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Completed Co-Op Dark Agent

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How to unlock the Completed Co-Op Dark Agent achievement

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    Be sure to check the comments for some really great ideas for some levels.

    While this is a really old game, I was still unable to find a guide for a person to do this game solo. What I mean is to do co-op with two controllers. I found I was able to do all of this except for one level. update: A solution to level 10 has been found.

    This guide also works for any of the other easier difficulties except that you will have less objectives to complete. The advice given here should also be helpful for doing this with another person except that there will be far less standing around. I would highly recommend completing the game on Agent first to acquire all the weapons you will need and to get a idea of how the levels are to be played.

    Here are the facts:
    1. To unlock Dark Agent, you must beat the game solo or co-op on Perfect Agent mode. Your partner does not have to do this to play along with you but THEY will not get credit for Dark Agent mode.
    2. Gather these weapons from earlier playthroughs:
    Plasma Rifle, BEST WEAPON EVER, Shockwave, Rocket Launcher, RCP, FAC, DW, SuperDragon, Laptop, Hawk boomerang and Mines. Whatever second account you use, you will need these same weapons too. These are probably easiest to get on easy Agent mode and then tackle the Perfect Agent mode.

    You run faster if you are unarmed
    Enemies will not shoot if there is a fellow enemy in front of them
    Set up ways of forcing enemies to go through narrow passages to reach you.
    Always reload/recharge
    Scope swapping- some weapons like the plasma have no scope or some have limited ammo. However, you can line up long distance shots with a scoped weapon then switch weapons and make the shot. For example, I can line up a long distance shot with the P9P then switch to the Plasma for the kill. Same with the Shockwave but use the P9P to conserve Shockwave ammo.
    Anytime you have a squad/extra helper, they will almost always follow player 1.
    I found this site very valuable even though some of the guides' info is inaccurate:

    0. Player 1- Plasma P9P Player 2- Shockwave P9P

    Pretty simple start. Follow the instructions to complete the first objectives.

    Evade Datadyne Security

    Destroy CPU

    Destroy the first group of spiderbots with the plasma. Run past the rest of the spiderbots and make your way to the elevator. You will have to get both players to doors at the same time.

    Depoly Sentry Gun Optional If you want to grab a laptop and RB it to a wall you can but it does not matter.

    Escort Scientists To Elevator Optional, in fact killing the guy operating the controls actually makes the elevator arrive quicker.

    Player 2- At the top of the elevator, use the Shockwave to take out as many enemies as you can from the small room. Stay here when finished.

    Player 1- Use the Plasma to take out the 2 dropships. Head to the large lift and take it up. This will trigger the jet pack soldiers. Eliminate them using a running and rolling for defense. Reach the door to the space shuttle to finish the stage.

    I'm stuck right away on mission 0. I've made it to the top 3 times now at the end of the level and nothing happens, the level won't end

    Okay so I brought both players up the lift this time and the level ended. I couldn't find a way to lower the lift again once it's gone up so I think you're screwed if you take just one player up. I'm baffled as to why no one has mentioned this yet.

    -Octobot Super

    1. Player 1- Plasma P9P Player 2- RCP FAC

    Player 2- Even though they say, don't harm anyone, you are free to do what you like. You can kill any of the enforcers once you have scoped them. With a silenced FAC, take out the first two guards and then head up the stairs. Drop the patrolling guard and the two bouncers. Head to the front of the nightclub, and you should have clear and safe view of the enforcer below. Then, head over to the vehicles and eliminate the three guys over here. You can line up you first shot so that you nearly hit two with one shot.

    Head up the small stairs and break open the lock. Knock out or headshot the guard on the left. From just inside the building, you can scope out the agent. Sometimes it will tell you that both need to be present. That is kind of true, but more truthfully is that just that player 1 needs to do it but other times I have just shot him and have not failed too. Take out the guards around the boat, the two upstairs and finally the enforcer and his buddy.

    Player 1- Plasma the boat

    Destroy Killian's Powerboat

    Player 2- Head back outside and demo the fence. Drop down the knockout the guy sweeping the floor. Try to take out the guy at the top of the lift, if possible. Head to the lift.

    Player 1- Push the lift button.

    Player 2- Audioscope the last enforcer then shoot him

    Identify Enforcers

    Player 1- Bring your partner back down. Go down the small stairway again, take out the guards, head upstairs, shoot the guy at the desk and hit the fire alarm.

    Evacuate Civilians

    Clear out the the big room anyway you like. When you head upstairs, this will trigger another small gang. They will follow you all the way down stairs. Take them out from the security room. After that, you will trigger another group that can be bottle-necked in the small hallway.

    There are 2 guards in the final stairway and sometimes another guy in the room too. Make sure both players are in this room before heading up the stairs. You can throw an UGL behind the door before closing it; this will act as a proximity mine for the group that will come from behind. As you head up the stairs, the group is triggered as well as 2 more bad guys up top.

    Finish off the last bad guys here and carefully make your way up the stairs. Either use the RCP to locate the sentry guns or cloak and search for them. Destroy all 4? guns.

    Destroy Sentry Guns

    Find the exit

    2. SUBWAY RETRIEVAL Player 1- Plasma P9P Player 2- Shockwave P9P

    Player 2- Turn on the Shockwave's X-ray take cover.

    Player 1- Cloak and take out the biker gang. The last one should drop a key card.

    Player 2- Scout the area up ahead. Conserve the Shockwave's ammo. Try to take out as many enemies using the silenced P9P. Be very careful not to get spotted by any cameras. Shoot them from a distance. Their locations will vary but there are only a few variations. Open the door with the locotpus.

    Infiltrate Warehouse

    Clear the warehouse of any enemies. Use the Shockwave to locate enemies and take out ones across the long bridge. Use the Plasma to cloak, fire and retreat in tight areas. Fire a few rounds from the Plasma into the building across the bridge.

    Sabotage Armory OPTIONAL Again, I have no idea what this does or does not do.

    Move into the next area. Use the same tactics of Xray/sniper and cloaking to take out the next squad in the next building. Upstairs, search every drawer for the passkey and then head downstairs and open the safe. Have the other player open the security system upstairs while other grabs the case.

    Retrieve Briefcase

    Player 1- Heading down in the subway, you will encounter 3 guys on your path. Move ahead and you will come to a locked door. Hit it open move ahead staying on the left way not to be seen by the gangs below. When you reach a barricade, camp there.

    Player 2- Catch up with your partner and move slowly ahead. When you make your way to the bottom of this curved ramp, you should see a lone gangster with his back turned to you. With a silenced P9P, headshot him and run back to the barricade. Turn on the X-ray and take cover.

    Divert Enemies

    Player 1- The fight below you should eliminate most of the enemies but, there will most certainly be some left over. Keep an eye out for them with your partner's X-ray then from cover, cloak fire.

    Advance through the next part the same as before; X-ray scouting and cloak firing. You will come to a set of stairs leading down to the subway train. In here, use the Shockwave to clean out as many guys as possible. The ones without armor can be taken out with a single bullet from the P9P. Otherwise, as long as you have about 20 rounds left, use the Shockwave. Be careful as you exit the train, a few guys that were out of reach will now fire on you. There are three guys inside a small room that are probably best taken care of with the plasma. Both players need to be at the finish line.

    3. ROOFTOPS ESCAPE Player 1- Plasma P9P Player 2- Rocket Launcher Hawk Boomerang
    BIG SECRET Let Jack/player 2 take out both dropships

    Player 2- Run forward and hide behind the vehicle.

    Player 1- Either using the P9P or Plasma, eliminate the three rooftop snipers and the three on the ground. Turn around and blast the three air conditioner looking units. Move ahead and drop down as far as you can. You should be at the base a stair well. Cloak fire at the two guards here and the two up top. Shoot one more of the air conditioner looking things and then zip-line to the next building. Set your sight on a small door below.

    Jam Enemy Coms OPTIONAL I have no idea what happens if you don't do this.

    Player 2- Temporarily abandon your Rocket Launcher and Hawk. Your goal is to gather as much DW ammo as possible. You should not need to shoot at any of the upcoming enemies. If you do need to, try to use only a pistol. Use the door in front of you and as you come out the other side, 3 bad guys should be approaching. Find cover.

    Player 1- Shoot the bad guys. Set your sights a little to the right.

    Player 2- Make your way forward and hide out inside the door where the last batch came from.

    Player 1- A vehicle will pull up with 2 guys and 2 more will appear far in the back parking ramp take them out.

    Player 2- Gather any ammo you can and move forward to a door and up some stairs is a fire alarm. Malee it.

    Player 1- Zip-line back, take a right to some stairs and burst through the vent grate Kool-aid Man style. At the end of the tunnel, there will be two guards. Keep moving forward and take out the sniper right outside the door. From here you can look down and see three open stories in the next building. On the lowest level are 3 soldiers. Drop 'em.

    Player 2- Head up to the next level.

    Player 1- Jack should have triggered the 2 soldiers on this level. Pop 'em

    Player 2 Head up to the next level.

    Player 1- Jack should have triggered the next 4 four soldiers. Bop 'em. Zip-line across for some "sweet nar-nar" activate the elevator.

    Player 2- Head up to the lift gathering any ammo along the way. When you reach the end DON'T go down yet. See the gap? Set your DW's sights out there.

    Player 1- Zip-line down and quickly take cover inside the triangle shaped nook.

    Player 2- Pick an engine and start firing. It should take 100-200 rounds to finish it depending on how accurate you are. Because of where Joanna is, the dropship should stay stationary.

    Nullify Killian OPTIONAL again, I have no idea what happens if you don't do this but it is not worth losing health over.

    You can abandon your weapons here and then head back to claim your Rocket Launcher and Hawk. Come back and take the elevator down. When you get out of the lift, it will trigger 3 dudes. Hide out in the corner and do not drop down to their level.

    Player 1- Climb the stairs and check the roof for a lone soldier; sometimes there is one here. Head back to the stairs and look down. You should see the three soldiers that are bothering Jack. Smoke 'em. Head over to the next building and use you datathief on the Darleck looking thing.

    Open Floodgates

    This next part is the trickiest part of the level. Slowly approach the next building and try to take out the guys on the roof. Do the same for the next roof but be careful of the glass ceiling. There will sometimes be a guy in there. Run down the poop tube and and drop down to the lowest level. Wait here by the exit and get rid of your pistol.

    Player 2- Drop down and RUN to where Player 1 is. Hopefully, the last batch of enemies is not following you. Give the Hawk to Player 1 and equip the Rocker Launcher. Exit.

    Player 1- RUN to the small square snack-shack looking structure and take cover on the back wall; closest the the other big wall. Do not crouch. From here, you may take some damage. In the unlikely event that Killian starts firing rockets, equip the Hawk;s shield function as it will protect only against explosives.

    Player 2- Move a little to the right to give yourself a better aim. Pick an engine and fire Rockets. You need to make all four shots at the same engine. Take your time aiming and make them count.

    4. MANSION INFILTRATION Player 1-RCP FAC (locktopus)Player 2- Shockwave P9P

    Player 2- Head up the hill a little way and turn around. You should be able to take out a tower guard. With the Shockwave's X-ray, you should be able to take out the other tower guards without being seen.

    Player 1- Run around this garden knocking out the ground soldiers or using the silenced FAC. Head to the door on the left side of the wall.

    Player 2- One of the three towers has a radio antenna on it. Use your demokit to destroy it.

    Disrupt Security Comms OPTIONAL but highly recommended

    Enter the door on the left side of the wall. There will be three guards that patrol the top of the wall. Wait until they get as close to you as possible. If everything went well, you did not disrupt the group of bad guys in the middle of the wall. If not, retreat back and let player 2 take them out with some grenades as they head down the stairs. If so, continue to snipe out the three in the main courtyard. In the small area to the left, set your sites on the armored guard and have player line up a headshot with a silenced FAC. Pull the trigger on both controllers at once, then fire two more at the armored guard.

    Player 1- Head downstairs and open the door with the locktopus. Go way over the other side of great wall of...... Head up the stairs, and power up the satellite. If you do not have the locktopus try to sneak past any guards that are in the middle of the bridge.

    Player 2- Activate the satellite

    Activate Satellite Server OPTIONAL but highly recommended. Doing this will give you the optional weapons in the final fight.

    Player 1- Disable the camera. You can use the loctopus to open the door or if you don't have it:

    "Everything alright out there?" select Charm
    "Hello? You OK out there?" select Charm
    "Is that you Lee?" select Bluff
    " What is it now? "select Bluff
    "I was sleeping" select Threaten

    Basically, if the person sounds nice, charm them, if they sound like a jerk, lie to them if they are scared, threaten them.

    Infiltrate Mansion

    Player 1- Do not get spotted carrying a weapon in here. The enemies will do you any harm as long as you are unarmed. Get out your audioscope and aim it at one of the ladies in a red dress.

    Acquire Voice Scan

    Player 1- Head left and up the stairs. Either use the RCP's third function or a silenced weapon to disable the 4 cameras in this area. After the final stationary camera, make sure you are unarmed before opening the door. Head down stairs and charm the guard.

    Boss fight

    Player 1- crouch down and take cover behind a pillar.

    Player 2- Take cover behind a pillar. Take your time here and go for headshots. If you should run out of ammo, switch players. Defeat the 2 Mai across the way.

    Player 1-Select the shield when prompted and run down stairs and grab one. Let the statue throw punches at your shield.

    Player 2- Grab a shield. As long as one person is low on ammo, the crate will continue to spawn. Take this time to let one person totally fill up on ammo.

    Before defeating the statue, move the person with the least ammo back up top and camp out at the first pillar on the right; equip the shield, crouch and take cover. This person will only take a little damage

    Two Mei Hems- Take your time here and really try not to take any damage. Sometimes, you can get away with toggling off the shield; this allows you to use the secondary function of the Mag which bounces around and allows you to get some lucky shots.

    Two statues- Quickly, run down stairs to draw the two statues to you. You will want take this time to make sure that whoever has the least health is camped out this time in the same spot as before. Defeat the statues when you are ready.

    Ten Mei Hems and ghosts?- This part is crazy. Each time you kill a Mei Hem, a ghost version appears as well as a new Mei Hem. Thankfully they are all pretty low on health. The ghosts will all drop Superdragons. When one becomes available, get it. When you abandon your Mag, make sure you drop it somewhere that you won't accidentally pick it up again. During this part, I toggled back and forth with the shield and Superdragon. Take advantage of the grenade function. Revive your partner if needed. The ghosts will only take a few shots but don't be afraid to use a grenade either. Try to get a Superdragon to your partner at some point.

    Three statues- Quickly run down stairs and draw the statues to you. Have your partner gather ammo. Whoever has the most grenades/health should go up top. The other player should stay on the bottom and camp out right beside a statue. Seriously! The idea here is that the next round will spawn Mei Hems and statues. If someone is down here, the statues should run the them. If that person is safely hidden behind statues, they will take no gun fire. Make sure they are crouched and their shield is drawn. Defeat the statues to start the next round.

    Final round: Two Mei Hems Two statues- Hopefully the statues will go to the person on the ground. The final two Mei Hems are strong and take two grenades to finish each. Try to hit them as soon as they spawn. If needed, fall back and equip the shield. There is not a need to defeat the statues to finish the level.

    I also want to note, that during the boss battle in mission 4 when there's a hoard of Mei's, you can melee with the shield for one hit kills. I found it easier to camp and wait rather than to have a shootout. -RIVE XNGLE

    I must have done this level 30 or 40 times before I was able to finally find a decent strategy. For the first part of the level, do whatever, as long as you activate the satellite dish for the extra weapons.

    For the Mai Hem battle, it's important that you keep your health up for most of the battle for both players. When the battle starts, move both players behind pillars. Pick either one and kill the Mai hems across the way. When they die, run down with the other player, grab a shield, and hold it up and let the statue wail on you. While doing this, waste ammo with the other player until you're down to less than a clip (this makes more ammo spawn in the middle). If you stand on the ammo spawn point with the shield player, a (beneficial!) glitch can occur where your ammo skyrockets to max. Either way, FILL UP.

    After player 1 with the shield is full on ammo, run down with player 2 and grab a shield and some ammo. Run back up and hide behind a pillar again (cover with A). Lure the statue up near player 2 next to a different pillar and finish it off with meele with your shield still raised. Once it begins to die immediately press Y to lower your shield and then cover behind a pillar.

    Use the mag's secondary function to kill the two Mai Hems below. Use your player 2 (with the lower ammo) for this and switch to player 1 if you need. Once they're dead, quickly pop out of cover with player one and aggro the two statues. Raise your shield and repeat the ammo trick if needed to max out player one's ammo. Lure the statues back up to a pillar. Make sure player two has a shield and mag equipped and duck behind a pillar while using A to go into cover. Finish off the statues with player one's meele and then lower your shield, keep your mag out, and go into cover behind a pillar without ducking. CENTER YOURSELF SO YOU CAN LOOK BOTH WAYS WHILE IN COVER. Do not let the moronic cover system fuck this up for you by being too close to the "edge"of the pillar.

    This is the fucked up part. However, you'll want to just stay in cover the ENTIRE TIME. The Mai Hems become idiots when you're in cover and can barely hit you even when they're a foot away due to the terrible "cover" mechanics. If you've set things up right to this point, you should have full health and 200+ ammo for player one. Now, without ever coming out of cover, proceed to eliminate the seemingly endless amount of Mai hems using the mag's secondary function. Due to the low health of the clones, you can pretty much blind fire the ricochet bullets unto a group of them and they'll drop like flies. Try to protect player 2 if they're being ganged up on. It is tempting to grab a super dragon but do not do it. Be patient and kill all the Mai Hems from cover. You will get shot but it's highly unlikely you'll be killed.

    After this absolutely terrible phase is over, the statues will come to life. You can try to rush down and aggro them, but from my experience it doesn't matter if one or both attack the crouched player with the shield (even if they're not holding it out with RT) and they will suffer no damage. NOW is the time to raise your shield and collect super dragons around the arena. Pick up a couple with player two in case things go south during the next part.

    The next part sucks because you can't really stay in cover due to the statues. If you have enough health, finish off the statues down in the central area and start grenadine the shit out of the two Mai hems the instant they start pixeling in. Be ready to use player 2 if needed.

    I suppose if you wanted to play this part safe, you could duck shield behind a pillar with player 2 again and try to lure all the statues to that player. Then you'd probably be safe to pick off the two Mai hems, but you probably won't have a Mag anymore.

    Any way you slice it, this fight is total bullshit (the whole level is a buggy shitty mess), but hopefully this helps people.

    Edit: my idiot phone keeps autocorrecting melee to meele but I can't be bothered to fix it
    -Octobot Super

    5. LABORATORY RESCUE Player 1- Plasma P9P or Mines Player 2- FAC RCP
    BIG SECRET Do not turn off the power!!

    Player 2- In the main area, there are 3 stationary guards, 1 patrolling and final stationary guard on the lower level. With a silenced FAC, drop the guard in a spot that the other guards are not alarmed. Then, eliminate the other guards; don't forget the one on the lower level. Hang out for a while.

    Player 1- Go into the big open area and head to the right. Cloak and enter the only door you can taking out the solo guard in here. Quickly, begin eliminating the guards below you. There should be about 5. Gas will probably start filling up the room by now and you can also find a pair of night-vision goggles in the room but they are kind of useless IMO. Keep moving forward into a small tunnel and 2 guards. In the this room is a switch for the power generator DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT PUSH IT.

    Shutdown Power Generator NO NO NO NO NO OPTIONAL pushing this brings on an endless wave bad ladies. There is no need to push it.

    Head to the back of this room and punch/malee out the vent cover. Keep following this path and punch out another grate. Inside this room is a scientist who, when at gunpoint, will shut off the poison gas. Knock him out when he has finished.

    Neutralize Gas Defenses

    Also, inside this room is a silver key card. It is very small but it is on one of the tables. Next, you can head up the stairs and open this door. Take a left and pass the door you went in last time. Inside this door is a lab with glass panels. Knock out the scientist in here. Grab the gold card from the table up the stairs. Keep following the stairs up until you reach a room with green things on the ceiling. Shoot the green things.

    Disable Tracking System OPTIONAL but recommended to keep.....I don't know. It is easy and sounds like it should help you.....

    Meet up with your partner and open up the door.

    Access Containment Facility

    Player 1- Using the RCP's heat-sig vision and the FAC, exterminate any personal in this area. There should be more ammo back in the room with oil drum/night vision gogles. Climb up inside the tower, taking care of the bad guy inside and operate the two switches inside. These switches open the cell doors where Jack is being held. Open them all. Grab hold of the turret gun and aim for the door.

    Player 2- Climb up to where your partner is. When you open the door, this should trigger a wave of guards outside. Run back behind some cover.

    Player 1- Destroy the oncoming wave.

    Player 2- head inside and find Jack

    6. RIVER EXTRACTION Player 1- Shockwave P9P Player 2- Plasma Mines

    BIG SECRET You can shut down the enemy's radar by entering a building and using the datathief rather than trying to blow everything up.

    Player 1- Quickly get in the turret and take out the squad that will come in the door. Clear out the next room by using the Shockwave's X-ray BUT make the kill with headshots using the P9P. After this big room is clear, temporarily exchange your plasma for one of the assault rifles. Head to the center and look for the bridge controls and shoot them with the assault rifle. Get your Shockwave back.

    Sabotage bridge

    Player 2- Make your way to the turret on the right and lock your sites on the door in the distance.

    Player 1- Head up to the top of the tower and use your datathief to lower the bridge. Careful, as you cross the bridge you will trigger the next wave of bad guys. Keep your X-ray on and as soon as you see any baddies, turn back and take some cover.

    Player 2- With the turret gun, take out the approaching squad.

    Player 1- Take over on the turret that Jack/player 2 was on.

    Player 2- Run through the next part of the level. As you reach the area where you have to use the explosives, toss out a few mines. Quickly set the demokit and head back to the tower avoiding the mines you placed. Take some cover.

    Player 1- eliminate any enemies that are chasing after Jack.

    After all is secure, head out to the open area. Move slowly and use the Shockwave's X-ray to locate enemies. To conserve on ammo, headshot anyone not wearing a helmet. You will find that armored soldiers take more than one shot with the shockwave. When taking out these guys, make your shots somewhere close to where you can take cover.

    Player 2- head inside the garage and use the plasma rifle to take out the two guards. Then destroy the three hovercrafts.

    Incapacitate Hovercrafts OPTIONAL but highly recommended. This will prevent extra bad guys on the water with you.

    Drop off your plasma rifle at the garage with the hovercraft you are about the steal. Head down towards the exit and climb up the stairs. Inside one of the small domes is a valve to open the gate. Open the gate and then head outside to the right to grab the Rocket Laucher on one of the turrets.

    Steal Rocket Launcher

    Take it back to your ride and swap it out for the M60. Whoever has the most health should operate the guns because they will take the most damage. Mount up and quickly exit this area, avoiding the army that has just appeared. When you reach the opening, go forward a little and to the right to avoid any fire from in front of you. Wait here until the other hovercraft appears and destroy it.

    Next, move carefully forward and to the right. Move a little, then fire a little. Sometimes this part is actually easier on foot from the shoreline in front of you. Either way you decide how to handle this, clear the coastline and the docks of any enemies. There should be a spare hovercraft on the dock near a big tower, if you did not destroy it. There should be a door on that tower. Go inside and find a small terminal and hack it with your datathief(Joanna/player 1.)

    With your hovercraft in rough shape, get on board and head for the exit. You may encounter a hovercraft or two along the way but it should not be too bad.

    7. TRINITY INFILTRATION Player 1- Plasma Mines Player 2- RCP FAC/Superdragon
    BIG SECRET- bring the army to you!
    Also, there are a few other ways of doing this level:

    Player 2- Find cover

    Player 1- Cloak and locate the X-ray goggles. Take cover and

    Eliminate the Brotherssmile

    Go up the stairs and eliminate the 4 enemies.

    Player 2- Push the elevator button

    Player 1- Clear out the next room. Temporarily exchange the Plasma for the Jackel. Take out the snipers. With the Xray goggles, you should be able to find 3 snipers. Sometimes the third is in the same spot as you. Grab your plasma and hit the computer to open the elevator door . Use the zip line and cloak yourself for safety. You can use the demo kit to get inside the elevator if you missed the computer. There is a crack on the side of the building.

    Player 2- catch up with player 1
    Push the elevator button
    Infiltrate Facilitysmile

    Player 1- Cloak and eliminate the 2 guards at the bottom of the elevator. Do the same for the other two in the corridors. Then, bring your partner down. Head left into the room with the next lift.

    Player 2- Head left and equip the RCP. Point it at the cameras and Press A to reprogram them. Do this for the first few you see but your goal here is to be spotted by a human NOT a camera. Being spotted by a camera only brings a few extra guys your way. After being spotted, quickly retreat back. Hide in the elevator.

    Player 1- Toss some mines in the hallway. With X-ray goggles equipped, you should be able to see everyone coming your way. Eliminate them any way you see fit.

    Player 2- When finished with the bad guys make your way back to the room with the cameras and reprogram as many as you can. Then, head up stairs to the first room. Look on the tables for what appear to be tabletop microphone and activate on of them.
    Pinpoint Dr. Carollsmile

    Player 1- go all the way over to the other side of this big room and enter a spiral staircase heading down. There will probably be 3 shielded guards here. At the bottom of the stairs is a small terminal. Enter the correct response and hide out until all scientist have fled.

    Manipulate Personal OPTIONAL
    "Welcome friend, this is Father. Please, state your crisis" select Charm.
    "Father, at your service" select Threaten.
    "System instability detected. Employee... file not present. This is Father, please state your crisis" select Bluff.

    After finding Dr. Carol, follow him up some stairs. There will be a small patrol of 3 or 4 guards along the way. Be careful not to hit the doctor. Keep following him to reach the finish.

    8. TRINITY ESCAPE Player 1- Plasma P9P Player 2- Shockwave P9P
    in progress
    BIG SECRET the two bots will almost exclusively follow Joanna/player 1 KEEP YOUR BOT ALIVE AND HEALTHY. DO NOT any point in this level, activate any electronic switches; this will only send out a squad.

    Player 2- Move forward and take out the first team of soldiers. Then move into the computer room and get out the datathief.

    Player 1- With the X-ray on, head into the computer room and guard the door. Take out any troops that come in the door while player 2 hacks the system.

    Download Zeigler's Program

    After this objective, have player camp out near the next door.

    Player 2- Run down stairs and take a right taking out the 3 enemies in here. Then, stay here and bring player 1 into this same room. Player 2 should head up the stairs and take out the 3 enemies in here. At the top of the stairs(inclined plane) there is a door on the left. This will take you to a room with a glass floor and many enemies. Eliminate all the enemies with a silenced P9P. By doing this, you will most likely not have any enemies chase after you while planting the explosives.

    Before entering the hallway where the explosives are to be set, grab a laptop and set it to sentry gun somewhere in the hallway just as a precaution. Don't forget to grab your plasma rifle again.

    Player 1- Run down the hallway, take a right and hide out in the elevator room. This should prevent any enemies from spawning in here.

    Player 2- Run down the hallway and guard the pathway on the left from potential enemies coming through that door. Also, keep an eye on the guy planting the explosives. Sometimes a soldier or two will still makes their way back to this position. After the door is sealed, take your team up the lift. Have player 2 head out into the next hallway and eliminate the 4 orange soldiers in here.

    Player 1- Use your loctopus and flood the next area. Camp here for a bit.

    Flood Hanger OPTIONAL but highly recommended. This will eliminate about half the soldier in the next area.

    Player 2- Run past player 1, cloak yourself just before entering the next big area. You will notice the squad is following player 2 now for the time being . Take out soldiers while making your way to the small doorway up ahead. Take cover here and fire at the approaching enemies. Be careful here as there will sometimes be a lone soldier far off in the distance. Move forward and camp out in the next elevator area.

    Player 1- Move forward to the next elevator area. Then quickly head to left in the hallway with the next explosives door. Turn the X-rays on watch the back door.

    Player 2- Run into the hallway but do not cross the spot where the guy is planting the explosives. Do not worry you will not be locked out. Troops will approach from either side. Take them out as the are coming through the doors. After the explosion, enter the hall. Quickly, go through the door on the right and cloak yourself to eliminate the guys in orange in here. Then do the same on the other side. Head to the back of this area and eliminate the 4 guys in white in here. For a safety precaution, grab a laptop and throw it down the stairs you are about to head to. Don't forget to grab the plasma again.

    Player 1- head down and up the stairs and camp in the big round room.

    Player 2- The squad will follow you as you enter the small hallway with shielded soldiers. Cloak yourself and take out the soldiers in the room on the right and then do the same for the 2 in the room on the left. You will notice that if you go too far into the rooms the door will lock behind you. There is a squad that will sometime approach from the area up ahead. Grab a laptop and go forward into the hallway with the final explosive door. Set up a laptop sentry mode in this hallway and hurry back to your plasma.

    Player 1- Run to the hallway and camp in the small area behind the explosive door. With the X-ray, keep an eye on the pathway to the right.

    Player 2- Rejoin you squad here and guard against any potential soldiers.

    Cutoff Pursuit- OPTIONAL but highly recommended. This should come automatically if your team in intact. If your team is intact, the final part of this level is much easier but not impossible.

    Player 2- The next area contains two immediate threats to you and your team. You have to be FAST. The first will be a single soldier that is usually just to the right inside the door. The second is a second is another Superdragon soldier straight ahead but far away. Cloak as you enter this area and take out the nearby soldier. Then, crouch and take cover on the left.

    Player 1- Run to your squad using your X-ray and Shockwave to eliminate the Superdragon soldier far off in the distance. Do the same for the other baddies on the left. The enemies below can also be dealt with here using the Shockwave. Remember, with the Shockwave, a shot to the toes/elbow is still fatal. After the big area is clear, bring the team down to the elevator. SWAP weapons.

    Player 1- FAST As soon as you get to the top of the elevator, get out and move to the left to avoid being hit; you are vulnerable inside the lift.

    Player 2- Be quick, crouch and open the door. Take out the guy in the machine gun nest and other guy far away nearly straight ahead.

    Player 1- Quickly cloak and head out the door. Fire some shots towards the enemies in the distance as you make your way behind the crate nearby. Hopefully you will hit the jetpack fool. This should bring out the rest of your team and start them firing.

    Player 2- Run out the door and head to the left as far as you can. Stay behind the large motor/tank looking things. Far off in the distance, where the dropship is landing, you should see 2 enemies; 1 on foot and the other with a jetpack. By eliminating them, you should be able to finish the level. With the X-ray check around for more guys hiding out.

    Player 1- head towards the dropship. You may want to cloak occasionally in case of any lingering enemies.

    9. JUNGLE STORM Player 1- Laptop Superdragon (locktopus) Player 2- Plasma Mines
    BIG SECRET Spawn locations and you start out with Heat-sig goggles; use the right pad to activate.

    Player 1- QUICK Use the Laptop's secondary function; I never found a great place to throw it where it would not get destroyed or where it would do the most damage. Right after, hide out behind the rocks on the left near the three crates. Simple kneel by the wall and don't use cover, hiding here I rarely took any damage.

    Player 2- Run up the hill to the right. You might be able to take out some guys along the way. Your goal is to reach a small opening where there are two spawn points. Run back and forth between the two taking out the soldiers as they appear. You will also need to shoot any soldiers that you can see in the main field too. This may take a while to get used to but you should be able to do it safely after some practice.

    Defend Dropship
    If for some reason the Laptop is still around, reclaim it. Also, if you are able to bring the loctopus along, you can use it to open the trunk for some extra ammo for assault rifles. At this point have both players drop their weapons and pick up either an RCP or DW and fill up on ammo. After filling up on ammo, have player 1, or whoever has the most health grab the Plasma and Mines. Player 2 should take the Superdragon and RCP/DW.

    Player 2- Sneak up to the soldier and knock him out quietly, then use the datathief to:
    Disable Spiderbot Sensors OPTIONAL but highly recommended

    Player 1- Village With the Plasma, sneak into the village and start clearing it out. I won't get into too much detail with how to do this but if you have done this on a solo run through you should know where enemies are and how to deal with them. You may also find it useful to temporarily exchange the Mines for a Magnum to eliminate guys on the roofs; it is very hard to fire the Plasma through a window.

    Player 2- Catch up with player 1 at the end of the village.

    Player 1- River Temporarily exchange the plasma for the RCP and if your partner brought it the DW. Keep the heat-sig goggles on and creep your way through the river. There will be 3 soldiers right away. Take the path to the left that leads up a hill to a waterfall. There are many enemies in here; take them out with the RCP or if you need to be more accurate, use the DW.

    Swamp. If you crawl through this next part slowly off to the right side of the small mounds, you should be able to spot all the soldiers in here. They will usually be only partially visible through the foliage but you can actually shoot through it.

    There are two pathways up ahead. The upper one on the right lead directly to the pilot. Camp out at the base of this.

    Player 2- The lower one on the left; take this one. As you make you way around the bends, you will see the bridge and all the bad guys on it. Have player 1 on standby in case this goes wrong. With the Superdragon, take out as many of these guys as fast as you can. There should be about five but if one runs out of sight to the right, have player 1 head up to rescue.
    Rescue Dropship Pilot Optional but highly recommended.

    Crash Site Take the path that leads under the bridge first. Slowly creep along and draw out any enemies that are hiding out back here. Once you get far enough where you are in a large open clearing, turn around and take the other path. Right after you cross the small bridge, slowly and very carefully move forward and take out any enemies that are seen. If necessary fall back and let them come to you. Be very careful for grenades and keep player1/the pilot at the end of the bridge within your site.

    Mine Field Shoot the mines with a DW or RCP. They should show up with the heat-sig goggles. After the building, there will be a path that leads up hill. Camp out here for a moment and bring player 1 and the pilot here. Drop your weapons and head back to grab the Plasma and Mines.

    Player 1 Pick up the Superdragon and RCP and wait half way up the hill.

    Player 2 Before you reach the top of the path/hill cloak. Quickly fire a few shots into the small crowd of bad guys up ahead. RETREAT!!! As you are heading back to your team drop some mines along the way. As the bad guys appear get the Plasma out again. Hopefully the pilot helps here too. When all is calm. Cloak your way around the corner. There are two jetpack soldiers on the ground just around the corner. Once they are eliminated, there are two more hovering above the river ahead. There is also a soldier all the way across the river with a very deadly hawk boomerang.

    Steal Jetpack

    Take the player with the most health across the river into enemy territory. If you do not know this terrain, try navigating it on easy/agent mode. to fly, hit RB and hold LT. Basically, you will fly to the end, land and run across the finish line. After you cross the river, head straight until you can not longer go any further then turn right and keep going that direction. Do not waste your time taking out the enemies on the ground. When you can go no further, land by releasing LT, pressing RB again and hitting A to exit. Quickly, move forward and roll to avoid any fire coming your way. If you are at the right spot, the mission objective should show.

    10. Player 1- Plasma Hawk Player 2- Plasma Hawk

    Posted by BluEagleRising
    I believe I found an easier method for mission 10. I found that you don't even need player 2 just get him killed and do not revive and with player 1 run all the way towards the end. At the point where somebody needs to step on a pressure pad to open up the wooden bridge it will already be unlocked. And then player 2 should of magically healed after the camspy plant and be ready to help out with the phantoms.

    A method has been discovered by RIVE XNGLE

    "I just unlocked the achievement solo. Forever alone, I know, but still quite impressive and a true test of patience, if you ask me.

    I found Mission 10 to be rather easy once you know the layout of the level and pick up the X-ray goggles. I basically had player 1(one) run and gun the whole way; constantly alternating between plasma and fists as well as going invisible to get a few sneak kills around corners. I stopped player 1 on the big button at the end and then proceeded to have player two run all the way there.

    A lot of the time, a door will close half way for player two and you have to take a separate route that is filled with spike traps on the floor. Luckily, any damage received from the spikes is treated like melee damage, and you can sit for a moment to recover.

    Once you get to the shootout at the finale, I stuck player one (who had took a mess of damage) back behind a pillar while player two took everyone out with their plasma. The enemies (also toting plasmas) shoot awfully slow. I shuffled left and right avoiding fire while shooting back myself. At this point, try not to get overrun as you may panic and make a silly mistake. If that happens, you can quickly jump back to player one to finish the job.

    11. OUTPOST RESCUE Player 1- Plasma P9P Player 2- does not matter
    BIG SECRET Nearly every enemy in this level can be dealt with safely from a distance.

    Player 1- There are three groups of bad guys: 5 with the hostages, 4 on the landing pad and about 10? on the ground. From cover and using cloaked shot, take out as many guys that are near the hostages. Then do the same with the 4 on the landing pad.

    This level magnifies a strange behavior that is programmed into the enemies. Once an enemy is damaged, it will try to get as close to you as possible. Well, in this level, the only way to reach you is through a laser fence. What you can do is simply damage any of the enemies at the beginning with the silenced P9P, wait and they will run up the stair into the lasers. I would suggest trying this level for practice using the Shockwave's XRAY so you can see how this all works out. In the end, you will have a nice pile of RCP ammo waiting for you in one spot and have taken little to no damage. I also recommend NOT freeing the hostages until this complex is free from enemies. You want to keep your team as healthy as possible.

    Rescue Institute Squad

    Player 2- Arm yourself with the FAC/Superdragon and RCP. Head for the door but do not exit yet.

    Player 1- As soon as you head outside, a drop ship appears. Run back inside and take it out with the Plasma. If you took too long, 2 soldiers will appear from the roof. Next, move towards the bridge and fire a few shots to the right into the oncoming convoy. Then quick take some cover. Your big goal here is to shoot the guy in the machine gun nest up ahead. After that, do your best to help out fighting the convoy. This can be a tag team effort.

    Ambush Convoy OPTIONAL I have no idea if this gives you less enemies at the end or not or for the next level or what but it does not seem worth losing any health or your team's health over though.

    Head back to the complex if you need to get more ammo for RCP. Up ahead in the next area, avoid going up the first set of stairs for a very long time. As soon as you enter this area, the other dropship will appear. You are going to want to get in here fast and take out the 2/3 enemies that can do you harm. You should be able to spot them with the RCP and take down the dropship with the RCP too. If you are too slow, stay put. The dropship will fly away and 2 soldiers will appear from the path on the left and then 2 more from path on the right. When the dropship returns, finish it.

    Neutralize Dropship

    For the major portion of the level, my advice is to learn the exact position of every enemy. Do your best to keep your team alive. Creep along slowly using the RCP's secondary sight to locate enemies then go for headshots using the Superdragon or a silenced FAC. There are a few lone snipers hidden in dangerous spots. In general, I found that taking the leftmost paths was the safest.

    After clearing out this first area of about 25 guys move ahead staying to the left and you will encounter another small group. When your group is safe, There is a small building with stairs kind of in the middle of the level leads to a roof, some bridges and room that you can drop into. Drop into this room and take out the next two guards; grenades are handy. Keep advancing slowly and like I said before, you should be able to take out most of the enemies safely from a distance. You may find it

    The final gauntlet, the part with the small stream, is pretty straight forward. Be careful that no enemies sneak up on you from above. Most of them are armed with shotguns and are useless at long distances.

    For the boss fight, make sure that player 1 has the plasma. Keep moving and firing. The ship should take about 15 shots and Mai Hem should only take a few.

    Defeat Mai Hem Easy! Quickly head to the radar room. Shoot out the glass buy don't fire your plasma right next to the glass. You should be able to take out the dropship before it even takes off.

    12. BRIDGE ASSAULT Player 1- Shockwave Hawk Player 2- Plasma Hawk
    BIG SECRET use the mounted gun on the bridge One of the easiest levels in the game.

    Player 1- use the machine gun to take out the rocket pack guys; headshots will take them down quick.

    Player 2- Make your way up the cave taking out the 4 cloaked enemies along the way. Camp at the top.

    Player 1- only move forward enough to start taking out the snipers. There should be 4 on the top ledge and 2 in the lower levels. Next, move forward only enough to start taking out the platoon on the ground. Remember, you only need to make contact to kill them. Maneuver just enough to get a cheap elbow shot.

    Assist Institute Squad

    Player 2- Make your way through the temple clearing out the bad guys with the plasma.

    Player 1- Climb the many flights of stairs in the temple. Climb out the front of the building where the snipers were. Use the Shockwave to take out Rocker Launcher guy and his partner. If you do NOT have the locktopus, give player 2 the Shockwave and get the Rocket Launcher. (You will have to enter a cave with stairs to find their ledge)

    Escort Jonathon to the bridge.

    Once inside the room with Carrington, you will be overlooking the bridge. Look for a narrow spot on the bridge itself that only spans a few feet/meters. You should see spider bots on it. Fire your Rocket Launch at them. Look below where you just shot and you will see a pipe with more spider bots. Fire a second rocket at them. Funny how the bots will blow it up but you don't with a bazooka..... Technically, there are more spider bots way up on top of the bridge but you don't need to worry about them.

    Next, move into a room with an arsenal of weapons. You can use the locktopus to get the Rocket Launcher here too. Grab a Jackal and look way across to the other side of the bridge. Inside a small room on the left you should be able to take out two soldiers camped out inside. VERY IMPORTANT

    OPTIONAL You can use the remaining two shots in the Rocket Launcher to take out the two big guns firing mortars. If you are not sure what the targets are, you can later grab an RCP to highlight them. The shots they fire do not harm you.

    There will be three waves of enemies that will attempt to cross the bridge. At the moment, there is probably a small war going on right outside your door if not trigger it by firing at an enemy. You can stay out of it or carefully assist. After the firing is done, make your way out to the bridge.

    Player 2- either find the Shockwave that one of the soldiers had on the bridge or grab an RCP. Your job during the next two waves are to be the eyes. Hide out somewhere safe where you can keep an eye on things.

    Player 1- You will notice two things: 1. there is a mounted gun 2. There is only a small path for the enemies to cross. Solution: Only move as far as you need to trigger the second wave and then run back to the mounted gun and start shooting. To trigger the second wave, you only need to approach the smallest part of the bridge. This second wave consists of about 10 soldiers.

    When all is quiet trigger the final wave by crossing the narrow section. The objective should flash and retreat back to the gun rolling and weaving along the way if needed. This wave consists of about 20 soldiers. When all is quiet, equip the Hawk and use the shield function. Cross the bridge and work your way through the small complex on the left to the finish line.

    13. Player 1- Plasma Hawk Player 2- Plasma Hawk

    Shoot like crazy. You can grab the sword after rolling. Basically, try to keep both players alive. I really do not have much of a strategy for this one but it should not be that bad.

    Best of luck,

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    bobby trippeThat is pretty badass man. Thanks
    Posted by bobby trippe on 19 Oct 17 at 14:20
    ZerstucaJust completed this actual coop.
    Mission 9, press into where the enemies are flooding out from, we consistently were able to beat the start of the map doing this with full hp. Then skip the village entirely using cloak (Plasma Rifle) on the left side.

    Final Boss, once the boss jumps onto the platform and starts chasing one of you, have the chasee run in full map circles with fists out/ hawk secondary function while coop partner blasts them in the back. Do this twice for both bosses if you don't get lucky enough to have them both chase one at the same time. Rolling towards a boss gets them to fall down and go through another jump away and attack phase cycle if you get both players being chased.
    Posted by Zerstuca on 27 Apr 18 at 20:11
    bobby trippeUmmm.....that's nice. If you read the description you would have seen that this guide is for running co-op solo using two controllers. Really happy you and you friend finished it.
    Posted by bobby trippe on 03 May 18 at 16:03
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    The best way to earn this achievement is to simply find a good friend and take your time. Patience is KEY in completing all the Perfect Dark missions on Dark Agent.

    Below is a link to a great site full of video walkthroughs for this game. Hope this helps.
  • wildwest08wildwest081,001,513
    07 Apr 2011 07 Apr 2011
    23 1 2
    Just finished the achievement with a friend and wanted to give some tips to make it a little less frustrating.

    1. USE PLASMA RIFLE!!! You get it at the end of level 10 so if you don't have it play it on agent and make sure you pick it up and finish the level with it to have it in your inventory. This makes the game a lot easier as it is a one or two shot kill. It also has the ability to make you invisible so you and your partner can run past enemies. The less enemies you shoot at the less damage you will take from trying to kill them. There are a lot of levels you can do by being invisible.

    2. Take your time!!! Like JMingles said above there is no time limit so be patient. A lot of times you can shoot an enemy then retreat into cover. They will follow and you can get the easy kill without losing health.

    3. If needed use the RCP-90. The secondary feature will highlight enemy targets so you can see them easier. This makes it easier to see where the enemies are at.

    4. Last of all there are videos on youtube that you can watch to see how they did it or to see the layout of the level.

    You can do it it will just take time, good luck and if anyone needs tips on a certain level just ask and I will try to help
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    RosshkJust to complement west's solution:

    1. You pick it up after killing 1 of the final enemies in level 10. Watch out for splash damage. This happens often when close to other objects, while in cover, or shooting down on enemies.
    It also fires slower than bullets, so shoot accordingly. This will cause a lot of friendly fire incidents though, so be careful.
    We used the plasma's cloak function to get passed some sections with minimal fighting, like Level 10, and the village portion of Level 9.
    Make sure that Auto-Center is 'off'.

    2. Level 10 is timed (up until the final objective, killing all the guys with Plasma rifles), and you have to haul ass to get there in time. Just follow the YouTube guides.
    In the beginning of Level 3, Jack can die if you take to long, without helping him. Its pretty rare though.
    The last part/objective of Level 8 is timed. You have to quickly clear out the turret guy(s), robot/walker guys, and guys on the ground, in order for the dropship to land. If you screw up, you're doing the level all over again.

    3. The RCP-90 is essential in Level 11, after completing the convey/dropship objectives. I used that and the Dragon.

    4. It would be retarded to embed all of these vids in 1 comment, so here's a link to some.

    For the boss, I used the plasma and Vib-blade. Only fire at the 1 boss at a time, and only when he's standing still, or close.
    Example: When he lands close to you, when on top of a pillar, while recharging, and when he's about to throw a pilar.
    When he lands on your platform, stand on the edge and cloak as he runs towards you. Move out of his way and he'll fall down.
    Switch to the sword and pummel him. When he jumps back up, you'll get health if you're standing where he is.
    I suggest the plasma, because if you use the sniper, once you're down to 5 bullets, he only recharges.

    For level 4:
    For the radio & door selection, If he thinks you're maintenance, Bluff. If he's scared, threaten. If he's nice, charm.
    At the end before the boss fight, after getting the voice, choose charm.
    Posted by Rosshk on 08 Jun 11 at 13:11
    CrimsonGaidinAwesome guide! Thanks!
    Posted by CrimsonGaidin on 29 Jul 11 at 19:12
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