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No One Escapes Alive achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

No One Escapes Alive

In Mob of the Dead, execute the escape plan.

No One Escapes Alive0
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How to unlock the No One Escapes Alive achievement

  • RaiderhornRaiderhorn203,911
    17 Apr 2013 17 Apr 2013 02 Jun 2013
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    This can be done on any difficulty, any playlist.
    This guide is written such that you have decent knowledge of the map layout.

    NOTE: Afterlife has extremely important role in this achievement. You are awarded another use of Afterlife at the completion of a round. Also, there is a time limit to Afterlife. If you run out of time, you will exit Afterlife and be downed where you originally were, or get a game over if you are playing solo. You only get one use if playing in Custom Games, and up to three in the Solo Play game mode. In Local play, you can have 3 Solo, or 1 each in Co-op.

    This is divided into 3 steps: Get the Warden's Key, access the roof, get/build the plane parts.

    --WARDEN'S KEY--
    The key can be seen hanging on a rope throughout the cell block region (it's big, gold and shiny). When on the ground floor look up to see it. There are two locations for the key: by the MP5 in the C-D Cell block, and beside the Warden's Office in the Michigan Cell block.
    1. If its by the MP5, use the red shock box across from the Shower room entrance by the MP5 to enter Afterlife. Above the Shower room gate is a portal to jump into. Hop up there and shock the large electrical circuit box. This lowered the key and is now available to pick up. Go back and revive yourself, then grab the Warden's Key.
    2. If it is by the Warden's Office, use the red shock box right by the Office entrance and jump into the portal above the Office entrance. Shock the large circuit box to the left and the key will drop. You should make use of this Afterlife time and also unlock the Warden's Office entrance (just head the other way and through a second portal).

    In the Infirmary is a red shock box nearby the Deadshot Daquiri perk machine and the Uzi smg on the wall. Use that to go into Afterlife mode. There is a portal in the room with many glass doors. Go through this portal. To get to the roof, you must now jump up (hold A to grapple up and get on the roof). Run to the left of the plane runway and shock the blue shock box by the door. Head back down and revive yourself.

    There are 5 parts - Rigging, Propane Tank, the Engine, Control Valves, and the Uniforms.
    Each part MUST be brought to the roof and built before grabbing another one. In Local Play and Solo Play gamelists, you can have every part at once before returning to the plane to build it.

    1. Rigging - Citadel Tunnels
    In the Citadel Tunnels is the Rigging. Near the bottom of the large circular room where it is located is a 3 digit code panel. Unlock it using the Warden's Key then go to the top of the room. Use the red shock box to enter Afterlife. On the way down you will see 3 numbers located on the walls. These numbers are in sequential order (first number is the left, second is center, third is right). Shock the panels to match the numbers and the path to the Rigging will open, but doing so will start a 60 second countdown. Revive yourself and grab the part. You must grab the part before the time runs out on the panel. If time runs out you must do this again. If the Rigging dropped to the lower floor, buy the door beside the panel, down the stairs, and make a left immediately after the archway.

    2. Propane Tank - Docks
    Down in the Docks area, the part is behind a gate. This can easily be opened by shocking the blue shock box right out front of the gate. Use the red shock box beside it, shock the blue one, and the part is yours. Note that the gate behind you will lock and the path to the part will open if you're playing co-op. You must shock the box again to get out of there.

    3. Engine - Warden's Office
    This part is blocked by an electric gate. To disable the electricity, you must head to the generator room located between the Docks and the Citadel Tunnels. In this room, you must disable the generator by shocking all 3 large circuit boxes in Afterlife mode (follow the blue wires on the ground if you're having trouble finding them). There is a red shock box inside the room to use. Once they're disabled, head back to the Warden's Office, unlock the gate, and the part is yours.

    4. Uniforms - Shower Room
    In the Shower room, there is a Laundry Machine behind a gate that is locked. Unlock it with the Warden's Key. Now use either the red shock box at the other end of the room or by the MP5 to enter Afterlife, and shock the blue shock box across from the Laundry machine to power it. Once that's done, head back and activate the Laundry Machine. Be careful, once you activate it the exits will become blocked, and lots of zombies will spawn in and swarm the room (alternatively it might spawn in Brutus). I would immediately head out of the gated area to hold them off before going back to pick up the part.

    5. Control Valve - Infirmary
    If you have the Warden's Key, the Control Valve is in a white cabinet near the entrance to the roof (also by Deadshot Daquiri perk machine).

    Once you built the plane, use it and it will take you to the Golden Gate Bridge where there is Pack-a-Punch. You will also get the achievement.

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    The DauntlessHow can I get to the roof?!? I found a door but it says it needs power and I cant find a power source?!?
    Posted by The Dauntless on 06 Jul 13 at 17:14
    Raiderhorn@The Dauntless You can find how to get to the roof in my solution. It is the second step, after the Warden's Key. Alternatively, I will link you to a video here (it is not mine):
    Hope that helps if you haven't found out already!
    Posted by Raiderhorn on 07 Jul 13 at 00:12
    I TRU RELIG1ONcan u add cost of points needed to open said doors and such just an idear still thumbs up from moi clap
    Posted by I TRU RELIG1ON on 28 Dec 13 at 22:09
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  • ZOMBl3 KlLL3RZOMBl3 KlLL3R372,556
    17 Apr 2013 17 Apr 2013 10 Feb 2014
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    Check the video for the full guide and tips about the map. I hope it helps!

    *Difficulty: can be done on easy and original;
    *number of players: solo/multiplayer.
  • agent2498agent249873,510
    20 Apr 2013 24 Apr 2013
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    No One Escapes Alive (75G): In Mob of the Dead, execute the escape plan.

    First of all, what you need to do is get the key. You do this by going to Michigan, it is in front of Warden’s Office, then going to the afterlife, jumping to the second floor as you see in the video (0:09), then shocking the machine on your left, going right and then left again to power on the door, and finally going back to revive you. After this, you will see a key hanging on your right, get close it and press X to grab it.

    Now with the key you can access to certain areas where the parts to build the plane are. The first is located on Showers, in the washing machine, going all the way straight if you climb down the stairs from Brooklyn, in front of the Cafeteria. Get in the room by opening the door with they key, and then go to the other side of the room to hit the afterlife machine. Go back to the washing machine area and power it on, then go back to revive you. Now, you can hit the washing machine. Be careful because Brutus will come out and one player won’t be able to come out from the room. After you think it’s safe, go back to the washing machine and press X to pick up the first part.

    The second is on Citadel Tunnels. Go to the end of the tunnel and open the cage. Go back and go to the afterlife. Then, as soon as you move forward to the cage, you will see three numbers on the wall. Remember them in order, so when you get to the cage, you can put the numbers by shocking each power generator as many times as the number says. When you are done, go back and revive yourself. To pick it up, go back to the cage, turn right, open the door, climb down the stairs, turn left and go straight. When you get to the end, you will see the piece. Open the door, and pick it up.

    The third piece is in the infirmary, before getting to the roof, next to the dog location. It is caged; just open it, and pick it up.

    The fourth part is on the docks, next to the M1927 Thompson. Open the door, and you will see an afterlife machine. Hit it and shock the power next to it, and then revive yourself. Finally, go to the next room and pick up the piece.

    To get the fifth and final part, you first need to go to the room that links Citadel Tunnels to Docks, where the MP5 is. There is an afterlife machine, hit it and then find three machines as you see in the video (3:30). After this, go back, and revive yourself. Now that you have done this step, go to Warden’s Office and there will be a key locked door; open it, and pick up the last piece.

    Now, you can proceed to craft the final part on the roof. After you built the plane, press X to get on it and escape the island. It will get you to the Golden Gate bridge. After you fall from the plane, the achievement will pop up.
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