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Injustice: Gods Among Us
Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Bull in a China Shop

Cause maximum damage in all Arenas (does not include Practice mode)

Bull in a China Shop0
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Achievement Guide for Bull in a China Shop

  • Kaiser679Kaiser679136,070
    18 Apr 2013 17 Apr 2013
    11 1 2
    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way to tell when maximum damage has been done. You may be missing some destroyable object and not even know it. That being said, a few good rules of thumb are as follows....

    - Have both characters use their Super Move
    - Use every interactive object (these can be found in the guides for the 'Groundbreaking' achievement

    ...and a couple my predecessor missed that definitely help

    - Make sure you use all the level transitions (see guides for 'Around The World') achievement
    - Try to split your fighting up, and make sure to cover all possible ground. Don't just stick to one corner.

    Do all of this once in each stage and you should have your achievement in no time.
  • StevivorStevivor632,080
    17 Apr 2013 18 Apr 2013 18 Apr 2013
    5 1 4
    I got this in S.T.A.R. Labs with Catwoman in one of her missions. You have to break into a safe, and I did it using just light attacks. Not sure if this was a legit unlock or just a glitch?

    It's S.T.A.R. Labs Catwoman Mission 25. Good luck!
  • Dark Devil WolfDark Devil Wolf846,590
    15 Oct 2018 15 Oct 2018
    0 0 0
    For achievement hunters out there still trying to gain this I went through every map and all variations of each map and here's the key points I used

    1) use Lex Luther as your charater his special move destroys pretty much every thing around each arena not all though

    2) after that go to each section of each arena and spam attack believe me it works

    Also to note you do not need to hit your opponent through the mini cutscenes to get to the other arenas different areas as I did not do anything like that and it still popped.

    Also for thought who are wondering I cycled through EVERY SINGLE arena and it popped at the end in single fight mode so this didn't glitch on my end hopefully this helped though who is losing hope getting this good luck
  • WackFiendWackFiend289,077
    18 Apr 2013 18 Apr 2013
    0 2 0
    I got this achievement in the story mode at the start of Green Arrow's chapter. I was shooting Grundy with arrows in the minigame when it popped. Like stevivor, this was likely a glitch.
  • ZetengeZetenge661,538
    19 Apr 2013 19 Apr 2013 19 Apr 2013
    0 2 0
    Iread multiple times, that this achievements unlocks at the 25th S.T.A.R.S. Labs Catwoman Mission. On my way to the 20 Stars, which are required to unlock the 25th misson i came across the 7th Superman Mission where you need to defend the human. I failed the mission, and right then, the achievement unlocked.

    So I guess, this is pretty much random. But due to the fact, that there is a huge amount of people who unlocked it, i guess the best way to get it, is just playing S.T.A.R.S. Labs and hope for the best.
  • Lelouch X WrathLelouch X Wrath157,475
    24 Jun 2013 25 Jun 2013
    0 2 0
    This popped on both mine and a friends account while we were just playing randomly in a 1vs1 match.

    We'd both completed the story mode, which most likely counted towards it. It would seem the achievement may be sort of glitched as it's popped in story mode, S.T.A.R labs, offline MP.

    Best bit of advice: Beat the hell out of someone on every map, and use all level transitions.
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