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  • xX EL DlABLO XxxX EL DlABLO Xx283,280
    13 May 2010 07 May 2010 01 Jan 2016
    72 2 15
    -Create a Team Kill Count
    Level: Old Town
    Size: Small
    Weapons: Custom: All Jackels
    Points Limit: 5

    -Now everything else should be good, what you want to do before you start the game tho is make sure the game is filled with bots.

    -Next Set all the bots on your team to Dark Agent

    -Next Set all the bots on the opposing team to Secret Agent, Agent is too stupid that they will take forever to get in enemy range of fire.

    -Now the final outcome should look like 16 people: You plus 15 bots, even teams.

    -Start the game and it should end in 30 seconds max, now all you do is sit back and start the games.

    As an edit to the technique, put 6 bots on the enemy team, put the rest on yours.

    Put random spawning on.

    Game ends in about 10-15 seconds

    Thanks to Daft Incarnate for the edit
  • ravenravenPLravenravenPL45,921
    06 Mar 2009
    42 12 12
    Start a Team Killcount Game, balanced teams, your bots are Dark Agents, enemy bots are Agents. Choose small map and weapons such as Superdragon, then start a game. Time limit: none, point limit: 10. It will take about 5 seconds to win the match. You must simply press Start at the end of match and then B and Start to start another game.

    Easy as can be, but takes lot of time.
  • Octobot SuperOctobot Super280,662
    14 Dec 2016 05 Jul 2016 05 Jul 2016
    20 0 2
    By request, I'm posting the settings I'm using since they seem to result in the fastest matches compared to others' results in the solutions and their respective comments.

    My rough calculations put this method at somewhere under 8 hours for all 1,000 matches, which is faster than any other mentioned time. I'll try to gather some actual data on my last 450 matches to get a more accurate estimate of the time required.

    Yin, the gamer who encouraged me to write this solution, estimates 6.5 hours for 1,000 matches.

    These times could vary depending on various factors such as the system that's being used to run the game or whether the game is installed.

    Scenario: Team Killcount
    Level: Old Town
    Level Variant: Small
    Weapons: Custom
    - All RCP-90s
    Point Limit: 5
    Bot Count: 15
    Time Limit: Doesn't matter
    Points Limit: 5
    Advanced Options:
    - Spawn Type: Randomspawn

    Then press cn_start to "create" the match, and use the following bot settings:

    8 vs 8 (7 on your team)

    For the bots on your team, use
    Skill: Dark Agent
    Type: Feud

    And the for the rest,
    Skill: Secret Agent
    Type: Vanilla

    Then return to your gamertag and press cn_start again to begin the match. After the initial setup, you won't have to do any additional menu work as long as you don't turn the game off. You just have to hit cn_start after the match ends, and then cn_B and cn_start to start a new match.

    With these setting the matches typically end in anywhere from 2-10 seconds, with most of the matches around 5 seconds or so. It's extremely rare for the match to last longer than 10 seconds.
  • DefiantZeroDefiantZero271,019
    10 Jul 2014 06 Jul 2014 10 Jul 2014
    11 1 0
    Start a Team Kill Count
    Level: Old Town or Desert
    Size: Small
    Weapons: Custom: All Pistols
    Bot Count: 15
    Balance Teams
    Bots: Dark Agent
    Bots Personality: Feud
    Time Limit: 3
    Points Limit: 5

    Once you have those options press start and change it to Player+8 Dark bots on one team and 7 on the other. Make sure all of the enemy bots are the Vanilla Personality.

    Start your match and then 5-10 seconds later press Start, B, and Start again
    Lastly you don't need to but it helps - Download the disc to the hard drive to speed up load times between matches.

    Personally I liked the map Desert more than Oldtown and haven't played around with any other small maps.

    I chose Feud because for me it was cutting down on my times by 20 seconds making each round last on average 7-11 seconds excluding load times.

    I feel it doesn't matter if you have them all on Secret Agent or Agent as long as the enemy bots are one or the other. It seemed to matter more if the Dark bots were Feud or not.

    The choice of weapons is honestly up to you but the Dark Agents just about headshot anything and they are quicker this way running across the map with Pistols in hand. The bots also seemed to put away their guns when running for their targets so they know what to do. Other good choices would be SMG's Assault Rifles, or the Jackals as they do more damage for quicker kills but they walk slower.

    Please comment if you feel I've missed something or wish to give me a negative vote thus allowing me to correct any problems.
    Good luck grinding!
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