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Played 1000 DarkOps Games

Multiplayer Award. Played in 1000 DarkOps Games.

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Achievement Guide for Played 1000 DarkOps Games

  • JaggexedgeJaggexedge221,686
    24 Aug 2010 17 Jun 2009 17 Jun 2009
    63 0 6
    The quickest way I found requires 2 controllers.

    Start a local 1 round eratication game and have the second controller (The person you want not to have the achievement) quit out as soon as you can.

    The result will be a win for the remaining person (Which also counts toward rounds survived). Just wash, rinse and repeat from there.

    2 achievements for the work of one (Games played and rounds survived).
  • L0Straniero91L0Straniero91137,396
    16 Aug 2010 11 Sep 2010 11 Sep 2010
    48 0 5
    Here's another very quick way to achieve this!

    First of all download the Map Pack 2, it's free and provide the map "Facility", is the one you need for this achievement!

    Now set a DarkOps match on eradication, put 7 Dark Agent bot on your team and 1 Agent bot on the enemy team! Put just ONE ROUND so the game immediatly end as the enemy got killed!

    Now customize the weapon so that you can purchase only the Jackal (the sniper rifle).

    As you start the match, your allies will chase the enemy and immediatly kill it with a single shot of sniper! Rinse and repeat, it may took several hours!

    If you want to shorten loading times, save your game to the HD!
  • BionixxBionixx100,630
    23 Apr 2009 28 Apr 2009
    23 4 0
    Set up a local game consisting of 1 round using a second controller. When the game starts purchase a rocket launcher (be sure to set the parameter to a least $15,000 to spend which is what the rocket launcher costs) aim it at your feet and pull trigger to blow yourself up. Game is over. Reload new game and repeat. This is the fastest way to start and end a game. Will take about 40-45 seconds per game if the game is downloaded to your hard drive which speeds up the reload time between games.
  • vSullyvSully780,783
    18 Dec 2017 18 Dec 2017 18 Dec 2017
    6 0 0
    ************************ 2017 UPDATE **********************

    This solution will get you efficiently through the achievements associated with DarkOps games played (10/100/1000) and Eradication rounds survived (also 10/100/1000).

    I've optimized Jaggexedge's solution so you only need to press buttons on a single controller, although two are still required.

    Log in a second profile on controller two and start up a DarkOps Eradication match with zero bots and a 1 round limit.

    Once the game loads, using your primary controller, quit the match and immediately rejoin by pressing start. Then follow the on screen prompts to restart the match and repeat this process. You'll only need to quit/rejoin with your primary controller and each cycle will count as a round survived and a match played.

    Controller 2 will only be used if it dies, which will require you to use it to back all the way up to the main menu where you can make the primary controller the active profile again (active profile controls the menus).

    I tested this process on a dummy account and unlocked the 10 matches and 10 rounds survived, then I used the process on my main account to get the 1k matches and rounds survived, so I can confirm that it works. It was easier to slog through this process (generally playing Hearthstone on my phone) when only having to worry about inputs with one controller.

    Each cycle took me about 23 seconds, so the entire process will take about 6.5 hours.
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