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Victories Keep Piling Up

Awarded for winning 500 Ranked Quick Match games.

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How to unlock the Victories Keep Piling Up achievement

  • Mobius EvalonMobius Evalon511,008
    10 Jan 2013 01 Jan 2013 22 May 2016
    27 2 9
    All ranked matches count toward these achievements.

    I became bored one day and dedicated some time to the math behind the various methods proposed to finish as quickly as possible.

    For all of the following data, these are the conditions:
    a) I was double boxing so it was all business by readying up immediately, not watching YouTube between matches or talking to a boosting partner, etc -- your mileage may vary;
    b) I used a stopwatch to record all time, and did not rely on what the game told me;
    c) all time recorded is lapse between victory screens, since the loading and lobbying in between counts!

    Be aware at the outset that the other solutions only detail how to win matches for this achievement without any consideration for the partner achievement Prisoner of War for losing 200 matches. Their suggestions are all well and good, but the problem is that, without considering both achievements at once, you're adding extra time to your boost for no good reason. I'll get into the specifics as the solution continues.

    There are three total methods for burning through the boost on this game.

    Quitting out
    What it says on the tin -- the designated loser simply quits the match from the pause menu and is returned to the main menu. The average time for a quit-out is 29.301 seconds and clocks in as the fastest of all proposed methods by a long shot, but carries the distinct disadvantage of not counting losses for the person quitting out. It makes a great secondary method in the interest of time once the quitter has his Prisoner of War achievement, but they will ultimately need to do one of the following two methods for that achievement.

    Set the match to 50 Command points, and Respawn Delay to None. All other settings do not matter. As soon as the players spawn, the loser will repeat the pattern cn_back cn_X cn_A cn_A cn_A to run down their respawns until the match ends. This method takes an average of 54.609 seconds per match to accomplish but is the most involved, taking 30+ solid seconds of button mashing to end the game.

    Set the Starting Resources to 200. All other settings do not matter. Use the Blood Valley or Urban Combat map because these are the only two small maps with no default AI spawns, and it's a crap shoot on maps like Estate Assault because you risk an RPG or grenade obliterating your attempt at being speedy. Spawn the cheapest car/jeep available (character does not matter), then drive to the other flag and simply wait for the match to end for an average of 57.856 seconds each time.

    So how does this pan out?
    Over an entirety of 500 matches, you're looking at the following for a single person using the average times:

    Quitting out: 4.07 hours
    Suiciding: 7.58 hours
    Running: 8.04 hours

    It may seem pretty obvious from these stats which of these you want to do, but do not forget that quitting out does not count a loss for the quitter. You are therefore required to finish 200 matches either by suiciding or running.

    200 matches of suiciding: 3.03 hours
    200 matches of running: 3.21 hours
    300 matches of quit outs: 2.44 hours

    Career boost quit outs+suiciding: 5.47 hours
    Career boost quit outs+running: 5.65 hours

    The difference between suiciding and running a jeep to the enemy flag has a total difference of 10.8 minutes over the entirety of your boost, which makes for an almost insignificant difference. I personally went for driving the jeep because it's much less difficult than button-spamming for suiciding, and it's also slightly more entertaining to go for a leisurely drive instead of watching your group of soldiers collapse over and over.

    But wait, there's more
    Unless you're fortunate enough to have a dual box setup, you must double all of the provided projections. Let's take a look at how this works:

    Player A runs 200 matches.
    Player A has 200 wins, 0 losses.
    Player B has 0 wins, 200 losses. (+Prisoner of War)

    Player A quits out 300 matches.
    Player A has 200 wins, 0 losses.
    Player B has 300 wins, 200 losses.

    This concludes Player A's contributions for a total of 5.65 hours. This must now be doubled:

    Player B runs 200 matches.
    Player A has 200 wins, 200 losses. (+Prisoner of War)
    Player B has 500 wins, 200 losses. (+Victories Keep Piling Up)

    Player B quits out 300 matches.
    Player A has 500 wins, 200 losses. (+Victories Keep Piling Up)
    Player B has 500 wins, 200 losses.

    This scenario takes a total of 11.3 hours.

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    CrystalWebbI still need to do this and the servers seem to be active. Anybody want to team up?
    Posted by CrystalWebb on 20 Jun 16 at 17:56
    vegansoundHello Mobius,

    I'm on my way to get this achievement with a boosting partner, and I'd like you to confirm one thing, please, if you remember well, 5 years later! ^^

    For the 'Running' part, you don't say what the other person is doing during the time the player going for the wins captures the enemy flag. Are we agree that if the boosting partner never pushes the button to spawn on the map at the start, and the other player wins, it counts? It counts a win for one and a loss for the other? Because that's what we actually do right now. I just wanted to be sure we're on the right way.

    Posted by vegansound on 09 Jan 18 at 17:38
    Mobius EvalonI'm reasonably certain that when I was boosting this, I never spawned myself in when it was the other person's turn to run to the flag. I typed up most of the details of this guide while the other person was doing the work.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 14 Jan 18 at 00:15
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  • xOBKxxOBKx288,201
    26 Dec 2008 26 Dec 2008
    19 3 1
    The easiest way to get this achievement is by boosting with a friend. Take it in turns to quit out of the match in lots of 10 games at a time, or something that can be agreed upon, and quit out as soon as the game starts.

    This counts for victories, but not defeats.
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    HaloGuy12Anyone wanna Boost it? I Almost have all the Achievements except this one. I Have 200+ wins.
    Posted by HaloGuy12 on 25 Oct 11 at 17:21
  • 14 1 5
    I just did this last night, and all I can say is it's very time consuming. As long as the other player quits, you get a win, regardless what the leaderboards say.

    This can be done in quick or custom match, HOWEVER it must be ranked. I did it on quick match to get a rough estimate (via the leaderboards) of how close I was.

    In short, the VICTORY screen must appear 500 times and the achievement is yours... is a long haul though.

    Interestingly enough, when you do the "quit out" method, for some reason your losses on the leaderboards go up. (When I unlocked this I had 687 total games, 245 wins and 442 losses, but we did some custom games too) Since you dont get losses for quitting out, I suggest you get the "200 losses" achievement first, then subtract 200 from your total games played. That will give a rough estimate of how close you are to the 500.

    Or you could just do it on custom match, that way you won't be bothered by the 5 people that still play this game online.
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    ChipMaster Flexif anybody wants to boost this message me
    Posted by ChipMaster Flex on 14 Dec 11 at 20:12
    Draco719Are you 100% sure custom works too? We've been doing custom for weeks now and no achievement.
    Posted by Draco719 on 30 Nov 14 at 04:19
    Jacke87 SWEDoes being the host or not in any way affect the count towards the 500 wins? I'm thinking if it affect if it's the host quitting or the non-host?
    Posted by Jacke87 SWE on 16 Mar 15 at 20:37
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