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Private - Act 2 in Quake 4

Private - Act 240 (20)

Completed Act 1 and Act 2 with the rank of Private.

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Achievement Guide for Private - Act 2

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Achievement won on 25 Apr 11
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Posted on 25 April 11 at 17:45, Edited on 18 February 14 at 09:19
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I wrote this while working at General Difficulty, but can be used to unlock -
Quake 4Lieutenant - Act 2The Lieutenant - Act 2 achievement in Quake 4 worth 92 pointsCompleted Act 1 and Act 2 with the rank of Lieutenant.

Quake 4Corporal - Act 2The Corporal - Act 2 achievement in Quake 4 worth 48 pointsCompleted Act 1 and Act 2 with the rank of Corporal.

Quake 4General - Act 2The General - Act 2 achievement in Quake 4 worth 149 pointsCompleted Act 1 and Act 2 with the rank of General.

The difficulty achievements do not stack

The idea of this guide is to let you know some of the easier ways of doing this achievement. There is an excellent guide that I have given a link to that explains each of the levels. What it doesn’t do is let you know when you have to work for it and when you can just sit back. That’s what this guide is about.

Basic Tips
A) Save often
B) Always ask Tech and Medic to keep you topped out (B Button)
C) Don’t forget that you can sometimes backtrack on yourself, so if you pass Health Packs and Ammo you can get them when required.
D) Zooming in (LT) with Machine Gun will (sometimes) take out enemies without them moving, especially if they are at a distance.
E) You don’t always have to kill everyone who is in your way and there are no infinite respawns.
F) Keep an eye on shots being fired at you. There is often a pause while they reload which is the best time to shoot.

Use this guide to get you through the levels -
* Guide by Krystian "U.V. Impaler" Smoszna and Krzysztof "ComCo" Bartnik

Act 2
Strogg Medical Facilities.
This is possibly the hardest level of the game.
You start off with a group, but they do nothing and you’ll end up alone before you take a shot. When you enter the corridor that bends to the doors, where a Gladiator and a couple of others come out of, just stay back and snipe them with your Blaster or Machine Gun. After going up the lift and fighting off the Gladiator and Beserker you go up some stairs with a Health Station in front of you. I moved left and right and used my Blaster to take out the Beserker who is on the ledge. After a couple more enemies you’ll have one at the top of the stairs firing Bullets and Grenades at you. He never comes down the stairs, so just use the glass as cover and Blaster him. After that it’s Berserker crazy. There must be about 10 of them in this level. It is possible to just outrun some of them and get to the lifts. This will help save the valuable ammo that you need to finish this one off. Towards the end of the level you walk into a room which is circular, with glass windows in front of you. Go around to the right and through the door, pick up the Rockets (left of door) and jump down the lift shaft. If you press the lift button you’ll have trouble with the Berserker. Once you are at the bottom run forward in-between the two pipes and duck down to get into cover. Don’t need to kill anyone behind you as you won’t be coming back.

Construction Zone.
No real trouble here. Just take it steady and allow your shields to restore before moving on. When you reach the Harvester at the end of the level, just stay where you are and use Rockets, lots of them. Just to the right is an area where you can stand where the Harvester cannot reach you, so you can restore there.

Dispersal Facility.
The first two areas I made good use of the Blaster again. I took down the Gladiator with my Hyperblaster that I picked up in Medical Facilities. Just run past the Harvester. When you go down the first lift, just run forward, under the platform that the Berserker is on. No need to kill him. The rest of the level isn’t too bad.

Recomposition Center.
Not a bad level, I had no real trouble till I had to go outside on the platforms. On the first section I dropped down the ladder and shot most from below. In the second part, where the Gladiator is, stay by the door you just came in. Kill all the Tacticals that come down the stairs and then Blaster the Gladiator. He stayed at the top of the stairs and there is a nice gap in the structure to shoot him. After you flick the switch you’ll get the Light Tank running at you, which you must kill otherwise the door won’t open. After you go through the door stand in the next doorway and use your Blaster to clear all the Tacticals you can see. Then run like Usain Bolt till you get out of the area. Once your back inside, SAVE, before going through the next door. After you move the barrels so you can jump up you’ll head into a room where Grunt jumps out of a hole. Jump over him to exit the level.

Putrification Center.
After you’ve finished riding the belts, you’ll enter a room with a few Tacticals running about. Take them out, then get your Blaster ready to get the Beserker who is at the back of the room. Use your Blaster on the next corridor, where some Tacticals are holding out. Then after a Grunt charges you, use cover and your trusty Blaster to take out the Beserker on the stairs. At the end of the level you’ll drop down through the floor and after dealing with a few behind the walls, you will enter a room. After taking out the first two guys there is a Beserker who you can play run around with. I used 3 Rockets on him (there is a box on the floor) and shot left then right while hiding behind the big block in the middle.

Waste Processing Facility.
While working your way through the sewers, use your Blaster on the Zombies and Machine Gun on the ones with guns. This saves lots of Ammo. When you reach the ladder get your Hyperblaster ready. Go up and half way along there is a room on the right. Kill the 2 inside. Then Blaster the others along the walkway and across the other side. When you go over the bridge you will come across and area that drops away. The way I did this was to get my Shotgun ready then walked backwards onto the ramp. When it dropped I went to the right into the room with the blue flare. Shoot the Zombie who crawls out of the barrel and then get to the opposite side to the Ammo box. All the Zombies then got stuck behind the dropped walkway and I got out my trusty Blaster and killed ‘em all. Soon you’ll meet up with Pvt Lanier, so its Blaster time for you and let him do most of the work. He’s not too bad, but did die a few times on me, so I reloaded and shot the enemies that kill him with Hyperblaster, before they could finish him off. Don’t worry too much though as you’ll meet up with a Tech and Medic after a few rooms. Good to go again. Boss battle number two comes next. Best way to deal with this is to take care of the little guys as quick as you can. After about 6 of them no more appear, leaving you to play ring-a-ring of roses with the Big Guy. Plenty of Rockets and Grenades will sort him out easy enough. The last section is a bit tricky, but only the 2 Beserkers, who I took out with the Nail Gun. Once you get to the top of the stairs, run outside and that’s …

Act 2 Complete.
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