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Gold rush achievement in Deadpool

Gold rush

Complete five Gold Challenges

Gold rush+0.2
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How to unlock the Gold rush achievement

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    You only need gold on 5 of the 7 maps for the achievement (the Carnivale map is infinite mode only). I have yet to see many tips for the maps or which ones are best to play, so I wrote up a little guide for each map. I would suggest doing these maps for the achievement:

    - Great White News HQ
    - Magneto's Prison
    - Catacombs of Genosha
    - Office Spaces
    - Citadel Courtyard

    All 7 maps are pretty doable, but two of them can be kind of tough in parts from my experience but I will still give tips for those that want to try!

    Great White News HQ –
    This map is kind of hard to keep hidden with it being so open. Staying in the starting point and countering melee attacks with the pulse rifle should be good enough to get you through the waves for a while. Make sure to shoot the gun enemies before they do too much damage to you and back up behind cover if you need a moment. Enemies will spawn in the starting area, but shouldn't be too much trouble if you keep an eye out for them. Staying at the start should be enough to make it through bronze, silver, and the first 2 waves of gold. The last wave of gold can be a bit of a doozy though. There will be 3 tubbies spawn and you have to dodge them and the enemies with guns. Teleport around the outer edge of the map and circle the area while throwing mines and bear traps to widdle down the number of enemies. Be sure to use momentum attacks on the tubbies to take them out as quick as you can. Switch to the shotgun if you want to hit a wider area than the pulse rifle and thin the heard of baddies. It might take a couple of tries to get used to the run around the map, but it’s not too bad once you work out a method to calm the chaos in that last wave.

    Beneath the Streets –
    This map can be tricky on gold because there is almost no cover other than running into another room. The sweet spot I found is the open room up the stairs near the start of the map. I put mines on the stairs in case anyone tried to sneak up on me and picked off everyone that came through the door at the back of the room with the pulse rifle. The guys with guns like to rush you in this map, so watch out for them and counter attack melee enemies with the pulse rifle when you can to conserve ammo. This spot works fairly well for bronze and the first wave and a half of silver, but the gold run can get pretty crazy with all the shooting. What worked for me was to keep moving. Stay up top and when you see bullets, teleport away and go down stairs and let the melee enemies follow you so you can counter them without being shot. Make use of your throwables and momentum attacks if you start getting overrun. I had more trouble of silver than gold but that was trying to figure out how to survive. This may take several tries depending on how fast you get a feel for the map. Moving is also important because I ran out of time during a few runs as well. The enemies like to get lost trying to find you. Staying in the top room helps because you can usually get to most enemies quickly from there.

    The Watching Sentinel –
    This one sucks. It’s small, and has little cover. It’s not impossible, and shouldn't drive you too crazy, but it’s defiantly the hardest map to get gold on. Gun enemies like to move around a lot, making gold pretty tricky to do because you are getting shot at most of the time. The best hope for this map is to try to lure melee enemies behind some of the rubble/pillars across the map from where ever the gun enemies are hanging out. Counter their attacks with the pulse rifle and teleport away if you start taking too much fire. Wave 3 of gold is the toughest part of course, but this small map is extra tricky because of all the gun fire and 2 or 3 tubbies added to the mix. Go crazy with throwable weapons during the last wave and use special attacks when you start getting swarmed. Shotguns and pulse rifles work well on the tubbies so try to get them out of the picture as soon as you can.

    Magneto's Prison -
    This was one of the easiest challenges to get gold on for me. We you start the match, turn to your right and run into the small room with the high window. You can stay in that room and counter all the melee enemies with the pulse rifle and the gun enemies will stay outside the room and leave you alone for the most part. Once you are almost done with the wave, you should have no more than 4 gun enemies running around outside the room and down the hallway. Just shoot them with the pulse rifle and run back to your room and do the same thing for the next 2 waves.

    Deadpool’s Carnivale –
    This map only has infinite mode and does not help towards the achievement.

    Catacombs of Genosha - This challenge level is pretty easy as well. When the round starts, run straight and climb up the side of the wall in front of you.
    At the top, go left and run down to the end of the hallway. Stay right there next to the bear traps (ammo spawns around the corner) and do your pulse rifle counter attacks for all the melee enemies. The gun enemies should stay near the back of the hallway and leave you alone for the most part unless you move out into their field of view when countering the normal enemies. At the end of a wave, there should be around 3 or so gun enemies at the bottom of the map running around. Just snipe them with the pulse rifle and go back to your spot. The last wave of gold will spawn two tubbies. They can get brutal being in a confined space, but you should have plenty of momentum built up to take them out with special attacks.
    If you do not have your special attacks, place a bear trap and shoot them with the pulse rifle or shotgun.

    Office Spaces –
    This map is pretty open, but there is a good spot to hold up at and not get shot up too much. At the start, run down the stairs and straight to the back of the map. There is a set of stairs with some rubble at the top. There is no way for enemies to get behind you here. You can go up either side as well. If you want to jump over to the left side of the map and stay in that corner you can. Just stay in your corner and counter with the pulse rifle and be sure to shoot the gun enemies when you can. They should not hurt you too much because they like to stay back, but they still need to die! The last wave of gold will change things up a bit. You will get several of the wind enemies that do the spinning yellow dart attack. I stayed in the same spot and got through it my first try, but I used flash bangs to stun the spinning enemies so I could do a takedown on them.

    Citadel Courtyard –
    When the map starts, go into the doors on your left and go up the stairs to the balcony and then up the next set of stairs. On the second set of stairs, you can wait half way up the stairs so you have a clear shot at most of the gunners while you wait on more melee enemies to counter with your pulse rifle. Gold isn't too much different except for one thing. There are 5 tubbies I had to kill in the last wave but being at the top of the stairs made things very manageable though. I had no more than two tubbies at a time and most enemies were gunners in the last wave so they stayed at the bottom of the stairs. Use your shotguns and momentum attacks to take care of the tubbies and you should be good for gold with little trouble. You need need to watch out for enemies that like to hang out on the opposite side of the map. Make sure to kill them before time runs out because they love to get lost back there.

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    I am MindslaveI did the Watching Sentinel (as Iodyze suggested) and as long as you pick off as many enemies as possible coming out of pipes as well as use your momentum to either save time or save your life, you'll get through no problem.
    Posted by I am Mindslave on 06 Feb 14 at 22:30
    PhoenixKuroganeWow, this small guide is similar to the main guide by N18p73pwn3r. Almost word-for-word.
    Posted by PhoenixKurogane on 23 Mar 16 at 22:35
    GodLike499I'm sorry, but you're crazy about Office Spaces being an easy level. I didn't even try Citadel Courtyard. I eventually made it though Office Spaces on Gold after 5 tries. I went back and blew through The Watching Sentinel with no problem. I just camped under the pipe that most enemies came out of and before starting the second wave on Gold I threw out all my bear traps around the area, and then at the start of the third wave I tossed out all of my mines. I beat it no problem by saving all my momentum finishers for the two Earth Quakers that showed up in the final wave.
    Posted by GodLike499 on 29 Aug 17 at 02:01
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  • Repeal the 2ARepeal the 2A102,892
    26 Nov 2013 26 Nov 2013
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    This achievement is actually really easy assuming you have a fully upgraded character. Honestly, there's no sense in even starting these challenges before you've beaten the game and fully upgraded, so I highly recommend it.

    The easiest, cheesiest way to beat it: Pulse Rifle and counters. Use the Pulse Rifle to kill all enemies with guns, and for all melee characters, simply wait for the counter indicator to pop up, and hit B. The Pulse Rifle counter does a ton of damage, even to the dual sword-wielding robot golem-looking guys, who block other types of firepower with their swords. Also, countering with a firearm uses no ammo so you literally only waste ammo killing guys in the distance with pistols or automatic weapons, and occasionally an enemy buffer (shield/damage).

    Using this method got me foolproof gold on all maps. The only behavior I had to vary was when they tossed an Earthquaker (tubby) at me. In that case, throw a bear trap, let him get caught, circle around him, and shotgun him to death from behind. With a fully upgraded shotgun it takes only seconds to down him, and other enemies don't even do enough damage to you on Gold difficulty during that short span that you can pretty much do it with impunity.

    The only time I came close to dying was when an enemy damage buffer got near guys with assault rifles - they make your health dip extremely fast. This was a problem specifically on The Watching Sentinel. If you are about to die, literally just spam teleport around the map until your health regenerates. That's it.
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    Mobius EvalonThis is just fucking amazing. Extra added benefit is that you get the "Shields Up" achievement entirely by accident along the way.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 15 Dec 15 at 07:24
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