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Castle Map Pack

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Dodge This!

In Castle DLC matchmaking, get two direct Spartan Laser kills in one match.

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  • SuppaSuppa135,818
    08 Apr 2013 08 Apr 2013 09 Apr 2013
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    To obtain this achievement you are required to direct impact two enemies with the Spartan Laser on the Castle DLC maps. A Castle DLC Map, Outcast, has two lasers that spawn at the start of the match. The both spawn towards the right side at the spawns. Once you've acquired the laser simply hold it down and direct impact two enemies in the same match. You can also direct impact two enemies with one laser blast and earn the achievement. The achievement will unlock immediately after killing two enemies with a direct blast netting you 20 gamerscore. Outcast is the only Castle DLC map that intially spawns Spartan Lasers but you can get Lasers from an ordnance drop on the other maps (Daybreak and Perdition) on the slayer variant game types. Spartan Lasering a Warthog with two people in it should also net you the achievement. This will also count towards destroying two vehicles as well increasing your progress with the Scrapyard achievement.

  • V3RGLV3RGL35,296
    30 May 2013 30 May 2013
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    Ok so this achievement video is in my file share. But I just wanted to add, how I was able to do this. I found a match on Oddball. So everyone on my team went to get the Odd ball... This gave me an opportunity to easily get the Splaser. I saw that everyone was grouping up near the Oddball and definitely got a lucky shot off! BLAM double kill!!
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