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Ashes to Ashes

In Castle DLC matchmaking, disintegrate 6 enemies using Forerunner weapons.

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Achievement Guide for Ashes to Ashes

  • Carlillo92Carlillo92274,246
    09 Apr 2013 09 Apr 2013 08 Feb 2015
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    UPDATE 7: @Robhill Informed us that the achievement is now unlockable. A developer of the game told him it was fixed and it is confirmed by other gamers. Cheers!

    UPDATE 6: There is still some issues with the achievements being bugged again. In an effort to be heard again they have issued a petition again ( Please sign it even if you have the achievement unlocked!

    UPDATE 5: On October 9, 2014 Bonnie Ross sent a tweet notifying that they released a patch for the glitched achievements. Play now and get them!!! toast

    UPDATE 4: In an effort to get this glitch resolved, Avenged FADE created a petition for this problem to be noticed. Please go here and support it ( There are a series of steps you could do to help even more. If you want the exact details go to the comments below. Thank you and happy gaming!

    UPDATE 3: 27/12/2013 In a forum thread there are players trying to look for a solution by informing to 343i. You can see the thread in the comments area below. Therefore all we know about this glitch is that they are still working on it.

    UPDATE 2: As of 9/4/2013 this achievement is glitched for those who purchased the Champions Bundle DLC (thanks to SIP Crucio for the update). If you haven't bought the new DLC unlock them first and save a big headache! They are players trying to contact 343i for the issue.

    UPDATE: The Light Rifle kills does not count for this achievement. (Thanks to a Good Gamertag for confirming it)

    First of all this is a cumulative achievement. In other words it can be done by killing players in different matches except on swat (obviously).

    Weapons that work for this:
    -Pulse Grenade
    -Incineration Cannon
    -Light Rifle (for me this did not work...if I'm wrong comment and I'll change it)
    -Binary Rifle (thanks CabbageWithPie)

    I recommend equipping Support Upgrade: Ordnance Priority because it gives you a boost with the point to get an ordnance. Just play until you get an ordnance and choose any of the weapons mentioned above. If you want t increase your odds equip pulse grenades and a boltshot and get some lucky kills.

    why negative votes? o.O I'm only helping!dance
  • Holiday9357Holiday9357451,232
    12 Oct 2013 12 Oct 2013 25 Oct 2014
    13 0 3
    UPDATE: All issues relating to the unlocking of various DLC achievements in Halo 4 have been resolved as of October 10.

    In an 8-player boosting session that I hosted on 10/11/13, six of eight participants (including me) were able to unlock the "Ashes to Ashes" achievement while playing on the Daybreak map, in the "Classic Fiesta" game type, under the Action Sack playlist (see 343i's current selection of playlists).

    The variety of different circumstances under which the six of us were able to unlock the "AtA" achievement (one participant had unlocked it previous to the session's start, while another's "AtA" achievement was glitched, as described in other's solutions) demonstrates how random the achievement's reasons for being glitchy seem to be. For example, here is an outline of the conditions under which we were able to unlock it:

    - Three participants, including me, owned and had unlocked all achievements from the Champions Bundle DLC.
    - Three participants did not own the Bullseye/Champions Bundle DLC (though obviously had downloaded the Champions Title Update).
    - I unlocked the achievement after only four kills, all performed with a single shot from the incineration cannon (the participant who unlocked the achievement prior to our session described the same phenomenon).

    While the "AtA" achievement is obviously glitched for quite a few members of the achievement community, by no means would I say that it is glitched for everyone. As such, I would still attempt to unlock it in your Castle Map Pack boosting sessions.
  • All the TigersAll the Tigers470,255
    19 Oct 2014 02 Dec 2013 08 Dec 2014
    5 0 3
    ***As noted here and other places, this and several other achievements are glitched. As of 12/1/2013, no one has been able to find a work-around, and 343i hasn't said anything about patching it. It still unlocks for some people who purchased the Champions DLC, but there's no surefire way to know what will cause it to glitch. Trying different maps sometimes works, i.e. if you don't unlock it on one map, you can try again on another map. Again, no guarantee this will work for you, but it's worth trying.***

    *****Co2 OUTBR3AK on the Halo Waypoint board suggests that for this and other DLC-related achievement glitches, you delete your profile from your console and redownload it from LIVE. Although not 100%, it does seem to help some people. Again, it's worth trying, if you're having trouble.*****

    ******These achievements have officially been patched. If you have already met the requirements, the achievement will pop as soon as you load the game. Otherwise, proceed to unlock as normal.******

    First of all, the maps you want are: Outcast, Perdition, and Daybreak. Not all game types feature these maps. Team Action Sack will feature Perdition and Daybreak, and Capture the Flag will feature Perdition and Outcast. The latter game type is what we want.

    The CTF game type only allows five people in a single lobby. Use extra controllers to get two boosting parties going: five players/guests on each team. To guarantee that you'll only see Castle maps, you or someone in your party must delete all other map packs from your hard drive. Matchmaking won't search for maps unless everyone in your party has them. This means that if some combination of players don't have the other map packs, only Castle map packs will show up in the Voting for Maps screen.

    To make sure everyone has the Castle maps, start up a custom match, any game mode, on Castle. After the mission starts, see who couldn't load the map. They're the ones who have to either download or redownload the map pack. Just keep trying again if someone can't load, and then you're free to start searching in matchmaking.

    Once you've got everyone, head over to Capture the flag. Both teams search for a game at the same time. Because you're both in teams of five and each lobby can only use Castle maps, you're almost certain to find each other. It may take a few minutes of searching, though.

    If for some reason you find a different group, the party leader can still back out of the game as long as neither he nor anyone in his lobby votes on a map. So don't vote on the map until you're sure you're with the right opponents. This method also works in the event Outcast or Perdition isn't available for voting.

    Once in-game, pick a loadout with Grenadier, Explosives, and Pulse Grenades. Pulse Grenades count as disintegrations, Grenadier lets you hold two instead of one, and Explosives gives you larger radius and higher damage. You'll have to gather all five members of the other team in one spot to kill all of them at once. You'll also have to do this twice for each person going for the achievement.

    Again, this achievement is severely glitched, so some people might not unlock the achievement after 6 disintegrations. A good rule of thumb is to get 10 disintegrations in a single match. If someone doesn't unlock it by 10 kills, they're almost certainly not going to unlock it that match. You can try the above-mentioned methods to counteract this problem. Good hunting, everyone.
  • VeckzisVeckzis132,218
    18 Nov 2013
    5 0 4
    Just keeping this up to date:

    Hosted an 8 player session on 11/16/13. We attempted to get Ashes to Ashes in Multi-Team with 4 guest controllers. The status of the achievement is as follows:

    1 player unlocked before session
    4 players unlocked during session
    3 players glitched (including myself)

    It is very random. The people who unlocked it during the session mainly used Pulse Grenades (also used an Incineration Cannon), and dlc downloads/achievements varied. The 3 who were glitched attempted with Pulse Grenades, Scattershot, Binary Rifle, and Incineration Cannon. Reached about 15-20 kills each with no luck. Others popped it with 6 or less kills with 1 Pulse Grenade.

    Last one a lot of people need, unfortunately, including myself =/
  • O NiceGuyAli OO NiceGuyAli O197,953
    08 Apr 2013 08 Apr 2013
    7 2 3
    For anyone wondering, the best map to unlock this on is Perdition as it regularly spawns the Incendiary Cannon and/or Binary Rifle.

    Also, for any people worrying about the Scattershot, although it does not always show the player disintegrating it does still work.
  • DrummerDrummer1,017,715
    16 Nov 2015
    4 0 0
    If you have trouble getting the Binary Rifle or the Scattershot you can always use the Impulse Grenade from your Loadout if you have it equipped.
  • 7 3 1
    For this the only Forerunner weapons that will work are
    Impulse Grenades (taking the grenadier perk means you start with 2)
    Binary Rifle
    Incendiary cannon

    When you have any one of these simply kill people on the enemy team 6 times and you have yourself another achievement! :D
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