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  • Zenn PZenn P453,449
    09 May 2013 10 May 2013 18 Feb 2015
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    Injustice: Gods Among UsUltimate BattlerThe Ultimate Battler achievement in Injustice: Gods Among Us worth 952 pointsComplete Battle Mode

    This achievement unlocks upon successfully clearing all 20 Battle Mode challenges in "Battles" Mode. Battle Mode can be accessed from the main menu by going to Single Player > Battles. In Battles Mode there are 20 different kind of battle mode challenges with different conditions, some of which must be unlocked first. Most challenges require you to defeat a randomized lineup of 10 opponents and you must defeat all 10 of them with specific conditions for each fight such as: being poisoned the entire fight, playing as a random character, fight with only 25% health, mystery buffs, and more. Except for Classic Battle, every Battle Mode has its own set difficulty, and usually the difficulty level is connected to each opponent you face varying from Very Easy to Hard. Usually the first few opponents are very easy to defeat but the opponents will become more resilient and difficult to beat as you progress.

    *Updated 5/20* Injustice Patch v1.03 Release Notes
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Unlocking Battle Mode Challenges
    When first starting the game, only 5 Battle Modes will be available; the other 15 must be unlocked. To unlock them you need to use acquired Access Cards and unlock them in the Archives located under Bonus Features. You'll naturally get them when going for the "Hoarder" achievement. Access Cards are acquired whenever you level up and you should have enough cards to unlock the other 15 Battle Modes by the time you reach Level 20. In short, you should have plenty of cards for this while going for "The Hero We Deserve" achievement.

    Clearing all 20 of these Battle Modes should not be too difficult at first. For 15 of the 20 Battles you can continue and select "Retry" if you are ever defeated. This allows you to have a rematch against the opponent who beat you so that you can continue where you last left off. You get as many tries as you need to complete the challenge. The ONLY Modes you will have to clear without using a retry are: Survivor, Speed Run, Unstoppable, The Max, and Impossible.

    You can see if you have already completed a Battle by highlighting the selection and pressing the cn_Y-button to see the Leaderboards on that battle. Your GT will be displayed at the bottom of the leaderboard. If there is a 0 next to your name that means you have not cleared it yet. If you have some sort of score value next to your name that means you have cleared it already. Listed below are all 20 Battle Mode challenges and the conditions for each one:

    1. Classic – Defeat a series of randomly chosen heroes and villains set at your desired difficulty level.
    2 Heroes Only – Can you stand against the might of the world’s most powerful heroes?
    3. Villains Only – Test your skills against the most dangerous villains the universe has ever know!
    4. Poisoned – Poison courses through your veins, constantly draining your health!
    5. Survivor – Your Heath Meter carries over from match to match! Perform feats of exceptional skill to obtain bonus health.
    6. Mirror Match – Fight as your opponent in a series of mirror matches!
    7. Mystery – Each match grants a mystery buff or debuff to your fighter!
    8. Fully Charged – Both you and your opponent have unlimited Super Meter but Super Moves are disabled!
    9. Combo Heaven – You must perform a combo of the required number of hits and win the match! Transitions and Super Moves are Disabled.
    10. Help From Above – Your opponents health will be restored to full every 30 seconds!
    11. Injured – Begin each match with only one quarter of your maximum health!
    12. Give And Take – You and your opponent gain health on each landed attack! You must defeat your opponent before time runs out!
    13. Sidekick – Two opponents per match on a single arena will push your abilities to the max!
    14. Speed Run – Can you defeat all of your opponents in under 2 minutes total?
    15. Random Fighter – Fight each opponent with a randomly chosen hero or villain!
    16. Countdown – You must defeat each of your opponents in under 30 seconds!
    17. Unstoppable – Defeat all of your opponents without losing a single match!
    18. The Max – You have one chance to defeat all of your opponents at maximum difficulty!
    19. Full House – Try to defeat the entire cast of Injustice!
    20. Impossible! – Attempt to defeat the entire cast of Injustice with a single Health Meter!
    A quick guide to most of the Battles listed above can be found in the link below. The focus of this solution will mainly be on The Max and Impossible!

    Battle Mode Strategy
    Using the character you're most comfortable with and hitting the CPU with your longest, most damaging BnB combos is a possible way to clear these Battles. For the #9 Combo Heaven mission, be sure to use Aquaman and use his Trident Rush move and the meter Burn version to clear it easily, it's done by pressing Down, Toward + X then RT. When doing this move press Toward your opponent to stay in range, you can move away or toward while performing Trident Rush to get more hits. has a number of listed combos you could follow if needed. However, if you struggle with completing any of these modes then a highly effective character to use for this would be Doomsday.

    Doomsday Combo
    1. Angle jump at your opponent and press Down + A for a Body Splash crossup.
    2. Then combo into this chain as you land: X, Y, A,
    3. Link that into a Venom Tackle (Down, Toward + A) then Meter Burn(RT) once it connects for extra damage.
    This is literally the only move and combo you need in order to clear 18 of the 20 Battles and it can also be used for Survivor, Unstoppable, and Impossible! Feel free to make use of Doomsdays other weapons such as his unblockable Supernova, Iron Skin ability(B-button) and his Super Move if needed.

    Below in the video is the combo being executed as well as a successful run through Survivor Mode. Credit goes to Obie83 and dalleval for the combo upload and RA1NKING for the Survivor run.

    "The Max"
    In this Battle challenge you have to defeat all 10 randomized opponents who are set to Very Hard difficulty without using a Retry. Many people find this to be the hardest Battle Mode challenge of the 20 to complete. The CPU has fast reflexes, will read any move you throw at them, and exploit an opening to combo you into oblivion. At times it feels like the CPU knows exactly how to counter you and when. Opponents such as Aquaman and Green Lantern are even able to defeat you in just a few combos. Luckily, there is a character you can use to make this more bearable.

    By selecting Hawkgirl you can simply spam her Mace Charge by pressing Away, Toward + Y to chip away at the CPU's health until they open themselves up to a hit for good damage. The move comes out quickly, inflicts good chip damage, and gets your Super meter up fast. Just be sure to properly zone some opponents by jumping back first before doing it and use your Super Move whenever you see the CPU is about to attack to gain the upper hand. Your Super Move is a definite X-Factor to your success. Play smart and stay out of corners because the CPU will thrash you when your back is against the wall. RA1NKING has posted a video of this method done so pay special attention to how he deals with certain opponents. Credit for the video upload and methods goes to RA1NKING, Dark Rocky X, PRSNightfire and themuffinboyy.

    Using this move, you will still want to avoid certain opponents whenever attempting The Max. Because the 10 opponents you receive are always random, you can simply start up The Max, and if you get specific characters who give Hawk Girl problems, just press start scroll over to Battles, then exit. Repeatedly start up The Max until you get an easier lineup of opponents that suit you. Do your best to avoid facing any of these 7 bad match-up characters:

    ° Aquaman
    ° Green Lantern
    ° Lex Luthor
    ° Raven
    ° Deathstroke
    ° Wonder Woman
    ° Batman

    If you happen to encounter any of the above mentioned characters, try to delay your Mace Charge as they get off the ground for better results- don't just mindlessly spam it. Connect with it, then dash up to them. Wait for them to nearly get fully up from the ground then quickly input it again. These characters can easily punish the Mace Charge on start-up with their special moves. They don't fall for the Mace Charge that easily and may be too aggressive for this method to work entirely. Although they're not unbeatable, it will make your Hawk Girl runs go much smoother without having to face any of them.

    Projectile users such as Ares, Green Arrow, Killer Frost, Sinestro, and Cyborg, you'll also want to perform the Mace Charge on up close. Once it connects, quickly dash toward them up close as they wake up then input Mace Charge again. Repeat, and the CPU should fall for it every time. An ideal line-up of characters you'll want to face in The Max using this method are:

    ° Superman
    ° Nightwing
    ° Shazam
    ° The Joker
    ° Bane
    ° Solomon Grundy
    ° Black Adam
    ° Catwoman
    ° Green Arrow
    ° The Flash
    It's really all about match-ups and hitting enough Mace Charges and Super Moves for each fight. It can be slightly luck based if the CPU doesn't behave properly. Be patient with this method, it does in fact work, but it will take some practice albeit maybe even a few losses to get it just right. You can even Practice against The Max opponents. If you go to Single Player > Single Fight. You can Practice against "The Max" opponents by first selecting Hawkgirl then your opponent in Single Fight. After choosing the opponent you wish to practice this tactic on, select the Very Hard difficulty option. During the match, the CPU will fight exactly the same way as they do in "The Max". It's how I practiced against Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern using the Hawgirl method just in case I ran into them in Battle Mode. Those specific characters are very tricky to beat with Mace Charge alone and may require a more refined strategy with Hawkgirl when using the Mace Charge. For a full Hawkgirl Versus guide to all 24 opponents in The Max, see the links below.

    Note: If you're not comfortable using Hawkgirl, the Doomsday method may also work here as some people have had luck clearing it with him as well.

    For this mode you must defeat all 24 characters from the game in a row with your health bar and Super meter carrying over each match. If you lose you will be taken back to the main menu, no retries allowed. The difficulty setting for the opponents vary from Very Easy to Hard in this mode. You do in fact get 25% or more of your health replenished after each fight depending on how well you fought. An extra 10% of health will be awarded to you for each bonus objective you complete. After each match you win, the game will tell you your bonuses during your win pose. Try to complete some of the following objectives to get as many Health bonuses as you can:

    ° Win the match: 25%
    ° Perform a 30% Combo: 10%
    ° Use an Interactive object: 10%
    ° Win a Clash: 10%
    ° Complete a Transition: 10%
    This means you can leave a fight with as much as a 65% Health bonus if you fight properly. Impossible! isn't too difficult, but you'll have to play smart and careful with your health meter. Use the above mentioned Doomsday method for this, since Hawk Girl has too many bad match ups and will take too long to win fights spamming Mace Charge. The first 10 opponents or so are usually very easy to defeat, but somewhere half-way through you'l face opponents who won't fall for your combo so easily. Try crouch blocking against them if they are aggressive and use the pause button until they open them self up then punish. Personally, I found the crouching heavy attack(Down +A) to work well up close.

    You want to be smart with your Health and Super Meter because both of these carry over to the next match. Never blow your Super meter on a Super Move, your combo is good enough. Only use meter for Meter Burn with your Venom Tackle or to win clashes, that's it. More than likely while on their 2nd Health Bar(red health), the CPU will try to Clash you when you land a combo on them, so more meter increases your chances of winning or tying those clashes to prevent health loss. Remember, that using single hit heavy attacks(A-button) help prevent the CPU from clashing against you. But be warned as then you'll have to worry the CPU attempting their Super Move on you. Also use interact-able objects whenever you can, and keep sticking to the combo. Only start pausing against the more resilient CPU and scout for openings. Focus on keeping your health as high as you can and you'll get through all 24 foes. Just make sure you have at least a little over a red health bar going into fights. For me, I had just a sliver of white health going into most fights and I was still able to finish strong. Buckles Supreme has a video of this being done below.

    Hopefully these methods prove effective for you. Please comment if anything needs to be added or changed.
  • Zeh MarcossZeh Marcoss446,071
    27 Jun 2014 28 Jun 2014 16 Sep 2018
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    This is not a complete solution, it will only serve as an addition to excellent guide made by FeLizP.

    If you was not very successful when trying the Spam Mace method or Doomsday combos in The Max mode, here's an alternative way to try.

    The main strategy consist in performing a 46% damage combo with Solomon Grundy. The video at the end of this guide will give you a visual idea of how to pull it off.

    Considering the standard controls of the game, being the left side of the screen, to do this combo, the following steps should be input:

    .Swamp Hands (Meter Burned): cn_down, cn_left, cn_Y + cn_RT.

    .cn_right + cn_A, (Air) cn_upright + cn_Y, cn_X, cn_X, cn_B.

    .During first animation: cn_down, cn_down, cn_B.

    .During second animation: cn_up, cn_up, cn_B.

    It may seem a bit complicated at first, but it is very easy to connect everything when you catch the perfect timing.

    As you will see in the video below, there is no defense for Meter Burned Swamp Hands, and this movement also "holds" your opponent, opening an safe opportunity to start the entire combo. To have enough time to reach your opponent, you need to execute the Swamp Hands at most 2 dashs distance.

    Another tip is, as early as possible, once you get the complete sequence, you should try to immediately start it again, while the opponent is on standing animation. This will prevent it from escaping, and will give you an frame advantage over almost any other enemy attack.

    When you're without the Burn Meter, you can try using "cn_down + cn_Y, cn_B" to start your combo when your opponent is near you, or "cn_down + cn_X,cn_A" (Because this two low punches generally breaks the AI defense). These are also two good options to try the first hit, which will give you one Meter right away.

    The characters that you should avoid are: Lex, Doomsday and Slade. Besides, Flash and Aquaman can also be quite difficult, but they are beatables.

    If you are with the latest Title Update, this combo will get 43% instead of 46%, and the behavior of some enemies might be different compared to that found in the video. So I strongly advise that you try it offline without any title update.

    Using this strategy, and maybe with a little luck, I managed to complete The Max in about 6 attempts, so I think it is worth a few tries. I only hope to help somehow.

    If necessary, feel free to ask for some tips on specific opponents in the comments.

    p.s.: This guide was edited with the addition of the awesome gamepad icons that were recently implemented by TA. smile

    The following video is not mine, it belongs to MrShadowSax, thanks him for that.

    That's it. Good Luck!
  • Doopliss SWEDoopliss SWE244,064
    25 Aug 2015 25 Aug 2015 25 Nov 2015
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    This solution is specifically for "The Max", check the main solution by FeLizP for other details:
    Injustice: Gods Among UsUltimate BattlerThe Ultimate Battler achievement in Injustice: Gods Among Us worth 952 pointsComplete Battle Mode

    This method for beating The Max involves Doomsday instead of Hawkgirl. You'll need to delete the patch as described in the main guide for this to work, because it seems to me like the AI has been retroactively fixed to handle certain situations (If you try to spam Hawkgirl's Mace Charge in the lastest patch, they'll more often than not jump backwards and hit you out of the air, something they never do without the patch).

    The premise for this method is very simple: Just spam Doomsday's jump down+Heavy "splash" attack repeatedly. If you keep jumping back and forth over the opponent with the splash, they won't know what to do. Most of the time they'll block, but sometimes they'll try to counterattack and get hit, or try to intercept you in the air and get hit by the splash. If you see that you're going to hit it for sure, continue with the combo "LMH, Venom", the one described in the main guide and in the video below (Uploaded by Obie83), but without the meter burn. You'll want to save your meter for clutch supers or clashes.

    (Note that while the Splash doesn't combo into the light in the video, it will do so if you press light before you land)

    This method sadly doesn't work on every character. These are the ones you'll want to avoid:

    -Lex Luthor (Tends to do reversal Corps Charge, catching you on the way up)
    -Green Arrow (Will almost always shoot you out of the air with his up-arrows)
    -Bane (He often uses his airgrab as well as his "Shoryuken"-type move, both almost always works. He might be beatable by other means early in the run, but not with this method.)
    -Green Lantern (Often uses his ring grab as a reversal, which will catch most of the time, and deal massive damage if meter burned)

    -Batman (Tends to catch you with his upwards zipline most of the time at later stages.)
    -Solomon Grundy (He will more constantly catch you with his airgrab at later stages.)

    -Ares (I don't know if he's thinner, but the splash tends to miss A LOT. Luckily he rarely lands more than a few hits if he tags you)
    -Nightwing (At later stages he might start catching you with his Scatter Bomb while in Escrima mode, otherwise easy)

    -Harley Quinn (tends to avoid your stuff sometimes and catch you with a jab into a combo in the way up)
    -Sinestro (Tends to zone you out a lot, might use his "Shoryuken" sometimes and Meter Burn it, putting you fullscreen away)
    -Raven (Her full-screen grab attack can catch you from behind if she uses it on wake-up. Haven't seen her combo from it in that situation though)
    -Aquaman (Deals a lot of damage, and is sometimes smart enough to Anti-Air you with his crouching Medium. His character trait keeps you from comboing after a connected splash as well)

    UNCERTAIN (Never ran into them while going for the achi, handle with care):
    -Doomsday (I think he might be a huge threat, if he can even turn up while you play as him)
    -Black Adam (In theory he shouldn't be too annoying. His character trait might hit you a lot though)
    -DLC characters (If they're in after you buy them, I haven't, so I don't know)

    Sadly I don't have time to make a video example, but I'll try to explain some more details here. This method is pretty mindless at its core, but you'll need to be wary of the details if you wish to succeed.

    -Before picking "The Max" in the battle menu, while hovering over it, you'll see a preview of the characters you'll face. It's pretty easy to see if Lex or Bane is in there since they are so huge. Batman can be recognized from his pointy ears, and Green Lantern has the green sheen on his hand. If you see any of the six "AVOID"-characters (Unless Grundy and/or batman is at the very start), back out of the battle menu end then enter it again for a new set of characters.

    -Some characters won't be hit by the splash if you jump over them while you're point blank. Try to stand a little bit away while jumping in. If you hit somone out of the air with the splash you'll have some time to reposition yourself, and can jump forward on reaction if you see them backroll.

    -Memorize the moves will get hit by your splash if the opponent attempts them. That way you'll be prepared to do your combo if the situation arises.

    -Save your super meter. The CPU likes to use meter burns a lot, and therefore rarely has any meter stocked, use this to your advantage if you're in trouble to initiate a clash and get up to 33% HP back. You can also walk forward and then use your Super, the opponent tends to do something if you approach a certain range. If they only have a pixel of HP left, you might throw out on or two hail Mary Meter Burned Venoms to finish them off. Another use of meter is to use Meter Burned Supernova to instantly get close to zoners, mainly Deathstroke. If you feel really daring, you could try meter burning back+Heavy and go for a transition, but this is not something I ever did myself.

    -Using your character trait can be useful for several purposes. It helps you get close against zoning characters like Sinestro, Hawkgirl and Deathstroke, it prevents you from getting hit by the CPU's devastating combos, and if they have a pixel of life left, it can often be used to jab them through the offense for the kill.

    -Try to use interactibles as often as possible. Not only do they deal a lot of damage, but it prevents the opponent from doing the same.

    -Notice the patterns of the CPU. A lot of characters are quite predictable. In general they aren't shy to show you how much they read your inputs, and they often use a meter burned Forward or Back+Heavy to force their way through your moves. Hitting them with LL or LM will break through this and allow you to continue with a combo.

    -If you're stuck in the corner (or anywhere else) with no better options left to use, the best thing you can do is just keep blocking, then try to land a crouching Light, followed by a jump over their heads into Splash. They rarely use moves fast enough to catch you on the way up in this situation. In midscreen situations you can also get away pretty effectively with a backdash against some characters (You'll have to use trial and error to determine which ones, I can't remember).

    After testing match-ups for a few hours to notice who not to fight and the quirks of various characters, I beat this battle after about five tries. The execution level needed for this method is lower than the Hawkgirl mace charge one, and I'm pretty sure it's faster too. I also has less unfavorable match-ups. So if you're stuck, consider using this method. Please leave a comment if you used this method successfully, or feel like there's something missing.
    01 Sep 2018 06 Sep 2018
    3 0 0

    This is not a complete run of myself attempting the MAX challenge but rather a playlist of me fighting opponents that most people consider bad match-ups and tend to avoid when going for this challenge, such as Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and The Flash. Here I'll show you an effective and "easy" way to beat these opponents.

    The character used will be Solomon Grundy and the strategy adopted will be the one described by Zeh Marcoss in his solution but I adapted it a little bit to fight each of these opponents. You'll see how I control the tempo of the fights and trigger the AI to behave in a beneficial manner that grants me the upper hand during the whole fight.

    Read his solution first so you have a general idea of the inputs you're gonna pull off. The main combo seems hard to perform at first sight but it's actually really easy to master the timing and execution of it after a little practice in training mode.

    There are videos of people completing the MAX challenge with Solomon Grundy already on YT using this strategy but in some fights the player barely made it and some opponents were behaving differently for me, such as Superman. I'm not being cocky here or neglecting other people's work, please. In fact if wasn't for these players I wouldn't come up with this solution in the first place, so I must recognize their work, but here you'll find a consistent strat that works every single time and has not a luck based factor when facing them.

    I'm linking the videos I used for reference and taught me how to play with Solomon Grundy. The 1st one is a successful run of the MAX challenge captured by MrShadowSax and the 2nd is a tutorial video guide recorded by STWproductionz that will teach you the moves, combos and strategy in general you're using against your opponents.

    I'm linking my playlist after these 2 videos because I think it's better you learn how to play with Solomon first and observe the fighting pace of these players so when you watch my videos you know exactly what I'm doing and have enough data to compare their pace with mine. And by doing this I'm crediting the people who helped me come up with this solution as well, of course. A massive thanks to MrShadowSax and STWproductionz for their assistance.

    I decided to do these videos for a few reasons. First because I couldn't find anyone who attempted this challenge using this strategy with Solomon Grundy that risked their runs fighting these opponents, instead they always recommend you avoid them because this strat that normally works perfectly against other opponents doesn't suit these 6 character I'm showing so well. Second because some of them or at least one of these 6 kept poping on my opponents line-up almost every time when I was going for this challenge. Sometimes I'd take a good line-up but a Superman or a Deathstroke would ruin my run or even 3 or more of these characters showed up, so I figured that instead of avoiding them it would be easier and faster to learn how to beat these opponents.

    I could post a successful run of myself beating the MAX challenge but since there are already videos of people who did that and the line-up characters are ramdom I figured it'd be more helpful to show how to overcome opponents that you'd avoid and require a different approach. That way you'll be ready for any opponent that stumble across your way and you'll no longer have to back out this challenge every time you get a bad match-up in your line-up. Plus this strategy works for any other opponent as well.

    I'm not very good at fighting games, I usually struggle developing a consistent and effective fighting style, both against the CPU as real players, and find it hard to memorize the characters combo inputs as well but Solomon Grundy is a very easy character to play with and causes ridiculously massive damage by inputing not many commands. Of course I didn't succeed right away, only after some practice I managed to master each of these match-ups, and if I did it you can do it too.

    This is just a complement for the already existant solutions that will help you defeat these opponents, as I mentioned before, Zeh Marcoss pretty much covered everything and I advise reading his whole solution before reading mine. Since I didn't find any videos on how to defeat these opponents using this strategy I figured if I recorded me playing it could help other players that struggles in this match-ups as I did. Just keep practicing and trying until you're familiar with every opponent behavior and you'll eventually easily defeat them all. You can see this is actually me playing by the gamertag LERISBILLSALOVE on the gamercard on the left top corner of the screen.

    I recommend watching the videos in the order the playlist shows because I captioned them in a specific order and reference the previous fights as I go. The order is as follows: Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and The Flash. If you find these videos helpful and want me to do any other match-up that you consider bad or are struggling to overcome please leave a message on my inbox here on TA or on the YT comment section and I'll record a video asap.

    Well, I think that's enough said! Without further ado here is the playlist:
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