Rhino Squad achievement in Quake 4

Rhino Squad

Over 10000 frags in Ranked matches.

Rhino Squad-6.5
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How to unlock the Rhino Squad achievement

  • Senor SlurpeeSenor SlurpeeThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    24 Feb 2010 15 May 2010
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    This achievement is called "Rhino Squad" and it is achieved by getting 10,000 frags (kills)

    The FASTEST way to get this achievement is by doing a ARENA CTF match using any of the "X" on 1 method. For example, I recently got 6 players together and we had 5 people in a quake "party" (go into the lobby BEFORE you search for a game and invite all your friends to it making a "party" in which all of you in the "party" will be on the same team regardless) and than have the one person that wants the kills (the sixth person) search on there own to find the game. When the game starts it will be 5 on 1 and have the one person get the "doubler" power up and run to the other teams base where everyone will be spawning and have the five people just running at ya giving you kills. I know this method works. We did a Average match (20 minutes) and we were getting around 450 - 600 kills per match. So the more people that you can get to help you boost the better. (on the CTF matches if no one has captured a flag in the time limit it will go into a "sudden death" and will continue to let you rack up kills until someone returns a flag.

    Side note: You don't have to do it on Average it can also be done on Endurance or Quickie.

    2nd Side Note: In my experience this is also a nice way to rack in the "Impressive's" and "Excellent's" the only draw back I have seen is that as exactly 255 the awards reset, so watch out!

    Enjoy :)

    UPDATE: I just got done doing this method 5v1 using the doubler and i ended up with 870 kills in and endurance arena CTF. (my excellents did reset at exactly 255 tho...thank god i already had that achievement)
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    planting42Agree with the awards resetting - even if your screen is keeping up with the leaderboard count, they reset. Today both counts were in sync with each other and my excellents reset just after 250. Be warned somewhere around that number seems the sweet spot for that (or any) particular award. Frag count was unaffected.
    Posted by planting42 on 20 Mar 10 at 22:03
    Pedle ZelnipIt's actually 255 that it gets reset at.

    The reason is that the game uses an 8-bit value to store the count of excellents/impressives/humiliations/etc. 2^8 = 256, but you have to minus 1 for 0, so the biggest value is 255.

    TLDR: 255 is the cutoff.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 13 May 10 at 08:06
    Greggie SmallzzWhy is there no picture or description for this achievement when people clearly have it?
    Posted by Greggie Smallzz on 16 May 10 at 15:41
    Senor SlurpeeIt's because a mod on TA has to have gotten the achievment to verify it or something like that before it gets added
    Posted by Senor Slurpee on 13 Jun 10 at 23:33
    Anatanaanyone have any idea if this and all the online achievements are still obtainable?
    Posted by Anatana on 12 Mar 14 at 07:22
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