World's Finest achievement in Injustice: Gods Among Us

World's Finest

Complete All S.T.A.R. Lab Missions with 3 Stars

World's Finest-1.3
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How to unlock the World's Finest achievement

  • I Huff n I PuffI Huff n I Puff504
    22 Apr 2013 24 Apr 2013
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    Obviously this achievement is gonna take a long time and a bit of skill. However, its actually a easy achievement. I am gonna give you some easy tips on how to do these. Just be happy these are MUCH MUCH easier than the challenge tower in MK9. Most of them are very repetitive.

    Firstly, everyone knows that you do not have to do all 3 stars in one try. However, you must complete the objective for the star you got to be counted. So, just take your time and do 1, 2 or 3 all the same time if you can. Some will actually need you to play the challenge more than once anyway.

    Secondly, for those who have problems with the difficulty. You will be pleased to know that this is just like MK9. The more you retry, the easier it gets. So if you are having trouble beating some one, just keep retrying, it will get easier. You must get to the mission unsucessful screen and try again. Not pause and select retry. It may take up to 20+ retries for noticable difference but it will get easier, dont fret.

    Thirdly, for QTEs. If you are not fast enough to enter the button config. Push pause once the QTE comes up, you can still see the buttons that need pushing, unpause and do the action and push pause again for the next one and so on and so on.

    Fourth, for challenges that ask you not to get hit for certain amount of time. Remember, you CAN block and it will still count. Spam projectiles from far away if you have them. If not, make use of super moves, interactables, throws and transitions. Those will eat up the seconds. A good tip is to build up a few seconds by running and keeping away and then use a supermove or transition for the rest.

    Fifth, for juggle and combos challenges. Most of them are simple ones. For the rest, just refer to youtube, there are many vids that show you good combos for each fighter. Link to a uploader at the bottom. Don't forget that adding a meteor burn (RT) will net you a few more hits. ie. Green lantern's machine gun and nightwing's spinning batons. Experiment with it.

    Sixth, for button mashing challenges like Flash racing superman. Obvioulsy, if you have a turbo stick, these are non issues. However, if you don't. You can use the spoon trick. It sounds weird but if you use a spoon to mash the buttons, you will find it better than using your fingers.

    Seventh, it is very important to note that some of challenges are based on luck (trial and error). ie. Challenge 99: Lex Luther. Sometimes the air bubbles and bombs will be in great positions, sometimes they won't. Just keep retrying until you get lucky and all the air bubbles or bombs are in the right places for you.

    Eigth, by far the hardest callenges are the ones that need you to have a full second life bar. My advice is to keep re-trying to make it easier and spam the projectiles from far way like crazy.

    Ninth, there are some challenges that will require you to mash the BACK button to see where the next object is coming from. Examples of these are: Cyborg#126, Deathstroke#77, Lex #98 and so on and so on. If you mash the BACK button, you will have extra reaction time to figure out what your next move is and where to hit or go. You will definitely need this trick for hawkgirl's challenge. Dodging all the rocks without getting hit. Just spam the back button and move hawkgirl out of the way. Like slo motion haha.

    Tenth, for win a clash challenges. I found it easier to quickly get myself up to full super. The AI will have full super sometime during the fight. Get the AI to use his supermove or a meter burn. You must have more and bet more super than the AI for guaranteed win.
    The AI will almost always intiate a clash but if he doesn't, you can easily start one. Just remember, Clashes can only be intiated on the second life bar.

    Eleven, Some of the 1st challenge for each character will have your doing all their moveset. Some of these challenges require you not to miss a move. However, this is very decieving. You probably did them all but did not get the star right? That's because you must hit the AI with the move, if he blocks or jumps out of the way, it wil not count. It might register, but it will not count for the star. Also, if you at anytime you hit air with any other move (even single punches or kicks), it will not count also. You have to hit and connect on the first try flawlessly and cannot do any other moves. Just take your time and do each move slowly and correctly. One particular nasty one is Black Adam. He has 3 combos you must get perfect timing. Also, you must hit sinestro with your lightining bomb on the first try. This is easier said than done. Throw a CLOSE one (it'll still count) Down Back +Y+ Back. It will land under him. Some times it will hit him, sometimes he wil jump away. If you miss, you have to start all the way from the beginning. Keep trying, you can do it.

    Twelve. By far the hardest challenge in the game is Black Adam's #220. You fight 2 guys and you have to get hit by a super move and win, all while ice is falling on your head!. My advice is to kill killer frost as fast as posible and have at least more than one full bar of life. Beat up Shazam, . If he is on his last bar, do not combo him or he will clash you. Just jump around until he does his super and hit him with cheap jabs and kicks. he will eventually do his super. You must let it hit. Then quickly kill him. Make good use of he interactibles, your character power (B) and your super move to kill Shazam fast. Remember, keep retrying if you fail. 15-20 times and you will see a big difference in the difficulty. Do not ever pause and retry, you will reset the counter.

    If you have any problems with a challenge, leave them in the comments and I will try to help you. I will edit this and add more tips as I go through the star labs myself.

    IE, a lot of people had problem with Superman's vs Batman trying not toget hit by his batrangs. You CAN block and still get it. Just stay far away from him (full screen) and spam superman's projectiles. Down Back+A, I believe. Time it so that as he gets up, you nail him. He rarely blocks it. if he does, just hit him again. Try not to jump so much or risk getting hit from his upward batrangs.

    Most importantly, be patient. Dont rage or get mad. If you are having problems with one, move on to the next and come back to it later. Take a break if you need to. You will find that if you come back to it, you will be much better at it. Have fun with these star labs. A lot of them are so much fun to play.

    Still having problems. Here are Vids to guide you. I am not going to post every single fighters vids here. The uploaded named VesperAzure did them all. Just go to his channel, look for the fighter and challenge you want and copy it.

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    Kol MagiusThe first time I beat 220 at all (after about 15 tries), both KF and Shazam super-moved me but I edged out a win, lol. Still have 4 levels to clear up that I found really tough but nobody else is complaining about them, so hopefully I’ll get them eventually.
    Posted by Kol Magius on 05 Aug 21 at 07:14
    LulafrescaHere i am in 2021 talking about this cheevo and i know some of you guys are gonna get upset.
    I have beaten both 220 and 224 today and will probably beat all challenges in a bit.
    All i can say is that 224 is way more harder than 220, but it all comes down to RNG, just build a strategy for them and don't give up and you should be good.
    Also thanks for the guide!
    Posted by Lulafresca on 13 Aug 21 at 01:29
    VeryMetalChewieI wish someone involved in creating this game could dispel the myth that this gets easier. I've spent 3 hours on 220 and the difficulty doesn't change at all. You get a match now and again where the random falling ice works in your favour but that's about it
    Posted by VeryMetalChewie on 07 Jan at 15:02
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  • DonTrombone7704DonTrombone7704259,125
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    World's Finest is one of the hardest and most time-consuming achievements in the game. It is unlocked by completing every S.T.A.R. Labs mission and earning three stars on all of them.

    Totaling 240 missions, they are divided into ten missions for each of the 24 characters in the game and the total stars required is 720 stars.

    When you begin these missions, most of them are locked and you have to earn a certain number of stars in order to unlock the later missions in the game. You'll need to obtain 350 stars in order to unlock Ares S.T.A.R. Labs missions.

    With 240 missions, each star has certain criteria that have to be met in order to unlock. Please note that not all of these missions can be 3-starred in one go. Some can be, but others are incredibly difficult to 3-star at once, and other missions have stars that have to be worked on separately.

    These missions range from very easy to incredibly difficult, even infuriating. If you find yourself getting too angry, just quit out and come back later. You will be amazed at how much better you do with a cooler head.

    By far the hardest missions are those where the character must defeat his/her enemy with a full second health bar. What this means is that your character must not lose any of the 'red' health bar. He/she can lose the entire 'silver' health bar and still win the star required. Other missions such as Harley Quinn's #64 and Deathstrokes #77 are more trial and error, or sheer luck.

    A word of note about mission difficulty, if your struggling one some of these missions against certain opponents, DO NOT pause or manually retry the missions. Just let the enemy defeat you until the retry options menu pops up. The reason is that the enemy difficulty drops with each subsequent retry. Pausing will reset this so don't pause. Some missions you'll have to let the enemy defeat you multiple times until he/she is easier to defeat. Not all missions are affected by this so I'd take this technique with caution.

    A few notes about some missions that have given players serious grief:

    Super Man mission 6: Superman has to survive 20 seconds without getting hit once by Catwoman. Catwoman is immensely aggressive and one hit will cause you to fail the mission. You have to throw Catwoman twice to unlock the required star. The other is a 4-hit juggle combo.

    Batman's mission 17: Many have noted the difficulty of completing the mission with only special moves. This was infuriating to do since there is a very high risk of either Batman using a special move and the move not connecting, or if it doesn't come out correctly, he throws either a normal punch of kick and negates the star. A way around this nightmare is to use the 'throw' mechanism and plant the bat bomb on the Joker and Harley Quinn's back. Unless a patch has since been applied, this can help with completing this mission. I spent two weeks attempting special moves and either throwing a normal punch or kicking the air. The 'throw' mechanism counts as a special move. This was still rather irritating to do but using the 'throw' mechanism reduces this mission from near-impossible to just a pain in the ass.

    Black Adam 220: Ah, mission 220. The mission so many have written countless rants about. I actually didn't have as much trouble doing this one as many others have written about. However, I still found the rants to be justified since Black Adam has to defeat both Killer Frost and Shazam after getting hit by a Super Move, all the while ice falls on your head and freezes you, or it interrupts a combo you're throwing on the enemy. He also must win a clash in order to unlock the other star. I recommend doing the 'clash' and 'hit by Super Move' stars separately to make things easier. Now, in terms of completing this mission, The ROBOT (Note I use capital letters to emphasize this) on the far right of the arena is the lifesaver here. Try to limit the damage to your silver health bar while tossing Killer Frost against the Robot until she dies. If Shazam's super meter is full, let him hit you with his Super Move and then resume tossing him against the robot until he finally dies. Note, when I say limit the damage to the silver health bar, this is why, especially when taking into account the ice balls that will keep falling on your head. Having a good fraction of your silver health bar will really help in surviving a Super Move and finishing the mission. Expect numerous tries to complete it and diligence and perseverance is key to completing it.

    By far the hardest mission IMO is Wonder Woman's 224. This infuriating mission involves Wonder Woman battling Sinestro while she's bleeding out health. The hardest star is to defeat him while still having a second (red) health bar. The window to completing this is very small and Sinestro is very aggressive. You must act quick and get all of Wonder Woman's moves to come out correctly as fast as possible and then defeat Sinestro quickly as your silver bar will be wiped out very quickly. To add insult to injury, he even has a tendenby to block Wonder Woman's attacks and he frequently tosses boulders on her head. Expect to get angry and quit multiple times before finally completing this mission. I had a far harder time with this than 224. Good luck with this mission.

    Another notable mission is Ares mission 237. Here, he must avoid getting hit by a single spear by teleporting and turning invisible for a small fraction of a second. The spears are very quick and Ares teleport effect ends very quickly and thus, the timing will take a lot of practice to get down. The second part is defeating Hawkgirl. This will take numerous retries as she is very aggressive and will decimate you within seconds. Much like 224, expect to retry this mission many times.

    Overall, there are 720 stars that must be collected and this will take a very long time to unlock. My best idea is to focus on a particular character until all of his missions are 3-starred. Each character has a particular background logo on the missions screen and you can check to see if any stars are missing. Completing all star lab missions for each character will unlock banners for your Multiplayer profile that you can customize.

    Working on this, you will will unlock the following achievements:

    1. "It Has Begun" (Complete a star lab mission)
    2. "Overachiever" (Complete 1 star lab mission with 3-stars)
    3. "All Stars" (Earn 100 stars in star labs missions)
    4. "I Conquered All" (Beat all star lab missions)

    Most of these missions are a lot of fun to play but also know when to walk away when you get too angry.
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