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Pop Goes the Weasel in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Pop Goes the Weasel62 (25)

In Mob of the Dead, break the cycle.

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Achievement Guide for Pop Goes the Weasel

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Posted on 18 April 13 at 08:48, Edited on 27 August 13 at 04:41
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This achievement may take upwards of 2 hours and can be done with either 2 (including split-screen), 3 or 4 players. Not solo as you will need weasel and any other player for the last step. It will also end the game upon completion.

NOTE: I've added a video from NGTzombies for those that would rather a visual instead. I take ZERO credit for the video.

N.B. If a disconnection happens to occur in your game and you get the player to join back in, I advise you to pay attention after certain steps to ensure you are getting the evil laughs. However, the only definite way to know if your easter egg is voided will be with the flickering number panel. If it isn't flickering after 3 cycles, the 2 spoons and the 5 skulls, then you WILL have to restart. Although, you may well be better of not risking wasted time and just restart as soon as the disconnection has occurred.

Start a custom mob of the dead game on original difficulty. (NOT EASY) warning.

Once you buy the cell door from the spawn (1,000 Points) go up the ramp ahead (to the left) then take a right and proceed to buy the cell door straight ahead (1,000 Points). Passing through the door, take a left and purchase the door ahead also (1000 points). From here keep going straight, to fall off onto the right hand side next to a red fuse box.

Potential Warden’s Key Location 1:
From the red fuse box, go left around the corner and you should see the key dangling on a hook ahead up high. If not, move onto the other potential spawn location. To get this one, you will need to use the fuse box to get into afterlife, go into the blue afterlife doorway up high (to the left of the fuse box) and then zap the control panel. It should now be lowered and obtainable in normal mode.

Potential Warden’s Key Location 2:
If the key isn’t in the first spawn location, then from the red fuse box go around the corner to the left and up the stairs to your immediate left. Take a right and go down the stairs ahead. Now the Warden’s office should be straight ahead.

To get the key you will need to use the red fuse box on the opposite wall of the entrance. You should now notice a glowing blue afterlife doorway above the (and slightly to the left) of the entrance. It might take a couple jumps but once in, zap the control panel on the left for the key and then take a right, go down the stairs and zap the volt meter. Doing so should unlock this achievement if you haven’t done so already:

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIParanormal ProgressThe Paranormal Progress achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops II worth 7 pointsIn Mob of the Dead, open a door without spending points.

In the same afterlife mode token, get back down and next to the stairs ahead will be another blue doorway (on the right). Once through make your way to the end of the passage, turn around and jump up onto the higher platform to then follow it to the volt meter. Once that is zapped, get back to your body as fast as you can.

You will now see the Warden’s key dangling near the entrance to the cafeteria and the gate to the lower floor should be open. Whilst in normal mode hold “X” to pick up the key.

Step 3, Hell’s Retriever and Plane Parts:

Basically you are going to have to feed each of the 3 dogs their fair share of zombies (seems to be 6 per dog). To spawn the dogs you will have to kill a zombie near their symbol then once they have been fed enough they will de-spawn leaving a glowing version of the previous symbol. The sooner you get this step done the better. To save time going back and forth I’ll be leading you through the plane parts at the same time. To build the plane you will need to collect 5 various parts (cables, a propane tank, an engine, the uniforms and a control valve). Only one can be picked up at once and they will have a green glow to them to help you find them.

Plane Part 1, The Uniforms:
Now you can go down into the showers (to the left of the fuse box) and then unlock the gate across the room. You will now have access to a washing machine and a volt meter. What you want to do is get a player to go back up to the fuse box and into the afterlife mode then come back down and zap the volt meter.

NOTE: DO NOT ACTIVATE THE WASHING MACHINE YET. The second you do Brutus will spawn and you will be trapped in the showers and the other player out.

Once everyone is in the showers and ready to activate the washing machine, do it. Brutus will go down incredibly easy with a few shots to the head. Once the washing machine is done, collect the first plane part.

Dog 1:
The first dog you should get done is on the upper floor of the cells (in the middle). From the showers you will need to go up the stairs to the cells again, up the two sets of stairs onto the upper floor and turn right. Follow the hallway to the stairs going down but instead of going down, stay on the same floor and turn right into the middle area. You'll now see the dog symbol on the left on some scrap metal. Bear in mind that the zombies can be a couple feet away from it and it’ll still drag them in. Also you will want to give the dog 3-4 seconds to devour the rotten corpses until you kill another. Once a brighter version of the previous symbol replaces the dog, proceed to the next.

Dog 2:
With your back to the first dog spawn head right, then to the left passed the jail cells. At the end fall off to the right to then see the cafeteria entrance on the left and the MP5 on the wall opposite (1,000 Points). If you are in need of a gun, I would recommend getting the MP5. So you are going to want to purchase the cafeteria door (1, 000 Points), then the door on the immediate left (1,000 Points). Once up the stairs take a left into a hallway of doors, to then take a left after exiting the hallway. You should now see the dog symbol on the wall ahead.

Plane Part 2, Control Valve:
To the right of this dog is a white cabinet with another plane part inside of it. You just have to unlock the cabinet and it’s yours. To the left of the dog symbol will be a fuse box. Use it. Now to open up the way to the roof you will have to go back into the hallway of doors and you will see a glowing blue doorway. Once through it you will need to pull yourself up onto the roof (Hold "A") then go left and shock the volt meter beside the door. Once you have revived yourself go up onto the roof and add the two parts you have gotten so far.

Dog 3:
Head back down to the entrance of the cafeteria then up the two sets of stairs (to the left of the MP5), take a right and then down a center set of stairs leading towards the Warden’s office straight ahead. Just before the Warden’s Office take a left down some stairs and through the door to the catacombs (1,500 Points). Go through the room with double tap and curve left into the room with the two pillars. Go left again to be next to a potential box spawn and a gate. Buy this gate (1,000 Points), head down the stairs and down a set of spiral stairs. You should now see a panel with numbers on it and a door to the right of it. Buy the door (1,000 Points), go down two more sets of stairs and down the path ahead will be a wide, open tunnel.

NOTE: If you camp with your back to the 2,000 point door on the left end of the tunnel, this area can prove to be a nice place to survive when things start to get difficult.

Once you buy the prison cell door to the motor room (1,500 Points) across the tunnel (on the right) and the door across this room (1,500 Points), you’ll see the last dog symbol on the wall beside the door you just came from (on the right).

Obtain The Hell’s Retriever:
Once the third and final beast has been fed, head back through the motor room, the tunnel, the spiral staircase and up some more stairs to be back in the room with the two pillars. In this room take a left and you’ll notice a newly made hole to a secret room on the wall to the left. Within this room will be the Hell’s Retriever floating in the middle. You should unlock this achievement if you haven’t done so already:

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIFeed the BeastThe Feed the Beast achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops II worth 15 pointsIn Mob of the Dead, obtain Hell's Retriever.

Plane Part 3, The Cables:
Now you will have to head back down to the spiral staircase. At the top of the staircase is fuse box on the wall (to the left as you enter). Basically, you are going to have to head down the staircase and remember the three numbers you'll see on the scrap metal as you go down (Keeping them in the same order you saw them in). At the bottom of the staircase is a number panel that you will have to input the code into by shocking each of the three buttons. For example, if the first piece had a “4” wrote on it, the second a “5” and the third a “1” you will shock the first button's meter 4 times, the second's 5 times and the third's 1 time. The number should read “451” and then change to a lower number and start ticking down to “000”. You will have until then to retrieve the plane part.

You’re going to want to revive yourself, get back down to the number panel, down the two sets of stairs and it’ll be through the doorway to the left. You will have to hold “X” to open the cage and then it’s yours.

Plane Part 4, The Propane Tank:
From the tunnel you will want to go through the motor room and out next to where the third dog was. Then take a right down towards the crates. To the right is a fenced off area with a gate you can hold “X” to open. Once two of you are in that area, one of you will have to go into afterlife with the red fuse box and then zap the volt meter.

NOTE: Make sure the player in normal mode doesn’t already have a part.

The other player will then have to pick up the part and come back into the main area, so the player in afterlife can zap the meter again and free you both.

Plane Part 5, The Engine:
For the last part you will have to go back into the motor room up by the third dog symbol. As you enter the red fuse box will be right in front of you. Once in afterlife you will notice three blue cables going from one of the motors and leading to three control panels. You will have to zap all three. One of them isn’t as obvious to find as the other three, as you will have to go through a blue afterlife doorway to get to it. Now the motor has been stopped the door in the Warden's office will no longer have electricity on it.

So from the motor room head back up the spiral staircase, the steps afterwards and head around to the right, past double tap. Now head up some more steps and the Warden’s office will be to your left. On the right-hand side you’ll notice a locked door with the part behind. Simply unlock the door and grab the last part.


Now you just have to assemble the rest of the plane on the rooftop, so you can take your first flight. From the Warden’s office head straight and up the stairs down the corridor. Keep going straight along the cells and then drop off (to the right). Head into the cafeteria, then immediately left up towards the infirmity. Go through hallway of doors, up the steps to the rooftop and add the remaining parts being careful not to hold “X” to “start the sequence” until everyone is ready though.

By now you may well want to think about getting at least one decent gun and juggernog or you can save your money for pack-a-punch on the bridge you're about to "land" on. Once everyone is ready, have everyone stand behind the plane. Once one person is on, it will prompt you to hold “X” to “board the plane”. If you aren’t getting the option you are most likely to close to the plane and will need to take a step back. Be quick though as it will go without you...

NOTE: If the plane happens to go without someone your easter egg may not be voided and will still be obtainable. So don't worry.

You should unlock this achievement if you haven’t done so already:

Call of Duty: Black Ops IINo One Escapes AliveThe No One Escapes Alive achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops II worth 114 pointsIn Mob of the Dead, execute the escape plan.

On the bridge you will have a couple Brutus dudes after you, so be sure to take them out as fast as you can and as soon as the electric seats are available get everyone to take one.

NOTE: After returning to the spawn and completing a cycle, when you revive yourself you'll still have your perks, equipment and weapons.


Exactly the same method as the first time except you will have to refuel the plane each cycle from here on instead. The fuel cans, will be very close to where each of the plane parts were. You will notice though after coming back that the parts are all still checked off above the leaderboard when you hold "BACK". It won’t be until a round later that the plane parts are removed and replaced with the fuel cans.

During this step you will want to hold off within the wide, open tunnel at the end with the 2000 point door, like I mentioned earlier. Ensure to leave 2 or 3 WALKERS/ 1 RUNNER (Crawlers will eventually die off) every round so you can get perks and weapons if needed. By the end of this step try to each have at least one pack-a-punched weapon. At this point you may well be at round 15 or higher. So, if you're all well equipped for some zombie massacring on the bridge until the round's over then you will unlock this achievement if you haven't done so already:

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIGG BridgeThe GG Bridge achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops II worth 51 pointsIn Mob of the Dead, survive an entire round on the bridge on round 15 or higher.

After you have done your two extra cycles you'll unlock this achievement if you haven’t done so already:

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIMaking the RoundsThe Making the Rounds achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops II worth 57 pointsIn Mob of the Dead, complete the cycle 3 times.


NOTE: When I went for this achievement my co-op partner and I had done everything but the spoons as it was believed to not be part of this easter egg. However, the dials didn't start flickering through the numbers. As soon as we got the spoons and came back however, the number panel was flickering. THE SPOONS ARE A REQUIREMENT!

To get the first spoon firstly you must get the poster to gain access to it. Leaving the warden’s office you will notice a poster saying "ESCAPE FROM THE TOMB" on the back wall of the first cell, on the left going down the corridor. This can be retrieved just like the skulls with the hell's retriever. This may take a couple tomahawks to tear down though as it seems the tomahawk needs to go *precisely* through the hole behind the poster. The poster, however, is covering a lot of the wall as well. Doing so though, will reveal the afterlife symbol and now allowing access to the hidden passage behind the row of cells.

To access the hidden passage you will have to be in the afterlife mode, where you’ll now see a blue afterlife doorway to the left of the red fuse box (opposite the Warden’s office entrance). Once in this passage continue to zap the spoon (lying on the right of the hole in the floor) until you hear an evil laugh. This is the same laugh you would of heard when the old mystery box relocated.

The second spoon is at the back of the cafeteria through a window. Looking out of the window, you'll see it on a table (to the left) and will have to retrieve it via the hell’s retriever. Brutus will then talk to you and say what seems to be “872, your number is up”.


Firstly, these skulls can only be seen in the afterlife mode or when someone in the afterlife shocks the skull, the players in normal mode will then see it. Additionally, each skull is outside of the playable areas, so to retrieve each of them you will need to use the hell‘s retriever again. When you do successfully retrieve a blue skull you will see it attached to your tomahawk when it comes back.

NOTE: You don't need afterlife at all for this step, you can just go to where I have described for each skull and simply throw the tomahawk. Although, if you're unsure where to throw for a skull or two the option is always there.

Skull 1:
The first afterlife skull is through the doorway of the library from the spawn, in a cell straight across from you. The cell has a hospital trolley in front of it and a visible skull on the right. Aim your tomahawk about where the toilet is and you should get it.

Skull 2:
The second afterlife skull can be seen outside of the window behind the desk in the Warden’s office, on the top of a telephone poll next to the nearby house (on the right).

Skull 3:
The third afterlife skull is located on top of the third wooden post (from the left) near PhD Flopper and Mule Kick down in the docks. It is close to the tower trap area.

Skull 4:
The fourth afterlife skull is located on the top of a light post across from juggernog (under the gondola’s path). For this one you will have to jump for your tomahawk to reach. It is the closest lamp, near the corner opposite juggernog and to the right of the 2,000 point door.

Skull 5:
The fifth skull is over on the left-hand side of the rooftop on the corner of the other part of the roof jutting out.

Once you have successfully retrieved all skulls you should now notice a free blundergat rising from some flames on the desk of the warden’s office, indicating the completion of this step.

NOTE: You will have to pick up the blundergat to proceed any further.

Now the number panel should start flickering through numbers. If it isn’t you either haven’t picked up the blundergat, haven’t been through the cycle 3 times or haven't gotten the two spoons.


For this step you will have to set each of the four prisoner numbers into the number panel. Like the last time you used the panel you will have to be in the afterlife mode. Once you put in a number, after a second or two it will reconfigure them each time. You will probably only have enough time to put in three of the numbers into the machine. However, if you have someone semi-revive you over and over, you can stay in the afterlife much longer. The prisoner numbers and the numbers they’ll reconfigure to are as follows:

101 – 011
872 – 728
386 – 863
481 - 184

Once all numbers are put in, you should hear a voice start to talk and your screen will go black and white. You will also not be able to input digits anymore.


You will now proceed to collect a series of drops that look to be a pair of headphones. They will not disappear and will appear one at a time. The headphones will lead to the rooftop where you will receive your last. Upon picking up the last headphone you will hear the previously mentioned sound once more after Stanley is done talking (Evil laugh).


Now you will need to ensure the plane has all five fuel cans drained into it and then you’ll be ready to depart one last time. Just down the steps from the roof in the room with the dog symbol, is a red fuse box on the right wall. Only one of you will need an afterlife token. If weasel is not in the game at this point you will not get the prompt to hold "X" and can not proceed in a game that is public (you can't invite players back in). However, you may well be able to proceed by inviting them back in if you are in custom which is why I told you to be. Once that player is in afterlife and boards the plane, everyone else is forced to jump on and in afterlife as well.

NOTE: There is a known glitch that if you all hold “X” at the same time, the plane goes without you'll and you'll be stuck in afterlife. You will then have to restart.

Once the one person has held “X” you should now all be on the plane flying towards the bridge. When you land, you will see yourself sitting in an electric chair waiting to be revived.

WARNING: The completion of this step WILL end your game.

Now that you are back in the normal mode you will notice a “kill” sign above Weasel’s head and if you are a Weasel, a “kill” sign will appear above everyone else’s head. Whether Weasel wins or the other mobsters doesn't affect you getting your achievement. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKEDclap

Credit to,, Im Sander Cohen and for assistance with corrections and additionally, credit to GTAmissions1 and for additional information. Also, credit to NGTzombies for the amazing video guide, be sure to check them out for anything zombies related.

If there is anything you are unsure about or just simply wanting to know about zombies feel free to PM me and I'll be sure to get back to you ASAP.

Hope this helps!
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