The Tyranny of King Washington: The Redemption

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The Tyranny of King Washington: The Redemption

If I Can Make It There achievement in Assassin's Creed® III

If I Can Make It There

Reach 100% synchronization in New York.

If I Can Make It There0
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How to unlock the If I Can Make It There achievement

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    *****Note: These mission constraints can be split up among multiple playthroughs. You do not have to obtain each objective in a single play, unless you wish to do so.*****

    Mission 1:
    *Successfully brace when attacked.
    When a ship is readying to fire on you (their red line of fire shows up on the water), simply hold x to go into cover as soon as they fire. Do this 5 times and you will gain this objective.

    *Do not hit any rocks in the minefield.
    For this one, you can go really slow (half sail/no sail) and maneuver between the rocks and mines. If you hit a rock simply restart the checkpoint. If you hit a mine, it restarts it for you.

    *Destroy 80% of Washington's armada in the upper bay.
    **Note: It's best to try to complete this as fast as you can. Take out as many boats in the beginning with the mines. Then go and destroy 4 of the 6 ships at the other end of the bay and the objective should come up completed. - ARCHER MIKE
    Focus on shooting the smaller ships with your mini cannon, and use all your cannon shots on the larger ships. If one side of your ship is reloading and there is a ship on the other side, focus on firing on that side as each side reloads separately. Knocking out most of the larger ships and all of the small 2 shot (with mini cannon) ships, you should get this no problem. Don't forget that you can ram them too!

    Mission 2:
    *Do not touch the ground.
    Simply fly to each platform and jump onto the bear and climb to the spears. If you hit the ground, simply restart the checkpoint.

    *Do not take damage from Washington's guards.
    For this one, you can just keep running forward and use your new ability to clear them out of your way.

    Mission 3:
    *Kill 50 Bluecoats.
    For this one, I recommend just combo killing/countering the guards that keep piling out of the entrance the riflemen are standing on. This way they don't shoot you and you can focus on killing the others. Once you hit 50, simply kill your targets.

    Mission 4:
    *Kill Fitzwilliams while remaining undetected.
    Fly over the fence with your eagle power, and then immediately switch to your wolf power. Cloak yourself with Y and assassinate him before the guard dog spots you. (The target has a red dot above his head, the guard dog is the yellow dot.) After he's killed, you can kill the guards any way you wish.

    *Do not let the cart's state dip below 50%.
    *Perform 3 double eagle assassinations.
    These 2 objectives can be obtained using the eagle's power to assassinate the guards that try to ambush you. You must wait until the two targets on the ground are next to each other (or the group on the roof), and then hold Y and release when the icon is above one of their heads. You can kill other close targets any way you want. Just keep an eye on your cart's health as well.

    Mission 5:
    *No mission constraints.

    Mission 6:
    *Save at least 3 firing squad victims.
    When you reach the firing squad, immediatley start killing them as you don't need to worry about being detected or not. This will stop them from shooting anyone, which will net you this objective easily.

    *Reach the tower using only chained eagle flight.
    Keep using your flying ability to go from roof to roof as well as flag poles until you reach the tower. If you land completely, you'll have to restart the checkpoint.

    *Kill 5 Guards with one use of Bear Might.
    (Make sure you equip your bear attack after you reach the green objective point.) After you shoot the gunpowder barrels next to the tower, a group of guards will come over and attack you. Wait till you have at least 5 close to you, and then activate your bear power.

    Mission 7:
    *Do not kill any animals in Washington's zoo.
    For the bear, just wait until it's made its rounds away from the clue before jumping in and analyzing. I found the cougar to be rather irritating. Wait for the cougar to be somewhat away from the clue, and immediately drop down and analyze before it attacks. If the cougar ever attacks you, simply avoid doing the first button commands, and then spam the button that keeps flashing. This will knock the animal off, but keep it alive. Then quickly analyze before it attacks again. Then analyze the gate in the cougar cage and watch the little cut-scene. Then go through this gate and this objective will be completed.

    **If you are having trouble in the Zoo I found that it became fairly easy when I set wolf cloak and eagle flight to the D-pad hot keys. Jumped down on the opposite side the animal was on then activated the wolf cloak, giving me time to analyze then hot key over to eagle flight to fly up on the bridge to recharge and repeat-CrAzEdCaNuCk18** (This is a good idea as it will save you some frustration of being attacked. Thanks for the tip CrAzEd!)

    *Open the throne room door in under a minute.
    Simply solve the puzzle in under a minute. If you mess up, simply restart and try again. The keyhole is in the very center of the 3 pieces, and you must align them with the key hole going up and down as if you were looking at one on a door. One way you can solve this is by first lining up the correct pieces to fill in any blanks (completed, just not in the right direction), and simply rotate them one at a time until it unlocks.

    Mission 8:
    *No mission constraints.

    Congratulations! You have just finished the last installment of The Tyranny of George Washington.

    Now for the side Missions:

    Treasure Chests: (Not needed.)

    Attack Convoy (3 needed):
    Defend Civilians (3 needed):
    Help the Hungry (6 needed):
    Rescue Civilian (3 needed):
    *****All of these side missions can be found in the same spot on the map. If you go to the right of the building in the center of the map, there will be: An attack convoy in the middle of the main street that you can attack, a defend the civilian mission right next to it, then just north of them a little ways up, there is a feed the hungry near the docks, and then finally you can rescue the civilian (you only need to kill the 2 guards next to the civilian to complete this one) in the heavily guarded building and die/desynchronize to repeat all 4 again.

    Doing this 3 times will complete 3 of your 4 side missions, and you can focus on feeding 3 more hungry people.*****

    Artifacts (3 needed):
    1: On the left side of the map right next to the church. A small open area, just above the top left corner of the giant building in the center of the map.

    2: On top of a building on the right side of the map. Just above the top right corner of the giant building in the middle of the map. Next to the treasure chest in what looks to be an open square.

    3: In the fort in the bottom left side of the map.

    *****Hope this has helped those who needed it, as well as those who just needed help finding something. If there is anything missing or out of place please let me know immediately so I can fix it. You will be credited if there is any extra helpful info you add to the comments section below. I thank you for taking the time to check out my guide and I look forward to creating more in the future!*****

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    Warboy925Tip for the pain in the butt (Attack Convoy): Look around New York for those treasure chests you need to unlock until you find the 5 poison dart pouch upgrade.........

    Find the convoy that goes down that big main road on the right side of the pyramid (biggest building on the map)

    On a roof above near the end of the convoy, throw poison darts at 5 different guards (obviously), (you shouldn't be spotted yet), while guards check out the poisoned guards, use your arrows on the rest until you get spotted.......

    Use an air or eagle assassination to get to street level, then hit cn_LB to unleash your wolf pack

    Use the firing squad to your advantage by pressing cn_A to grab a guard, (preferably a captain or a big axe guy) as a human shield...

    Keep counter killing guards until you get your wolf pack icon full, unleash them and you should be done (or at least close)....hope this helps someone.......
    Posted by Warboy925 on 17 Oct 15 at 19:05
    Warboy925But still stuck on that damn "*Destroy 80% of Washington's armada in the upper bay" sync, I found out last night by accident that I was able to use RB to change shots (don't judge me, it's been awhile since I played AC III or IV), I used fire shots, and it seems that the whole naval fight seemed to extend quite a bit, (meaning that I got the cut scene a lot later then usual)

    After I used LT to shoot the mines, I headed left ASAP to ram and/or use RT on those 2 ships, then attacked what I could by ramming or shooting......still stuck though.......trying again in a few.....
    Posted by Warboy925 on 17 Oct 15 at 19:14
    Warboy925FINALLY!!!!!! Done with this game!!! Now to restart and clean up AC: Rogue..................
    Posted by Warboy925 on 17 Oct 15 at 21:31
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    Video guides for Missions and side stuff in the 3rd Washington DLC. Videos will cover all the sequences with 100% synchronization aswell as side quest needed to 100% the entire DLC

    - Dark Waters
    - Sky World Journey
    - The Parting of the Blue Sea
    - Feeding the Masses
    - One Step at a Time
    - The Signal
    - Halls of Injustice
    - Inevitable Confrontation

    Side stuff
    - Rescue Civilian
    - Attack Convoy
    - Defend Civilian
    - Lucid Memories
    - Help the Hungry
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