Holy Knockout Batman! achievement in Injustice: Gods Among Us

Holy Knockout Batman!

Win 10 complete Ranked matches

Holy Knockout Batman!0
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How to unlock the Holy Knockout Batman! achievement

  • GesterXGesterX380,756
    27 Apr 2013 27 Apr 2013
    20 3 7
    I found this easiest to do with Sinestro.

    I mostly used 2 moves and added a meter burn when I could. The two moves were:
    Down, back, Y - Drop a boulder on the enemies head
    Down, forward X - Shoots an energy ball

    The trick is to keep away from your opponent and keep spamming these attacks. When you build up at least one portion of meter, press RT shortly after either attack and you'll do a more powerful version of that attack.

    If your opponent gets close try to use an environment object to get some distance or attempt a throw.

    Using this method I went from winning 1 in 3 matches to almost every match. There will still be times when someone very good at the game will thrash you but this method should get you 10 wins very quickly.

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    BastiaenSame problem. I have 12 ranked 1v1 wins, but no achievement.
    Posted by Bastiaen on 10 Apr 17 at 04:41
    AgnusPrimeI'm not sure about it, but I got this with Batman, maybe you need to use Batman as mentioned on name of the achievement.
    It's just a guess, because it worked for me, aside others would got with another character (it could was changed after atualizations).
    Posted by AgnusPrime on 18 Jun 21 at 23:24
    MaxChloe2013Anyone interested in farming this achievement and the game's other online achievements?
    Posted by MaxChloe2013 on 16 Jan at 07:45
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  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity522,449
    16 Dec 2013 15 Dec 2013 16 Dec 2013
    6 4 0
    Solution for Lucky Break In Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Just follow this guide.

    Play with a Nintendo 3DS or something, keep losing matches, and eventually they will make you match up with people who only lose.

    Then you have people of your skill playing with you.

    After doing this, I got matched up with people that had 0 wins and a few losses. Kept using Death Stroke's Down, Forward + Y and Down, Back + Y against them and got a streak of 7 wins. Then it started giving me stronger opponents again and I finally lost enough again to meet people weak enough to get another win. Then I got matched with people that kicked my ass again. Finally, my True skill went to 1 and I got my last 2 wins.
  • I Huff n I PuffI Huff n I Puff504
    22 Apr 2013
    13 11 3
    Here is a surefire solution to get 10 ranked wins.

    This is for noobs cause let's face it, there are too many pros online.

    HOWEVER, I must tell you. You will get hate mail and it won't feel good.

    Use Deathstroke. He is so cheap and easy to win with, even veterans will not be able to beat you.

    What you need to do is keep spamming his machine gun. Do it from far and close.
    This move takes off too much energy.

    DOWN, FORWARD +Y. People seem to be too dumb to block this.

    Now, you'get people jumping over it and trying to hit you. Just do DOWN BACK+Y for upward machine gun. It'll get em everytime.

    Don't forgeet your supermove if you have it.

    Add meter burns (RT) to your machine gun for extra damage.

    You will win for sure.

    Now, here's the bad news. They will do 1 of 3 things. they will either rage quit (if they quit, you will get a win but it will not count for the achievement). They will just give up and let you beat them. They will send you hate mail calling you names and maybe submit bad player review. Just be ready for it.
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    LRGTHEREAPERP.S If the get to close you can do down, forward+A
    Posted by LRGTHEREAPER on 30 Apr 13 at 20:21
    o0ArA0oA little addition to this guide ... if you want to play it save and a little less spamming use your machine gun only at almost fullscreen distance. The damage is good (14%) but your recovery on block is to long at closer distance. At 3/4 screen use your Quickfire, it does less damage but is saver (10 frame move instead of 20 frame, but only 6% dam). If you meter burn use always Quickfire! This does 16% dam (Meter Burn Machine Gun does only 1% more and is slower).

    If he gets close to you (match start distance) use sword flip and if he gets you down use sword spin as your wakeup (invincible frames). This will mix your tactic up a bit and stop people from rage quitting because you just spam.
    Posted by o0ArA0o on 28 Jun 13 at 06:20
    MailOrderCowb0yGreat guide, got some hate mail, ran into a couple of other people doing the same thing. The best characters to do this against are people with limited projectiles: Grundy, Nightwing, Bane etc.
    Posted by MailOrderCowb0y on 27 Jul 13 at 00:42
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