Insane Co-op Star achievement in BattleBlock Theater

Insane Co-op Star

Get a letter grade in every level (except Encores) in insane co-op story mode.

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How to unlock the Insane Co-op Star achievement

  • marcoferre117marcoferre117630,952
    31 Oct 2016 06 Nov 2016
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    It's really strange that no one talked about this incredible glitch that makes this annoying achievement so much easy. There's a simple way (sure not very satisfying) to get this achievement done in relatively no time and i'll do my best to explain it.

    The host has to choose a level and as soon as the level begins the host has to put himself in front of a wall or something that blocks him by proceeding in one way.
    After that the other player (the partner) has to push the host against the obstacle (i.e. the wall) by constantly smashing the "x" button... the host will be pushed against the wall repetitively and, at that point, he simply has to exit the level! The host's character will bug while the other player will actually exit the match, making a countdown of 9 seconds starts... As soon as the countdown is over, the game will count the level as completed rewarding you with a "C" rank ('cause you actually "completed" it without picking up any gem).

    And that's it, i know it may sound weird cause you finish the level without actually playing it, but some will find it very useful. You just have to repeat this glitch for all the remaining levels. This glitch works with every level EXCEPT THE FINAL LEVELS OF EACH CHAPTER which are the only ones you and your partner will be forced to play "legit" (i think this is because those levels are already time-based so the countdown cannot start). AND IT ONLY WORKS, of course, IN COOPERATIVE MODE.

    This is a brief summary step by step:
    1) The host chooses a level
    2) As the level begins the host puts himself against a wall
    3) The partner pushes him against the wall by simply pressing "x" repetitively
    4) The host exits the level while he is being pushed against the obstacle (tips: you know when you have to exit when you see the contact between your partner's fist and th body of your character, it's just a matter of timing, just keep trying)
    5) The other player suddenly "disappears" and the countdown starts
    6) Level completed headspin

    I add a video below, use it as a visual support to the written guide. The video has been recorded by my friend Mad Mukka using the xbox game dvr app, sorry for the bad quality.

    This glitch has not been discovered by me but by my friend DoneTrash8, all credits goes to him.
    If you have any question feel free to send me a private message, if you think there's something wrong don't instantly put a negative feedback but let me know, i'll do my best to correct. If you feel hurt by this solution, remember this is only one of the possible solutions, you don't need to follow it and if you want to do it legit (sure much more satisfying and rewarding) feel free to follow the guide above by Zymotic, which is pretty good toast Peace!

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    Octobot SuperIt's tough but doable. I don't exactly remember what 8-4 is but I remember abusing the dart gun (the nerf dart that sticks to the wall)
    Posted by Octobot Super on 07 Aug 17 at 10:00
    A Dreadful ShotGreat solution, what a bizarre exploit. None of the finales were too difficult given a little practice and patience, finished them all solo.
    Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 15 Jun 18 at 06:46
    Jyro X2Something I’d like to add because I couldn’t find the answer to it anywhere; this achievement unlocks for BOTH the host and partner. NOT just the host. So don’t worry about doing it twice, just pick a host and go through it. It will almost instantly unlock upon completing the final level. Also one thing that I had a lot of deaths from was picking up rocks, do that really slowly because sometimes it glitches from doing it too fast and crushes you. Only other advice I can give is just keep trying and trying again. Yes, the finales can be quite daunting. Yes, you will fail hundreds of times- if not thousands, and that's okay. Each time you will learn something new, and going through many many times will just ease you into mastering the whole level. Never give up or stop, just keep grinding and you will get it.
    Posted by Jyro X2 on 15 Apr at 05:35
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  • ZymoticZymotic590,300
    06 Jun 2013 06 Jun 2013 12 Jun 2013
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    DO NOT LET THE TA RATIO SCARE YOU! This is actually very easy, it just takes a little practice. If you have trouble with a level you can always go back to co-op and practice an area you're having trouble with. To prepare yourself and your partner you should play and complete single-player, single-player insane, and finally co-op.

    -In some levels you can stay close to the exit and allow your partner to grab three gems to quickly finish and bypass an entire area.
    -When jumping to rails always hold (RT) to automatically grip the rail.
    -Time your second jump to position yourself properly where you need to land.
    -Use the dart gun on walls to avoid dangerous jumps and difficult areas. There are other weapons you can use such as the frog in water, or the green bubble, but both take a lot more skill to master.
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    Octobot SuperCongrats! I did the same, the last few levels were annoying. One in particular took me quite a while. I can still picture it, but can't remember the number of the level...
    Posted by Octobot Super on 27 Jun 15 at 10:31
    Ninja SynikThanks! It was probably 8-4, but I felt it was easier doing co-op controlling two controllers instead of doing it solo. =P
    Posted by Ninja Synik on 27 Jun 15 at 13:42
    Paw McCatney8-4 was a nightmare doing it alone but I finally got through it. The far right portion of the map where there's lasers and buttons to stand on was the worst, but I eventually got through it by abusing the pause button.
    Posted by Paw McCatney on 24 Jul 16 at 02:39
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