Feel the Burn! achievement in Injustice: Gods Among Us

Feel the Burn!

Perform every Meter Burn special move of every character

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How to unlock the Feel the Burn! achievement

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    This achievement can be done in Practice Mode. If you don't think you'll be overwhelmed, you can go for 'Superhuman' and 'Metahuman' at the same time.

    Go to practice mode and choose a character. Work your way through each character in order, to help you keep track.

    Once in game, go to PRACTICE OPTIONS and set METER GAIN to REFILL. Next, go to MOVES LIST and scroll over to SPECIAL MOVES. Observe which specials have a Meter Burn variation (it should say Meter Burn underneath it) and tag these using Y.

    Meter Burn specials are done by holding the Meter Burn button (RT by default) immediately after inputting a special move. You'll know you've done a Meter Burn special correctly if you see a section of your super meter used (this is why we use REFILL instead of FULL meter gain).

    Some meter specials will only activate under certain conditions. There are quite a few meter burns that only activate on hit, meaning the attack has to hit your opponent before the meter burn variation can be activated.

    There are also some meter specials that will require you to record the AI doing things like duck, jump, or attack. This is because some specials only hit crouching characters, airborne characters, or are counters which require being attacked to activate. If a move isn't connecting, use the description of the special move in the special moves list to determine what you need to do.

    Once you've done all the meter burn specials on a character, return to player select and repeat with the rest of the cast. Once you've done every meter burn special, the achievement will unlock once you leave practice mode.

    If it didn’t unlock for you, these are the things that are easily missed to check for first:
    Raven’s Demon Stance:
    Her demon stance character power has a very limited amount of time before you go back to normal. Keep an eye on this while performing her demon stance specials, and wait for it to recharge after it runs out.

    Raven’s Empty Void Meter Burn:
    Empty void is a projectile counter. You need to record the practice dummy firing a projectile. Then you need to perform empty void to absorb it and meter burn it. Done correctly, it will fire a projectile back at your opponent.

    Shazam’s Achilles’ Clutch:
    This move only hits ducking opponents. The throw has to be performed in order for the meter burn version to come out. Set the dummy to duck.

    Lex Luthor’s Gravity Mines:
    Aim for the feet. It disappears if it hits the opponents body. Time the meter burn version with when the mine activates and hits the opponent.

    Killer Frost’s Frostbite:
    This is a counter move. The meter burn version requires you to get hit to activate. Record the dummy doing attacks.

    Deathstroke’s Low Sword Spin:
    His sword spin has two meter burn variations. The low spin version can be easily overlooked. Hold down after performing the meter burn sword spin normally.

    Doomsday’s Air Snatch:
    This move requires an airbourne opponent. Set the dummy to jump to do the meter burn variation.

    If you think there's something you may have overlooked, or not sure if you're doing a move right, here is a series of videos for every special move, meter burn, and super:

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    SledgeHammer jrI've got the metahuman cheevo, but I just can't get this one.

    I'm almost positive that the problem is The Flash's far ground pound burn move (down forward a, forward + RT). I've obviously done it at least once as a regular move, and I can do the other two ground pound variations easy enough, but for some reason I just can't seem to replicate that far ground pound move again, let alone the burn enhanced version of it.

    Am I missing something as far as timing, distance or whatever goes?
    Posted by SledgeHammer jr on 30 Apr 13 at 03:48
    EaseAndInspirewent through once and popped it on the second go around, just gonna throw this out there for anyone stuck, when using lex you hit RT after the mine has grabbed them. that was the last one I needed so hopefully this helps someone out. also when doing ravens void counter you can set AI joker to counter with a gunshot, so its really simple you just shoot him with a projectile then hit the void counter. cheers all
    Posted by EaseAndInspire on 30 Apr 13 at 16:13
    SledgeHammer jrThe one I was missing actually turned out to be Grundy's burn enhanced Swamp Hands move. Not sure how I missed that one, but just in case anyone out there is wondering if they have correctly triggered it or not, the burn enhanced Swamp Hands holds the enemy in place, rather than knocking them over.
    Posted by SledgeHammer jr on 03 May 13 at 15:28
    S4MwichI was also missing Grundy's swamp hands, thanks for the tip.
    Posted by S4Mwich on 16 Jun 13 at 01:11
    Motosyko21Went through this nearly twice before catching Shazam's Achilles Grab for the achievement.
    Posted by Motosyko21 on 19 Jun 13 at 14:25
    A BatwomanDoes the meter burn have to hit them?
    Posted by A Batwoman on 02 Jul 13 at 11:52
    JMJimmyOnes that are easily "overlooked" (cause it's very hard to tell when you've actually done them) are Flash's Close Sonic Pain! and Far Sonic Pain! as they are almost the same as Sonic Pain!

    Sonic Pain! = down, forward, A + RT
    Close Sonic Pain = down, forward, A, forward + RT
    Far Sonic Pain = down, forward, A, back + RT

    Doing the first one may make it seem like you've done one of the latter two.
    Posted by JMJimmy on 16 Sep 13 at 05:08
    CoulrophobiacThanks, I was missing different ones for both this and the one without meter burn. Got them both while doing the ones you listed here as easy to miss.
    Posted by Coulrophobiac on 29 Jun 15 at 19:24

    I'm trying to do Ares' 4 different "Warp Transmission" powers with their Meter Burn. I can't for the life of me get the Brun power to work, and I don't see these in YouTube videos for this achievement. Are these not needed?

    Also, Killer Frost's parry Burn power is working, but not depleting a bar (definitely getting the effect though). Kind of off.
    Posted by Ahayzo on 31 May 16 at 02:08
    MarcoTheMan25do the attacks have to connect or can they just be preformed?
    Posted by MarcoTheMan25 on 18 May 20 at 06:25
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