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Hello Nurse!

In Castle DLC matchmaking, heal a near-death teammate with Regen Field 5 times.

Hello Nurse!0
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Achievement Guide for Hello Nurse!

  • xZxSephirothxZxxZxSephirothxZx119,283
    08 Apr 2013 08 Apr 2013 08 Apr 2013
    38 7 23
    To get this achievement you'll need to have a regeneration equipped as your Armor Ability.

    Now this achievement description isn't totally accurate, by which I mean there are other ways.

    The description says near-death (no-shields) teammate, but when it unlocked for me it was when I had no shields and none of my teammates were around me. So there is a much easier way to get it.

    Hope this helps, if you're going to leave a negative please leave a comment explaining why.

    Happy hunting folks smile
  • XS86XS86107,706
    08 Apr 2013 08 Apr 2013 15 Apr 2013
    16 4 4
    You can get the Hello Nurse! achievement by shielding yourself with a nade and creating a regeneration field. While the field is still up you can get out of the field and nade yourself again and step back into the field.

    All 5 times can be in different games.

    you must also be completely with out shields. (red bar flashing)
  • Triple G AndyTriple G Andy569,749
    08 Apr 2013 08 Apr 2013 17 Apr 2013
    12 5 4
    The reason this achievement has the word 'Nurse' in it is because you need to damage the players health. If you plan on getting the achievements all done at once in a boosting session this solution should be useful.

    Have two teams of 8 pair up (making 4x groups of 2) with 1 guy ready with a shield regen (3SP cost). The other 3 teams hit their partner with a melee attack, then shoot them twice in the chest/legs (Best with a DMR or BR). Then all players that are wounded run into the regen shield. Do it twice & you're golden!
  • x l Santosx l Santos485,311
    08 Apr 2013 08 Apr 2013
    9 4 3
    This achievement requires the Regeneration Field which cost 3SP.

    The quickest way to get the achievement is to have a group partner up with someone from the opposite team and one person going for the achievement in the back ready to put up the regen field.

    So the trick is to punch your partner and then shoot them twice in the chest or legs, and then they run into the regen field.

    It should take two tries to get all 5.

    Hope this helps and makes getting the achievement quicker.

    If you leave a negative please comment stating why.
  • Jondude20Jondude20110,554
    09 Apr 2013 09 Apr 2013
    8 4 0
    Instead of using grenades and accidentally killing yourself or teammates, I found it easiest to do this on the map Daybreak on CTF. There is a Fuel Rod Cannon in a narrow tunnel near the middle of the map on ground level. There's plenty of ammo for multiple people to use, so just grab the Fuel Rod, shoot the wall right next to you twice in a row very quickly and then activate Regen. Two Cannon shots are just enough damage to count towards this achievement!

    This way, there is no confusion on whether you punched a Spartan enough times, because out of all the Castle DLC achievements, this one gave us the most trouble in our session! laugh
  • AGNT ThrasherAGNT Thrasher257,676
    13 Sep 2014 13 Sep 2014
    4 1 0
    Our boosting session found that the easiest way was to have an enemy player damage a teammate by way of a single melee, and then two bullets from a HUMAN weapon to the foot. Regeneration should be applied no more than three seconds after damage has been done and just to keep things clear, keep other enemies/allies away from the player going for the achievement. I'm sure all other methods work just fine but this just kept things clear for us.
  • O NiceGuyAli OO NiceGuyAli O197,972
    08 Apr 2013 08 Apr 2013
    7 4 2
    Whilst boosting other achievements in this map pack, I found it much easier to just use a guest account for this achievement rather than trying to coordinate with other players.

    I set up my guest in an open space and grabbed a warthog with my actual account, I then proceeded to gently hit my guest with the warthog noting when its shields were depleted and flashing red, I then hopped out of the warthog and set up the regen field.

    Rinse and repeat four more times and achievement unlocked. This method takes less than five minutes as there is no chance of one player killing the other as you can see the damage on your own screen.
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