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The Hero We Deserve

Reach Level 100

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How to unlock the The Hero We Deserve achievement

  • bs000bs000288,029
    01 May 2013 24 Apr 2013 05 May 2013
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    It's 50,796,671 XP to reach level 100. Level 90 is approx. the halfway point.

    If you're looking to grind some levels, there's a fast and easy farming method playing local matches with a second controller.

    Go to Gameplay Settings and set MATCH TIMER to OFF.

    External image

    Start a Versus match with a second controller. Choose a gadget type character like Batman and the Atlantis stage. When the match starts, maneuver both characters so that the glass ball on the left is on the edge of the screen. You want to make sure there's no room for you to jump away so that you'll always land in front of the ball again.

    External image

    Hit RB to vault off the glass ball. Each time you do it, it counts as using an interactable for 50xp. Unlike the majority of other interactables, it's not destroyed, and there is no cooldown so you can hit RB over and over forever. This way, you can earn XP while you do other much more important things, like watch TV. If you have a turbo controller, you can tape down RB and leave it on overnight.

    External image

    Keep in mind that you'll need to complete the match to save your progress. Match Boost XP cards can be bought to speed this up further, but it's best to limit the amount you buy because access cards are needed to earn unlockables in the Archives for the 'Hoarder' achievement. You should have enough cards to buy everything by level 68, so after that you're free to buy as many XP boosts as you want.

    Important note: You lose your XP boosts when you quit the game, so be sure to make the most of them before turning off your console.

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    thanatos8285Note: This is not my solution, but since it hasn't been posted here, I wanted to share it in case anyone comes here looking for a quicker way. Choose the Hall of Justice stage with a power character that doesn't fly (generally). Move all the way to the right side of the screen and interact with the robot. The power character will do a grab, and you get your same 50xp interactable bonus. The animation is much shorter and you can rack up way more points over time. The only characters I've bothered to confirm with this are Doomsday and Shazam (not sure why Shazam doesn't do the flying interaction but oh well). I would suspect Bane, Ares, Grundy, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Lex all do the same animation. Flying power characters like Black Adam will do a different animation which slowly moves them forward and will have them off the mark after just 3-4 activations. I suspect Wonder Woman, Superman, and Hawkgirl do this move as well, but I have not tested it. There's really no benefit to using a different character so my recommendation is to just use Doomsday or Shazam.

    TL;DR version: Right side of the Hall of Justice stage, use Doomsday or Shazam to repeatedly interact with the robot for a shorter animation and more XP per hour.
    Posted by thanatos8285 on 08 Mar 18 at 14:58
    WhiteythereaperJust as an aside for anyone who still wants to do this and has an Xbox One, a Windows 10 laptop/pc, no turbo controller or only one controller, there is a program called VJoystick which when paired with another program called UCR (Universal Controller Remapper) can emulate Xbox 360 controllers being connected to the PC.

    When you stream your Xbox One to said PC via the Xbox app it will allow you to use your keyboard as second controller by binding keys to buttons and the program features a toggle option and turbo scripting on presses.

    I'll leave this guide here for a Halo MCC achievement that requires 4 controllers that guides you through the process (obviously you'll want to map an RB, 4 dpad buttons, and a start&select button to sign in to your account on that "controller". It's the bottom solution out of the three

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionBack In The DayThe Back In The Day achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 24 pointsHalo CE: Play a CTF custom game on Blood Gulch with 4 players. Tri-tip optional.
    Posted by Whiteythereaper on 18 Jun 19 at 07:48
    planchetflawWonderful and faster alternative, thanatos8285. Thank you!

    Unlimited Game Time
    Multiplayer -> Versus
    Doomsday P1
    Anyone P2
    Hall of Justice
    Move Doomsday all the way to right side and stand in front of the standing robot
    Move P2 right as well if you can't see it
    Wait for robot tank to move away to the left
    Have P2 be out of distance of Doomsday grab-range
    Turbo RB as long as you want or need
    Finish the fight to bank the XP

    No need to worry about lining things up PERFECTLY. Faster animation means more RB hits per minute. No risk of destroying the interactive element. No risk of moving off the spot over time.
    Posted by planchetflaw on 27 May 21 at 22:11
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  • xGamBeaTxxGamBeaTx266,175
    06 Aug 2013 04 Aug 2013
    48 1 7
    I got a different method for farming XP.

    Your character would be Doomsday and Arena would be Hall of Justice, Interaction you'd be spamming is the robot on far fight of the arena. Cooldown seems way faster than the Atlantis interaction as the animation is just a grab instead of acrobatic jump so you can spam the button even faster and compared to flash's interaction you can't really glitch it.

    Remember: Use your x5 bonus and don't turn off the game unless you totally done as it works as long as you are in the same game session you enabled it.
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    NeverUnluckyI have a tip to get XP boosts easily: Go play online in player matches. Select Deathstroke and spam your weapon combos to win the games easily. This way, you should get some streak XP boosts easily. Once you get one of those, start a versus match before your XP boost expires. As long as you started the game before it expired, you will benefit of it even if your versus match lasts 3 hours. Use this method to save Armory keys to unlock the Hoarder achievement.

    If something wasn't clear in what I said, feel free to tell me.
    Posted by NeverUnlucky#344 on 27 Jul 14 at 19:47
    NeverUnluckyFollowing my previous comment: I got to 50 straight wins legit! It gave mr a 10x EXP multiplier. That is insane!
    Posted by NeverUnlucky#344 on 27 Jul 14 at 21:40
    Zeh MarcossIt really is. And if you get the 5x multiplier bought in the game, you can reach the amount of 15x. In this way, I was able to unlock this achievement in two days (without turbo controller), and when i started, I had already unlocked the Hoarder achievement, so spend Armory keys was not a problem at all. smile
    Posted by Zeh Marcoss on 30 Jul 14 at 03:52
  • Templar PunkTemplar Punk133,923
    28 Apr 2013 26 Apr 2013 09 May 2013
    32 7 22
    **FASTER TURBO CONTROLLER METHOD** (possible to do it manually too)

    This method can earn you massive amounts of XP points, especially overnight with very little effort if you have a turbo controller.

    1. On the menu go to game settings. Turn the timer off.
    2. Go back to the menu and select Multiplayer. Then select Versus.
    3. On the character select screen, press start on controller 2 and pick Flash for both players (or any character that does similar interactions).
    4. On the stage select screen, go highlight the Hall of Justice. Switch the starting point (press Y) to the Great Hall.
    5. When the match starts, have both players go to the right of the screen until you see the mini space jet floating on the upper part of the screen (that you can glide on).
    6. Have Player 2 go to the right of the mini-jet and have Player 1 right under it.
    7. Now if you have a turbo controller, set your interact button on turbo. Now tape/ rubberband the analog stick up to have Player 1's character jump up continually. Now tape/rubberband the interact button and voila way faster. Since you are continually interacting with the object the points will add each time you do it.
    8. When you are ready to come back to the game after idling or not. Just make sure you finish the match with Player 1. DO NOT QUIT OR YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR POINTS!

    This method seems to be a lot quicker since there are less frames to interact with the object (mini space jet) compared to the Atlantis stage. This is also possible to do manually but seems more tedious than the other method since you're also pressing up to jump, but still way faster.

    Make sure you pick up a 5x multiplier!!! It definitely speeds things up!!!

    -There's been some talk about Flash glitching and not coming down from the interaction. Make sure to check your screen every few hours to see if he is okay. You can use Player 2 to knock him off the glitch.
    -Just got the achievement! clap It took me around 20 hours and the 5x XP bonus multiplier helped big time!

    **Credits go to dalleval from youtube for the video**

    Happy idling! wave
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    Zeh MarcossI got 10 win streak playing against a friend in a private match, but could not get the 10x XP bonus. Don't know why. ;(
    Posted by Zeh Marcoss on 30 Jun 14 at 21:03
    Zeh MarcossOk. I think nobody mentioned, but are required around 50 consecutive victories in multiplayer to achieve the 10X multiplier XP bonus. (Not only ten victories as I was thinking).

    So, as DarkSephiroth07 said before, this added to 5X multiplier bought with credits in the game, finally resulting in a total of 15X bonus, make these boosting XP methods, get much faster. =)
    Posted by Zeh Marcoss on 09 Jul 14 at 23:41
    Deaf KageHow can I complete match without quitting and timer off? I'm sorry I don't understand
    Posted by Deaf Kage on 31 Mar 15 at 18:54
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