and try to use it on all 3 after a revive, or if you're low health starting a new round.
    A slightly less lucky strat is to have 1 scythe, 1 kusarigama. Kusari charges ut from ends of map while scythe gets a few hits in, keeps them at bay, and baits them into it.

    Can be done with dual scythes, but I did it with scythe and momiji. As always, it's priority to not take too much damage with momiji, as you won't be getting too much health back yourself.

    Wave 1: gorilla chimeras, claw fiends, and about 5 floating head/big spider guys.
    Scythe them up. It's not a bad idea to bring down the mask guys so you aren't being bombarded by their explosions. If you land in front of one as they first land and start charging a ut, theyll usually try a red grab. Release ut before lvl1 for a delimb and a quick kill. This can be a bit risky though. Get a bit of ninpo with momiji, scythe can handle the rest. Heal up at the end of the wave. You can keep a claw fiend alive with shurikens to give yourself more time if needed.

    Wave 2: 2 regents and some alchemists.
    Can try to help take down regents with momiji, but to play it safe, leave them to scythe and focus on the alchemists that spawn. Once regents are down, feel free to let scythe handle the rest. Keep one alive with shurikens at the end of the wave to heal.

    Wave 3&4: 2 ryus, 2 genshins.
    1 ryu, then a tiny break between waves, then 1 genshin and ryu, followed by a second genshin when the first dies.
    Let scythe handle the ryu. Momiji can handle the first genshin that spawns while scythe handles second ryu. Theres a solid tactic with scythe vs ryu. Dodge back as he attacks and 360y. It'll catch him everytime. If you catch him in the air like this, you can actually scythe spin him 1-3 more times quickly without dodging before he lands.
    Heal immediately after second genshin dies.

    Wave 5: 3 dokus, 1 alma, several sword alchemists.
    Momiji can handle a doku with double jump x, but I opted to try to lure one away so scythe could focus on one at a time without fear of unseen shockwaves and lessen the chance of us both being taken out at once. Alternatively, you could just back off and let scythe handle it alone, reviving if necessary. When 3rd doku and alma spawn, it's still safer to stay back until 3rd doku is dead. Once it's down to alma and some sword alchemists, feel free to flying swallow alma down and air combo her into oblivion. If you have enough ninpo, momijis lt+b will bring her down without issue as momiji pointed out in his guide.

    Can be dual scythed, but again I opted for the scythe momiji combo.

    Wave 1: 2 epigonos, 1 regular chimera chick.
    Momiji can handle all of these with double jump x, but best to just get a bit of ninpo, take a tiny bit of dmg so you're able to heal, and let scythe handle the rest.

    Wave 2: 2 genshins, one snake chimera chick.
    Momiji takes starting room, scythe takes the other.
    Momiji handles one genshin, while scythe takes down chimera with scythe spins and finishes their genshin. Heal immediately after enemies are dead.

    Wave 3: 2 fiend genshins, one gorilla chimera chick.
    Scythe can handle all of this, but I still did some double jump x's to help out and get some ninpo to heal. Heal immediately after enemies die.

    Wave 4: alexei, elizabet, 3 floating head/spider guys.
    Momiji's probably at low health, so feel free to sit back and just go for revives. If not, again, double jump x is pretty safe. If you want, you can try to have momiji take out the spider guys, otherwise just save them for last. Their blasts can fuck you over if you're not wary though.

    Again, dual scythes, or scythe momiji. Void or inferno is debateable. Can get a decent health refill infernoing 2 volfs and an elizabet in wave 2, or if you can make it, zedonius, marbus, and some rocket soldiers in wave 3. Otherwise, void fills way faster and can still get decent health back if used properly.

    Wave 1: bazooka soldiers, sword alchemists, 5 or so floating head/spider guys.
    It's probably best if you can take down the spider guys quickly. Besides that, arrows make short work of the bazooka guys, 360ys, or shuriken 360ys for the alchemists.

    Wave 2: 3 volfs, 2 elizabets.
    Starts with 2 volfs. Elizabet spawns partway through, 3rd volf spawns when one of the volfs die, and finally a second elizabet when elizabet dies.
    Try to hit 2-3 bosses with ninpo if you're short on health. 360ys make short work of volfs. Momiji can get away with double jump x's, but its probably better to focus on elizabet with her. Beware if she launches her blood rain attack or the trap circles. Best to back off 360ys until it finishes. Other than that, elizabet is best handled by 360ys during her attacks or upon her landing. Randomly scythe spinning hoping to catch her is just asking to be hit.

    Wave 3: 2 zedonius, 2 marbus, and some rocket soldiers.
    Both of these bosses go down stupid fast from 360ys. It's just a matter of not getting caught in their devestating attacks. Rocket soldiers can be an irritant, so it might be wise to have one player sit back and snipe them till they're done spawning.

    Imo, this is easiest done with scythe and momiji. There's a sort of glitch you can use against the genshins. At the bottom of the map theres a doorway. If you kite the 2 genshins into that corner, then quickly hide in the closest corner of that archway, the genshins will get stuck in a loop where they walk up to the doorway, then sidestep, then back step, and start walking towards you again, looping over and over until you exit that corner.

    Wave 1: gorilla chimera, mages, claw ninja.
    Nothing crazy here. Try to get enough ninpo, or take as little damage as you can to come away with almost full health. Heal up at the end.

    Wave 2: 2 zedonius, 3 genshins?
    Scythe stays back while momiji kites genshins into glitch I mentioned at the start. Scythe takes down the 2 zedonius when they spawn. Once they're down, each player takes a genshin. Scythe can take 3rd genshin if he has enough health. Heal up.

    Wave 3: white alchemists and white mercenaries.
    Try not to get grabbed too much with momiji. If you want, you can just have her take alchemists shields down. If you can, try to leave delimbed alchemists for momiji to steel on bone so she can heal at the end of the wave.

    Wave 4: 3 alexeis, 2 almas.
    Scythe takes down alexeis. Momiji goes for almas. Lt+b ninpo alma down if you can, and finish her with xyax loop. Can also flying swallow her down. Otherwise, double jump x works well enough.

    Im probably not coming back to this to add anymore. I never finished 8 9 or 10 i dont think, but for the most part, same strats. Dual scythes or scythe momiji. I know ive been really close on 8 and 9. I honestly dont recall 10. Think i only tried it a few times.
  • MalttikettuMalttikettu567,569
    08 Sep 2022 08 Sep 2022
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    This one is the most difficult achievement in the game. You will need skills, luck, patience, time, and everything I guess. Best solution, pick Scythe, use 360Y. It makes a lot of damage, and you have iframe (no one can touch you), works on every enemie, boss etc. Like others already suggest. I understand that not everyone can do this, have problems with it etc. (example: me, I was not able to do it).

    I made a solution of my own using kusarigama, and dark void ninpo to break down 3 trials of Ultimate Ninja.

    Your best bet (the easiest one to do):
    -UN 01
    -UN 02
    -UN 03 (this one is the easiest in my opinion)
    -UN 04
    -UN 05
    -UN 06

    Pick the one you are comfortable with, as for me I work on 02, 03 and 04.

    01 is easy also, but I have trouble dealing with 2x Genshi at the same time.
    The same goes for 05 and 06 where is Wulf with Scythe.

    Anyway if you can spam 360Y with Scythe weapon, try it out, but if you have no luck with this weapon, then I have prepare a guide step by step how to deal with enemies in trials 02, 03 and 04 (also videos) using Kusarigama weapon and dark void ninpo.

    Ultimate Trial 03
    Detail strategy you can find in description.

    The idea is: spam UT, that is it for here.
    At start charge UT, once Evil Ryu get close - let him have it., then run away (use dash, slide, jumps - whatever)
    charge again. They will get close - let them have it.
    Sure you might not be able to charge to LV3, but maybe to LV1 (it is good enough), but if not - no worry, just let go of the charge, and you will hit your enemies (most of the time) - then repeat.

    Ultimate Trial 02
    Detail strategy you can find in description.

    Wave 1: brute force, kill whoever is moving...
    Wave 2 (alchemist): I notice that slide, YYY will work great on them (the same as ghost soliders)
    Wave 3: same as wave 1, brute force kill what is moving, I just recommend to take out the bazookas guys first (easy: jump YXXY for Izuna)
    Wave 4: Regent of the mask
    This wave is the problematic one. And to tell the truth, forget about the alchemist, focus yourself on the red guy. The best idea is "run away" from end of the screen to another, and once Regent will try to attack you - block. Wait for his "combo" to end, and then strike

    Attacks that I use for him is:
    Combo1: XXY
    Combo2: X, forward X, Y Y Y
    Combo3: jump Y XXY (izuna)
    "Combo4": simple jump Y

    You have to get the timing right (as for Combo3/Izuna), otherwise he will dodge and you will get punished.
    Combo4 (simple jump Y) it is effective when he tries to shoot projectiles (His annoying: ha ha ha ha ha...)
    Dodge the projectiles, and on the LAST of his projectile, jump and run away.

    Once you will take care of the red mask guy, focuse on Alchemists (slide YYY is good enough).

    Ultimate Trial 04
    Detail strategy you can find in description.

    Wave 1: Reaper, Gorillas, Claw demons
    Take out reapers first - ignore the rest. You can take down reaper with a bow and then hurry up to hit him with UT. Once you will get rid of reapers, take care of the rest. You can spam them with UT.

    Tip: EXCELLENT it would be if you would have full ninpo, and glowing red weapon for the start of wave 2

    Wave 2:
    Let we say that you have not that much energy - do not worry it is OK! As long as you survive...
    Start by charging UT, once the red mask will drop, hit him (I had miss him in the video... wrong position...) if you will have glowing red weapon, he will be almost dead (if you will hit him with lunar, he will die for sure). No worries if you do not have red glowing weapon, just hit him with UT anyway.

    Then here you have to play a bit smart. Once red guy will have half energy - another red guy will pop out (and if 1 red guy will be dead - black alchemists will show up). So you want to aim for is kill the 2 mask guys at the same time. How to do that:
    - lower down red mask guy energy "almost to half", then wait for an opening (like me in video),
    once he will finish his combo (example: he has some 3 jumping kicks combo), at his last strike, dodge, and hit him with combo: X, forward X, Y Y Y. It will lower his health a lot, and from this moment on he will try to strike you with 3 projectiles (the "ha ha ha ha" attack, so look out).
    - New regent of the mask will show up, you want to lower his health, until he will be dead (like me in video),
    Run from one screen to another, you will have big chances that one regent will stay and try to "ha ha ha ha" on you, so you will have 1 on 1 with the another one.
    - Once both guys have low health, hit them with ninpo (like me in video), they will die, and black alchemists will show up, kill them with slide Y Y Y.

    Tip: Ninpo will restore your health. Let we say that you have small health, if you will be able to kill mask guy with ninpo (both of them), you will restore quite nice. As for alchemists - I recommend to slide YYY, untill they will lose an arm. Do not kill them yet, wait a bit and they will try to grab you (again "ha ha ha" before grab, and glowing hand), dodge, Y for SOB - it will restore a little bit of health, and also will get you a lot of ninpo.
    Use ninpo to meditate, and you will restore your health. Just look out for the others alchemist, so they will not hit you.

    Wave 3
    Evil ryu - spam him with UT, the same tactic as in UN03.

    Evil Ryu + Genshi
    Ignore Genshi, focus on Evil Ryu, hitting him with UT, or simple hit (as me in video), just keep on eye on Genshi, so he will not hit you with his ninpo or kunais.
    Tip here: when you are releasing Y, while charging, you are invincible. So no bomb, no kunai will hit you, but still look out.

    Once Evil Ryu will be dead, take care of Genshi. Get close to him, hold block, and wait for him to jump and attack you. What you want to do is attack him with XXYY.
    Notice if you will do X (and Genshi will dodge), do not input the rest of the combo, because you will get punished. I notice usually it is like:
    - Genshi jump swallow attacks you
    - you will slide, XX, Genshi dodge
    - here be ready because he might do a quick "charge attack at you"
    - dodge, and try to attack him with XXYY, might get connect, if he will dodge then repeat.
    if not this, then Genshi will try to make some spinning jump attack, so again dodge it and attack him.
    Guess you will need to practice Genshi movements to learn his behaviour.

    Wave 4
    This wave is rather a "pressure" than difficult. Strategy is hit with UT Doku.
    Get from one edge to another, charge UT, and hit him. If one of the Doku will attack (throw his sword at you), let it go, go to next corner and repeat.

    Again here you have to be smart, once one of Doku will have half health, sword alchemists will show up.
    The best solution would be focuse on Doku, and make him dead rather than attacking the sword guys.
    Because once sword guys are dead, Alma will show up and it will become complicated even more.
    But still everything is possible (but you have to have patience).

    Once Alma is around, I would recommend to ignore her. Focus on the rest and continue UT tactic. If Alma will try to attack you, just dodge it and repeat. You can take her out once there is no one around, simply wait untill she will be on the ground (usually, she will use an attack: throwing pillar, after that some "slide kick" and she is on the ground). Simply jump Y her, and look out for attacks. The summersalt attack might hit you, but most of the time I notice you can beat her like this.

    There is also possibility to stun her (with kusarigama is difficult, but possible - I did not use this tactic in the video). Use a swallow attack (usually jump forward Y), and she will be on her knees - while she is like this, XY XXX (combo in the air, but do not finish it), wait until you will get back on the ground, and repeat. Most of the weapons are like this, but with kusarigama, sadly no.

    To use a swallow attack - you need to walk on the wall, and press Y (this is the only possible way with kusarigama). IF you manage to hit her, and get her down on knees, jump Y XXX, repeat. It is possible, but not recommend this (if you did not master it).
    - You need to force Alma, to be next to wall
    - You need to HIT her with the swallow attack (she might dodge it, or you might hit her, but she will be in the air)
    - once you manage to get her on knees, start to make the combo, she might get out of it...
    So simply for me it was too much of a hassle.

    Once again, thank you for reading here. I hope my strategy, tips, somehow will help you in beating UN trials (just for the achievement). Again I know that 360Y Scythe is easier, better, etc., but not everyone can do it. I made a video showing how to deal with UN 02 03 and 04, wrote the strategy and I believe it is OK on every weapon if you are good enough.

    Also my play, was far away from perfect, there were many times that I input dodge, but "it didn't work" and instead I got hit. So I believe you can try to do it way better.

    Also if somehow my tips manage to help you, let me know.
    (Comments, thumbs up are always gladly welcome).
    If something is unclear, I will try to write more.
    Might even create some guide.

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